Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lea's Party - Part II

Here's my take on Lea's farewell party.

First, a big thanks to Lea, who does read our blog. It was great having her stay with us most nights. Not only is she a great house guest, I was extremely lucky to get to participate in a few nights with Lea and Piper. A privilege I do not take for granted. Few men are as lucky as I am.

The party with Kit and Luke was a great way to cap off the visit. Piper seemed ambivalent at first. She's usually either really into swinging or comes right out and says she's not in the mood. This time she seemed on the fence. Not like her at all. So, I asked! Yes, I did everything my male instincts told me not to do. I asked if anything was wrong. Something was but we worked it out. I offered to cancel everything but after our talk, Piper seemed very excited and asked me not to cancel. It's amazing what a frank, open discussion can do.

Early on in the night, Luke took Piper to the guest bedroom while Lea, Kit and I hung out in the living room. We talked and hung out for about a half hour while sex sounds emanated from the bed room. I peeked in once....OK twice. Luke was really giving it to Piper. All I could really see of Piper was a head of hair near Luke's shoulder and her feet high in the air. From the sound of it, she was enjoying herself. I know the sound she makes when she cums and I heard that a few times during the night. She later confessed to cumming five or six times.

Kit, Lea and I shared some fun on the couch. We had fun with some oral sex and then went to join Piper and Luke on the bed. When we entered, Luke was sticking his cock in Piper's ass. Not sure how she takes something like that in her back door but she did.

One really hot thing was Kit, sitting next to Luke, encouraging her man to fuck Piper. Think guys can talk dirty? Damn, she talked some nasty talk to Luke. I think I recall the phrase, "Fuck that whore ass." Can't be sure but wow! Piper really got off on it to so it worked for everyone

After Luke, Piper was pretty much done for the evening. She hung out and relaxed and watched the four remaining participants. I finished up pretty quickly after that. We fooled around some more but everyone was spent. A fine weekend.

Summer has arrived, even if unofficially. Thank God! I love Summer. One of the best things about it is seeing Piper in her tight little shorts. Love it when she walks down the street and gets stared at by the guys.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lea's Party

Well, we must confess to being bad bloggers. Our posting frequency has suffered lately, like many other blogs. I think it's a Spring thing. So many great things to do out of doors. It's hard to get back into posting.

However, I think I have a treat for you. A post on sex from a sex blog.

We gave Lea quite a send-off on Memorial Day weekend. A little get together with Steve and I, plus Luke and Kit. A group-swing thing. It was fun, especially since Kit hadn't seen Lea for quite some time.

In truth, I felt funny about this party. Not really sure why. I was just a bit hormonal, perhaps. Feeling a bit insecure for whatever reason. It happens from time to time.

I dressed in my finest skankery, with a miniskirt that was very mini and a tight top, heels and a thong. Luke liked it because shortly after the party began he cornered me and began to feel me up. While Lea, Kit and Steve flirted, Luke had me in the bedroom. He gave me quite a workout.

It's a little known secret but many of us gals like, on occasion, to be treated like sluts. It's a funny thing and must be handled delicately by a man. For me, it's something of a Doctor Jekyll, Sister Hyde thing. I wanted to be manhandled but I do feel kind of dirty about the the whole thing. If the man can appreciate this and treat me with respect before and after, it works. If they take it too far, it falls down.

With Luke, it works. We joked around and flirted. He made me my favorite drink. But once in the bedroom, all bets were off.

Suffice to say, Luke took me in every way imaginable (including some ways I hadn't imagined). There was some hair pulls, ass slapping and name calling. He can be quite intense but I loved it that night.

I had to mention Vanilla Sex Kitten and their recent photos. I thought those were terrific, erotic photographs. So often attempts at eroticism can be clumsy or trite. These pictures were really quite lovely.

We'll try and post more often and we'll try and visit some of our favorite sites soon. Steve will right about the party in more detail in an upcoming post.