Friday, April 16, 2010


Piper asked me to wrap up these posts with a recount of my experience with the lovely Danielle. Sorry for the delay.

Danielle is lovely. A very pretty brunette with a hot body. You know she works out just by looking at her. No complaints there.

My night was strictly one-on-one with Danielle. Her husband, Greg, did not join us. I got the impression that she wears the pants in the family, at least sexually. I'm all for fun and games, and I love it when Piper teases me when I watch her with other men. But, it's all role-playing. I know I can jump in and fuck Piper whenever I want. I'm not so sure Greg enjoys the same privileges.

Danielle brought me to the bedroom and told Greg he had to come and watch. When we got there, she began to kiss me and rub my cock. She didn't fool around and got right down to business. I got to undress her and soon we were on the bed going at it. She gives really good head and told me a few times how nice it was to have a "big cock" for a change. This didn't seem to bother Greg. He just sat and watched. Frankly, she seemed to get sort of mean with Greg. First, I don't have a big cock. It's average. But, that wasn't all. There's just a hardness to her that is both attractive and off-putting.

Danielle likes to be on top and she did most of the work. She also cums pretty easily. She climaxed a few times without much effort on my part.

Piper came in at one point and offered to give Greg a blow job while he watched. She didn't know that that seems to be off limits for Greg. Danielle immediately said "No, he just watches for now." So Piper went back to Jack and Alicia.

Don't get me wrong, Danielle is very hot and it was enjoyable. I've just never been with a couple that was into hardcore cuckolding. She humiliated Greg a few times and truth be told, at one point I started to lose my erection because of how she treated him. Greg, on the other hand, didn't seem to mind at all.

That's about it for now. See you soon.