Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crude or Competitive?

Here's an interesting quote from BDenied at Cuckold Husband:

Now here is where it gets interesting, I was in the locker room one day after working out in our gym and her former fuck buddy was there also. He looks at me and says, "You're dating G, right.?" "Yeah, why I asked.?" "Just wondering how you like having pussy I warmed up and used,? and he said it with a big shit eating grin. Then he asks me, "Do you eat that cunt of hers too." "I just looked at him and told him to go fuck off." But yeah, it is obvious he is enjoying knowing I was fucking pussy he had fucked and was eating it too." The whole idea was a turn on.

Now, I realize that BDenied says the whole thing turned him on, and good for him (we really like his blog, by the way and recommend it to all). But, I think it points to a common experience for many women.

Is there something about sticking your cock in a girl that causes some men to act like they own that girl? My husband sticks his cock into me. Often. And he owns me. But that's fine because I own him as well. We own each other in so many ways.

I'm not talking about the need to discuss something that happened, or light banter spiced with innuendo. What I'm talking about is that need to notch the proverbial belt after sex with a woman. As if it's a victory of some sort and share that conquest with others. I'd hardly say all men do this. I've met many men who understand and respect discretion. I will say that the bragging habit is far more prevalent among men than women.

Steve thought about it for a while when I posed the question one night. Steve did agree that many men simply must let other men know who they have fucked. It's along the same lines as letting other men know your horse came in big.

However, Steve pointed out that some men feel very protective of the women they've been with, even when it's not a steady thing. Not creepy, overbearing protective, but good protective. Once he mentioned that, I thought about it and saw his point. Still, what's the deal? Do men see sex as an athletic competition? They are competitive by nature, which probably helped us survive in the cave-man days. Why do I think it has less to do with being disrespectful towards women and more to do with breaking another man's balls?

I don't know. My mood isn't as pissy as it sounds and since Steve and I write about encounters I'm probably a hypocrite (although I do tell partners about the blog and ask permission first).

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another Gang Bang?

A reader recently asked about Piper and another gang bang.

We're going on a year since the first one. At that time, Piper had sex with six guys. It was a wild night and nothing I ever thought would truly happen. She was terrific that night and I know that if it wasn't for me, she never would have done it.

We've discussed it from time to time. I know she has mixed feelings. She described an internal tug-of-war, between being completely turned on by the attention and by turning me on and feeling dirty, in a bad way.

At other times, we teased each other about gang bangs during sex. I once suggested twenty guys and she said, "Is that all?" I amended the number to fifty and she just said, "Ouch!"

Piper is down a bit this year. Last year she had sex with eight guys, not counting me. This year I think we're at five. Personally, I'd like to up that number but it's obviously up to Piper. A gang bang with seven or eight guys would be fun to see but a logistical nightmare. It's hard enough getting one or two people together with schedules and everything. Then, there's picking guys she's comfortable with. Piper's never really been about anonymous sex.

Frankly, I admit I sometimes push Piper into things. Kind of like a kid in a candy store. But, I don't want to push too hard and screw up a good thing. She has her limits and I respect that. Or try to, at any rate. What guy would want to screw-up a situation with a woman that has fulfilled his every fantasy?