Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our Return - III

I returned to the bedroom about ten minutes later because I couldn't stay away. There's simply nothing hotter than walking into the bedroom and the first thing you see is your wife's legs nearly behind her ears, getting slammed by a guy.

Jack was on top of Piper working her hard. Mike sat on the bed waiting his turn and Ted was kneeling, forcing his cock in and out of her mouth. Then, Jack flipped her over. I'll give you the basics of what happned since it was such a whirlwind. I can't remember many details but this is the flavor of it:

"On your hands and knees, bitch!"

Piper complied while Mike laid in front of her enjoying her mouth.

The three took turns with her until Cooper and Andrew entered.

"Mind if we cut in?" Asked Cooper with a grin.

Cooper and Andrew undressed and got on to the bed with Piper. She began to blow Cooper and Andrew got between her legs and began to eat her pussy. She was wriggling soon and then came. Andrew laid down and Piper climbed on to him and rode him. Then, she rode Cooper and so on until Andrew asked: "Can I fuck you from behind?"

Piper assumed the position and let Andy do what he wanted to do. She tried to blow Cooper but she was getting hammered hard. She let out a little squeak a few times and then cried out with another orgasm. Andy kept going but she pushed him away. She need a minute, explaining she was overstimulated.

I got Piper a bottle of water and she cooled down. She started up again with Andrew and Cooper, with Jack, Mike and Ted waiting to take over. It was pretty, fucking hot, watching guys stand in line to fuck my wife. I got undressed and watched, pulling on my cock and getting more turned on. They guys switched on and off for a long time, so no one came right away. I wanted this to last and apparently so did Piper. She looked like she was loving every second.

At one point, on her hands and knees, she looked over and asked me what I wanted to see. It was hot, though, because she looked so into it, her eyes, glassy, her words punctuated with groans.

"What do you want," I asked, moving over to her so we could talk.

"Play with your cock for me," she said. I started playing with myelf and she grinned.

"I want a cock in my ass," she said.

"What else?"

"I want someone to cum on my face."

"Anything else?"

She was starting to cum from Andy's fucking.

"Treat me like a whore," she yelled. "Use me."

Bam! She came and came hard.

Andy grabbed her hair and pulled her down to the floor, making her get on her knees. He grabbed her face.

"You want to be a whore. Tell me how else you want to be treated."

She looked up at him with those beautiful, sexy eyes.

"Treat me like shit," she said.

Andy positioned her on her hands and knees.

"Your husband is going to lube your ass and I'm going to fuck your ass."

Which is exactly what he did.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our Return -II

So, I'm back.

Kit pulled Piper to the center of the living room and began to feel her up, rub against her and generally drive us (the men) nuts. Tess soon joined them and they took turns making out, although Tessa was less involved than the other two, being new to the group and all.

Kit unzipped Piper's dress and it fell to the floor. Wow! My wife wore a black bustier, the kind with criss-cross ties in the back, and a little black thong. Together with the boots and black stocking, my cock throbbed. Kit slid out of her dress. She wore a hot, tight, lacey top and great boy shorts that showed off her exquisite ass.

Tess stayed dressed for while but finally pulled her shirt and skirt off. Tessa wore pink bustier with matching thong. Kit and Piper kept their heels on, which was a nice touch. The image of these three beautiful girls in hot lingerie is burned into my memory.

They had Piper lay down on her back. Kit squatted over her head and rubbed her pussy up and down Piper's face. Then they 69'd for a bit. Very hot. A few of they guys started to play with themselves, including me.

Kit pulled Piper to her knees.

"Who wants this bitch to blow them?"

All hands went up. Piper went to get up but Kit said, "Crawl on all fours, slut."

Piper crawled over to Mike and Luke, and started blowing them. Kit joined in and Tessa watched, while she stroked her man.

Eventually, Piper got up and came over to me and sat on my lap.

"Is this what you wanted?" She asked.

"Yes," I replied and my voice actually sounded nervous.

"I'm going to blow them all," she whispered. "And fuck them all for you. Is that what you want?"

I nodded.

"Anything else?"

"Can they cum on you?"

"Yes," she whispered in my ear. "On my face, in my mouth. Some are going to stick their cocks in my ass."


"You're a nasty girl."

She smiled. "How nasty do you want me to be?"

"How nasty can you be?"

"You have no idea."

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yep. Anything for you, Babe!"

She got up and said to the room, "Who's first?" Then she walked to the bedroom.

Three of the guys followed her right away. It was Jack, Mike and Ted. I followed. When they got to the bedroom Piper was sitting on the bed with a big smile. The guys stripped down, their cocks hard and ready. They took turns in her mouth and pussy. They were being gentleman, being gentle and courteous. She finally looked up and said, "you know, you can fuck me hard, pull my hair..." she looked at me. "What else?"

"Use her like a whore," I said.

She laughed. "That would mean money."

"Use her like a slut, then. But money is fine."

Then, with a hot woman ready to go, a five minute conversation ensured on the difference between a slut and a whore. Finally, the traditional difference was agreed upon. A whore does it for money and a slut does it for sex.

"You're a slut then," I said.

Piper smiled. "Should I prove it?"

"Please do."

She went down on her knees and the three guys surrounded her. She took each in her mouth in turn for a few minutes. They were gentle at first, letting her bob up and down on their cocks. Then, Jack grabbed the back of her head and began fucking her face hard. She came up for air, looked up at Jack with those wonderful, smiling green eyes and said, "harder."

Jack grabbed her by the hair and really fucked her face. The others took turns until Jack pulled her to her feet by her hair and pushed her down on the bed.

At this point, I needed another drink and went to the other room.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Our Return

It's been a long time. We have an explanation which we'll share in a little while. In the meantime, here's a post about a fun night we had recently. In fact it was our first hot wife episode in months...more than seven months to be exact, but who is counting.

Piper knows I have been dying for some hot wife fun. Dying to see her completely slut out. We have been prevented from doing too much for a long time. Piper also wanted to do something for me for a number of reasons. She mistakenly believes I have gone above and beyond the call the last few months on a number of fronts. I say mistakenly because I just saw it as being as good a husband as possible. She differs and really wanted to thank me. I am not going to complain. Also, it was a belated B-Day gift as well as the fact I got a promotion at work.

One day, a few weeks ago, she let me know that she was cooking something up.

"Is it what I've been talking about?"

She had a sly grin. "You'll see." And that is all she would say.

Last weekend she told me that I would have to leave on Saturday, around 6:oopm.

"Shave, shower and leave," she said matter-of-factly. "Be back no earlier than eight o'clock. Any time after is fine."

I didn't argue or spoil it with a lot of questions. When the day came, Piper went about her usual business and I left the house around 5:30. I was very excited and had a hard time deciding how to kill a few hours. I went to the bookstore and wandered around, sat, had some coffee and looked through a few possible purchases. I didn't buy anything and left well before 8:00. I drove around for about an hour before it was time to go home.

I was very excited when I walked into my home, especially after seeing a few cars in my driveway. Piper came to the door. She was wearing a short, black dress with ankle high stilleto boots. Man, she looked good. She kissed me and ushered me into the living room. Kit and Luke were there, as well as  Jack, Mike and Cooper. There were also four friends of Luke that I had met before, another Mike (Mike II) and Andrew, and two guys I did not know. Piper introduced me to Ted and Antoine. They seemed nice. Ted was a few years older than us and Antoine looked to be mid-twenties. Ted's wife Tessa, was also there, a hot, little redhead with a very cute face and body like Piper's: slim and athletic.

"Three girls and nine guys?" I said, smiling.

Piper kissed me again and threw her arms around my neck. "Not exactly." She had a wonderful sparkle in her eyes. "Nine guys but not three girls. Just me."

I laughed and hugged her. "Damn, are you sure?"

She said that Kit might join in because she might not be able to help herself but it was another gang bang.

We had something of a cocktail party, no pun intended, for a an hour or so. After the guys became pleasantly tipsy from the booze, Kit pulled Piper into the center of the room and began to kiss her and grab her ass.

"A show," one of the guys said.

"Sit back and relax," said Kit.

Sit back I did. Relax, not so much.

End of Part I of our return

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Follow-Up

Thought I continue the last two posts.

So, we finally get home from the movies. All I can think about is some alone time with Piper. I was also thinking about missing out on seeing her with Cooper. I had a raging hard-on for most of the movie. Not very comfortable to say the least.

When we do get home, we finally make it to bed.  I asked her if she wanted me to see if Cooper was up for some more but she just wanted it to be us. Then, she proceeded to give a long, intense blow job. It probably lasted a half hour. She sucked and licked my cock, took my balls in her mouth and got her tongue into my ass. When I told her I was about to cum she wrapped her mouth around my cock and sucked me dry. It was very intense and satisfying. I was speechless. Piper just smiled at me, looking proud of herself.

Its been fun having Cooper with us. He was here earlier in the year and then moved out. Unfortunately, his roommate bagged on him three weeks into the arrangement. He couldn't afford the rent and moved back in with us. Shame too, because it was a cool place. He's currently waiting for his friend to move back to the area and they plan on finding a place. Until then, he'll probably be with us.

He's good to have around. He helps out and is never presumptuous with Piper. Although we have decided that Cooper can share Piper with me, he never acts like he's entitled to it.

Piper likes Cooper and loves his big cock. They are able to be fucking one minute and then a little while later will be watching television. No awkwardness about it which is also good. The only problem for Piper is the scheduling. We usually have sex about twice a week and still do. She's also having sex with Cooper two or three times a week so she's a bit worn out these days.

Cooper and I were so used to the sex that when Piper last had her period we were in dire straits. For six days, nothing. When it was finally over, we ended up double-teaming her one night.Good time for all.

Except one funny thing happened. We're on the bed, I'm laying down and Piper's sucking on me. Cooper's taking her from behind. Suddenly, Piper looks up and says, "You know what would really turn me on? Seeing you guys together."

Cooper immediately stops slamming her. I just look at her and Piper begins to laugh.

"So, I can lick pussy to turn you on but the mere suggestion of two men together, even in jest,  makes the hardest cocks go limp."

"Pretty much," said Cooper.

I pretty much knew she was joking. That's never been something Piper has been into but....she got me.

Needless to say, we got hard again, fast.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Update II

I promised to get back to everyone quickly but I didn't. Sorry.

Unfortunately, details of Piper and Cooper's session are pretty vague at this point. Not to mention, Cooper is still staying with us and fucks Piper about as often as I do.

They do not do anything unless I know about it, which is nice of them but unnecessary. A few days ago Piper called me at work and asked if it would be OK if she and Cooper had some fun.

"Sure," I said. "You don't have to ask."

"I know," said Piper, "but I like my husband to know what I'm doing."

"You're cute."

"I know."

That was around 4:00PM and I was dying to get home but had to stay at work for another hour.

I made it home about 5:30PM.

Cooper was on the couch on the PS3. Piper was still in the bedroom, putting on a pair of faded jeans and a tee shirt.

"What did I miss?" I put my arms around her, hoping for some action.

"I want you," I said.

She planted a kiss on me. "Don't you remember?"

I did remember. We were taking our niece and nephew to the movies that night. I fell back on the bed.

"Come on," she said. "Relax for a few minutes and then get ready."

"How about a little something to hold me over."

She kissed my ear and whispered, "He fucked me hard and came in my mouth."

So, I had that to ponder during The Avengers.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Update

Yes, yes, yes, its been a long time. We know and apologize. Its just that not much has gone on lately. Until very recently, we've been a boring, old married couple doing married couple things. However, we were recently able to get a little naughty. Actually, very naughty. I just didn't feel like posting.

Our good friend Cooper has relocated to the area. That happened just after the New Year. He needed to be close to family for reasons that need not concern us here. He did not secure a place to live until mid-February. So, we decided to offer him a place to stay for awhile. He stayed with us until late February, when he got a place of his own.

It was hard for him to say no. After all, he would have free run of my house and my wife. Piper also liked the idea but not for my reasons. She liked helping out Cooper and his family, as they did not really have room for him. She also likes Cooper and the thought of having two men around wasn't exactly a bad thing.

The first night or two, not much happened. Poor Cooper was back and forth with his family. Piper was tired from a busy schedule at work and recently doing some traveling for work. But, when the first weekend rolled around, fun was had.

It was late and all of us had had a busy day: Cooper with family, Piper and I with family as well. It was after ten o'clock when Piper emerged from a nice, long hot shower. She had on this short, little robe and looked real nice.

"Cooper's downstairs," I mentioned. "He might be up for some fun."

"Really,?" She said, a cute, little smile on her face. "What about you?"

"Yep," I said. "If I can watch."

She came over and sat next to me, knowing I love this type of talk.

"Watch what?"

"You and Cooper."

"Watch Cooper do what? Fuck me?"

I began touching myself and she smiled and said she'd go see if Cooper was up for some fun. She was back in a few minutes to say that he'd be up in a few minutes. Piper went into the bathroom, began to dry her hair and let the robe slip to the floor as she did so. I've seen my wife naked too many times to count but it never fails to turn me on.

Cooper came into the bedroom just as Piper was finishing drying her hair. She walked out of the bathroom and straight over to Copper. I moved to a chair by the bed to settle in and watch.

Since its been a long time since we posted, I am going to stop here. That will give me an incentive to return soon and finish this post. See you in a few days.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hello Again

Hello dear readers! It has been a long time since I posted. Steve has sort of taken over the posting duties of late. He enjoys sharing our adventures with you and frankly, I've been enjoying the summer and not going on line much. I hope you are all happy and healthy.

I see that Steve has shared some of our vacation with you. I experienced my first femdom-ish sex this summer. It was an interesting experience. I have some mixed feelings about it which I'd like to share.

Wow, what a sense of empowerment! Knowing that Steve was so turned on and that I could have him do anything I asked him to. Afterwards, I said to him, "If I had a strap-on, I bet you would have let me fuck your ass." He thought for a second and said that honestly, he probably would have. Having that sexual power was a rush and disturbing at the same time. You can see how it can be abused. How it could go from a fun role-playing scenario to something darker, more intense.

Seeing Steve jerk off while I was with the other guys turned me on as well. It's a sexual high to know I'm like his live porn show. Not to mention the satisfying sex I had with both Ryan and Cooper. They are both hotties and know how to please a woman.

I wouldn't be against trying the femdom thing again. I wonder though, does it progress. Is the high you get the first time lessened the second time, unless you go a bit further? If I have Steve jerk off with my panties the first time, how long before I tell him to put them on? Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't but I can see how the need to up the ante could occur.

Next time around, I intend to play my typical, submissive role. Return to my comfort zone.

Also, I do intend to write more, here at Babylon Visited. The female perspective has been absent for too long.