Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hot Wife Surprise

So, I've been bugging Piper about some Hot Wife action. It's been a while. She has been busy at work and with other things so she just hasn't had time. On Friday, she called me at work and told me to get home around 7:30 but not before. She had a surprise for me.

I had planned to go out for a drink with some co-workers anyway so I could stay out until then,

When I got home, I heard the unmistakable sound of sex coming from our guest room. When I entered, I saw some of Piper's clothes strewn about the floor, including a lacy, black bra and a black thong.

Cooper was on top of Piper, screwing her brains out. It was delightful. I made sure they knew I was there, but it didn't stop them. I just got a "Hi, honey," and a "Hey, dude," from them before they returned to fucking and kissing. A lot of kissing.

I left the room, changed into something more comfortable and was pouring my self a drink when Piper came up behind me and asked if something was wrong. She was naked and her face was flushed. I gave her a big kiss and said, "No! Get back in there. Don't keep our guest waiting."

I followed after a minute and found her giving Cooper a really wet, sloppy blow job. I got settled in my chair, sipped my scotch and enjoyed the show. After Cooper came, he left the room for a drink. Piper was laying on the bed, with that really sexy, well-fucked look. I had to beat off so I grabbed my cock and just played with myself while she watched me, a sly grin on her face. I came all over my stomach and she cleaned me up.

By that time, Cooper was ready for more so I went to catch up on some sports news while they enjoyed another tumble.

A great way to start the weekend. I have a terrific wife.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Like it!

First, two shout-outs. First, to Over Forty Married Sex. They were kind enough to visit and leave a comment. We hadn't stumbled upon that blog yet so we're glad they stopped by to say hi! We'll have fun perusing their blog.

Next, to Shared Cindy, who put up a nice post about Babylon Visited that doubled our visitors count. I mean that quite literally. I know it won't last but it was nice and we thank them.

We had a question from Cuckold Husband which I'd like to address:

so does she do other guys because she likes too or just because its your fantasy...I mean she seems to love it but one never knows so thought Id ask...

First, thanks for the question (and great blog, by the way).

The answer is.....both.

Steve is the impetus for our sex life. Honestly, I'm not half as imaginative as he is when it comes to sex. So, if it wasn't for Steve, I might not engage in swinging or group sex. I could also adjust rapidly to a monogamous lifestyle.

I enjoy doing what pleases my man and make no excuses for that. If that means fucking some young stud like Aaron....well, I have to learn to live with that burden. It could be worse: he could enjoy watching me do house work. That would be too freaky for me!

On the other hand, I do enjoy our adventures. I may not enjoy everything I do, but I do not continue to engage in activities I don't like. I realize, in retrospect, that some of my posts might lead one to believe I only do it for Steve.

Hope that answers the question.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A New Regular?

It's been more than a month since any Hot Wife business went down. That may not seem like a long time to you but for me......

Well, I touched base with Aaron, Jason's friend and a gang bang participant. He's about twenty-two, maybe twenty-three. He was kind of shy at the gang bang but really likes Piper. He'd like to see her, one on one.

I told him that might be possible, with a few ground rules, namely that I get to be there if I want to watch. He seemed fine with that. Or, maybe he just wants to fuck Piper so badly that he'll put up with my being there. Either way, it's cool.

I really like seeing Piper with guys like Jason and Aaron. They're about ten years younger and she gets to play the more experienced minx with the younger men. It's hot and she enjoys it as well.

When I told her about the call, she was fine with it but didn't want to do anything too soon. For now, she wants it to be just us, at least for awhile. Which was cool with me. When you have a beautiful, smart wife who makes your fantasies come true, her wish should be your command.

That's about it for now. It's been quiet and we're just trying to get the winter behind us.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our Gang

We've picked up a few new readers and wanted to welcome them aboard.

I also decided to do some background for them on Our Gang, our long-term swinging friends. Just a Who's Who post. I'll link to it on the right if anyone is interested in our cast of characters. If not, just ignore this.

Luke: He's thirty-two, a friend we've known for over 10 years. Piper calls him a classic Alpha Male. He and I get along well although we've clashed over the years. I like to think there's a mutual respect. Piper and Luke have some poor chemistry when their clothes are on. When their clothes come off, watch out. They have a weird sexual chemistry that is very hot. Piper is extra-submissive when it comes to Luke. Luke dates...

Kit: A hot, aggressive blond we've known for years. Also our age. Kit has a tight little body and may be the most hedonistic person I've ever met. She's my crush and our chemistry is very good. Kit and Piper are very close as well. This is a couple we see socially and we trust unconditionally.

Chad: Another longtime friend. He's been scarce lately because he now dates Piper's cousin, Abbie. They swing but Piper won't touch him now and Abbie is off limits to me for obvious reasons.

Dale: Like Chad, a longtime friend. Dale's single and a great guy. Very laid-back and fun.

Stacy: Stacy, a busty blond that been in and out of our circle for years. Sometimes she dates a guy who is into swinging, other times not. Right now, she just broke up with someone who was not into the lifestyle. We expect a call sometime soon. A lovely person.

Lea: One of Piper's best friends from college. A sweet, redhead that lives half way across the country. I like Lea a lot but there's always been some tension between us, jockeying for a place in Piper's life. One of the few girls Piper has slept with one-on-one.

Jake: A great guy, mid-thirties, a weekend motorcycle guy. During the week, he's a suit. He's married to Ember, an enthusiastic, blond pixie, who is very cute and extremely nice. We haven't seen them for awhile but we stay in touch via e-mail and phone. We enjoy their company in and out of the bedroom and should really set something up soon. It's been far too long.

Aaron: Early twenties and new to the crew. He likes Piper and Piper gets a kick out of him. A nice kid. Not yet part of the inner circle but if he behaves and acts mature, like he has, he's in. Still a little uncomfortable in a group sex setting.

Jason: Ditto. Becoming far less uncomfortable in a group sex setting. It's so hot seeing Piper with someone eight, nine, ten years younger.

Keith & Michael: Occasional participants. Good guys. Both are a few years younger than I am but not as young as Aaron and Jason.


Chris: Piper's off-again, on-again boyfriend. They've had some rough times but Chris always comes back. He really wanted to be in an exclusive relationship with Piper. There has not been much contact since the wedding.

Cooper: A longtime friend of mine. He and Piper used to flirt and things heated up when he came back east. He appreciates me sharing my wife and could care less if I watch while they fuck. A no-strings-attached fuck buddy for Piper.

Chase: My girlfriend. We've dated for quite some time now. Chase looks like Piper but is more of a bad girl. Chase and Piper get along well. Chase has never shown any interest in being exclusive with me. I'd love to see Piper and Chase together but that's unlikely. Every time I mention it Piper repeats the classic line from Ghost Busters: Don't cross the streams. That would be bad.