Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Rest of the Story

OK, Piper decided not to write about the remainder of our evening a few weekends ago. So, I thought I'd give it a go. We are both pretty swamped right now but she's got more going on than I do. Frankly, being a groom is a cakewalk compared to the bride thing.

Jason was gung-ho and Aaron....not so much. He was interested, and didn't walk away, but I wasn't convinced he'd go for the foursome thing. I led Piper by the hand into the bedroom. Aaron and Jason followed. They sat down while I displayed my girl. She turned around for them and both Jason and Aaron took turns feeling her ass through that awesome dress. I like bare ass but there's something great about feeling a sweet ass through a tight skirt, dress or jeans. Nothing quite like it.

I removed Piper's dress so she was wearing nothing but a sexy, little thong and her heels. She also had really hot thigh high stockings on. She looked beautiful.

Like Piper, I won't go into graphic detail, not too much, anyway. She ended up on her knees, blowing Jason while Aaron and I watched. Then she worked on me and finally Aaron, who had a difficult time getting hard. Nerves, no doubt because Jason and I were more than hard. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, Jason made a crack about Aaron having trouble staying hard. After a few laughs, Aaron settled down. It may have helped that Piper did not join in the laughter, looked at Aaron and said, "Ignore them." That was kind of hot.

Jason and I ended up sharing Piper for the better part of the evening. We treated her like a slut and she asked for more when we were done with her. I couldn't go again, not for awhile, but it did not take Jason long to recharge his batteries. After taking Piper in the mouth and pussy, he asked if he could fuck her ass. I told him to go for it and she got royally ass-fucked.

Aaron never actually fucked Piper but he did get a good blow job later in the evening and a hand job, with Piper finally jerking him off.

It was a great party and Piper made it a memorable night for three guys. I know she really did it for me and I owe her big time. I have an awesome girl.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Steve and I are happy to see that Nina's back! Her eclectic musings have always been a hit with both of us. We're happy to see Nina back at it. Go get 'em, Sweetie.

Through some comments we found another blog you might enjoy: Shared Cindy. It's a hot wife blog and done quite well. We both enjoy Shared Cindy and thought you might as well.

And Saratoga uncovers some plagiarism in the FemDom blogosphere.

I find the theft of words and ideas despicable and much more disturbing than the theft of personal property. Granted, that's in the abstract. If someone breaks into your home and rifles through your belongings, it's bad. There's the potential for physical violence and the one place where you should always feel safe has been violated. Yet, the motive is apparent and most property can be replaced.

Why steal the thoughts or ideas that someone else has reduced to writing? Especially for a blog. It is inexplicable. And the funny thing is, the worst part of plagiarism is the laziness. Ideas are free for the taking. A young boy, from humble beginnings becomes an important person after a series of challenges? Could be King Arthur, could be Luke Skywalker. Hell, it could be Don Corleone. Steal the idea, but for heaven's sake, do something original with that idea. And do it with some style. You can get away with a lot, if you do it with some style.

Wow, could I be more preachy.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pre-Wedding Fun

Our good friends, Kit and Luke, threw us a little pre-wedding fun last Saturday night. It was an intimate little gathering: Kit, Luke, Jason, Stacy, Aaron....about ten in all. Needless to say, I was very slutty on Saturday night. Shame on me.

Steve received a little gift as well: My first gang bang.

Well, that's an exaggeration. It was sort of a half-gang bang. That is, if six guys is a gang bang. I had a half-bang. Three guys. In truth, Steve coaxed me into it, inviting Jason and Aaron in on the fun.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

We were told to dress-up and we did. Steve went semi-casual, no tie, but a nice sports coat etc. I wore one of my favorite dresses. A cute little number that I consider sexy but not trashy and we all know, sometimes there's a fine line between sexy and trashy. Here's a sneak peek, as I got ready.

The party began with cocktails and fine conversation. Jason and Aaron immediately began to flirt with me while Steve stood there with a big smile on his face. It was actually a very comfortable setting, the lights were low and the drinks helped with the inevitable awkwardness found at the outset most of these parties.

I remember standing by the fireplace, drink in hand when Steve began to feel my ass. Aaron, poor boy, seemed caught off guard because despite being felt up in front of everyone, I continued my chat with Jason.

Steve asked Jason: "Do you want to touch her?"

Jason responded in the affirmative. Steve stepped back and Jason ran his hand down my ass. I have been with Jason on other occasions so we were both pretty comfortable. As we stood around, I saw that the real party had begun. Kit and Stacy had already begun to flirt with the other guys.

Aaron went to get us more drinks and Steve leaned and whispered, "what are you up for tonight?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"I think the four of us should head to a bedroom."

"The four of us," I asked, in mock surprise. "What for?"

"So we can treat you like a little slut."

I reached down and touched Steve. He was very hard. Very, very hard. And I really wanted to be treated like a slut. Every now and then, who doesn't?

Aaron returned with our drinks and we talked some more. Things started to heat up a bit, with the guys taking turns running their hands over my hips and ass. At one point, Steve was behind me, damn near dry humping me. Aaron looked uncomfortable but interested.

"She's offered to take on all three of us," Steve said to Aaron. "Game?" Not exactly accurate but...

We went to a bedroom. I'm not sure Aaron was really game, or me for that matter, but off we went. I'm not sure if I'll describe the rest. Sex is sex and sometimes reading about the appetizer is more fun than reading about the main course.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Reader Questions - II

Here's Part - II of my response to a reader inquiry. See the previous post for the first part of the question.

First, the question:

Also, what would happen if either of you requests that the other not participate in physical relationships outside your future marriage or current relationship? Is that something that either of you have contemplated? I was wondering what would happen if either of you decides that they no longer wanted to share the other with another person outside the relationship? Which leads me to ask, is the swinging a vital aspect of your relationship or just an entertaining mutual interest between the two of you that you could easily walk away from if the other person wanted to stop swinging.

Whew! That is the heart of the matter, isn't it. What would happen if.....?

Again, this is quite easy for me and I hope easy for Steve (but I'll let him respond if he chooses).

I would be perfectly happy in a monogamous relationship. More importantly, if Steve asked me to stop having sex with others, I wouldn't hesitate to comply with that request. I would not think twice.

Unlike some, that's an easy question for me to answer. Steve loves seeing me with other men and women. It's his fantasy and it's come true. As I've said before, I enjoy it and I enjoy pleasing Steve. However, if he ever wanted me to stop that would mean he no longer gets off on seeing me with other people. I wouldn't want to do something my partner does not like.

Would I miss it? To a certain extent, yes. It is enjoyable. In the long run I could live quite happily in a monogamous relationship. Swinging is not vital to the relationship, just an unorthodox adjunct to the relationship.

VSK also left a comment on the last post:

I like this sentence: "If you love someone, you honor reasonable requests." What if your partner makes what you think is an unreasonable request? Ah, your way sounds good, but I have had some difficulty with reason and emotion. Sometimes you can get two strong answers.

Fair question and one I probably can't answer to any one's satisfaction. When it comes to mere swinging, as opposed to a relationship, I think it's eminently reasonable to say: "Don't fuck that person." That's just the way I feel. I don't see how it's ever unreasonable to make that request.

Now, if you're heavy into the polyamorous thing, meaning having an emotional and physical relationship with someone else, that's a problem. Speaking for myself, I wonder if sustaining two relationships isn't too much for most people over the long haul. The second relationship will probably fizzle out under a myriad of constraints, both emotional and practical. So, I guess, if I wanted Steve to stop seeing Chase, I suppose I would wait for it to fizzle out and then ask him not to see other people. I think that's reasonable.

What for me seems unreasonable, or at least unfair, is it accept Steve and Chase's relationship for more than a year and then suddenly ask him to cut her off. Even if I want that, it strikes me as unfair. I like playing fair.

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome on these sometimes troublesome issues.

Later, I hope to tell you about the party Kit and Luke threw for us over the weekend. It was kind of a last hurrah before the wedding.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Reader Questions

Today, we bring you another edition of Reader Questions.
I read a some of your latest entries and was wondering what happens if either you or Steve objects to the other's partner that you want to have a physical relationship with, will you honor the other's request to not have a physical relationship with that person?

Also, what would happen if either of you requests that the other not participate in physical relationships outside your future marriage or current relationship? Is that something that either of you have contemplated? I was wondering what would happen if either of you decides that they no longer wanted to share the other with another person outside the relationship? Which leads me to ask, is the swinging a vital aspect of your relationship or just an entertaining mutual interest between the two of you that you could easily walk away from if the other person wanted to stop swinging.

Now, let is bring in our roundtable. Just joking.

I love reader inquiries because it gives me something to post when I have nothing. So, thank you for the question.

The first question is easy: Yes! I will always honor any of Steve's requests to cease a relationship. I believe Steve would as well since he has in the past. I really think this is a no-brainer, at least for us. Steve is ready, willing and eager to share me with some men. After those encounters our relationship goes on, happy and healthy. If he objects to someone, then I have to hear and respect that objection, no questions asked. Since Steve instigates most encounters, this is rarely an issue. It's not as if I'm trolling the bars at night bringing home strangers.

There was a time when I had to chat with Steve about some of his choices. He was fooling around with some people I did not consider mature enough to handle things. He dated a girl a few years younger than he was and she didn't seem capable of handling things. I did not want some chick showing up on my doorstep some night crying or yelling or making a scene. Drama loses it's appeal when you hit a certain age. I suggested he be more selective. Steve took that to heart and he has been more selective.

If you love someone, you honor reasonable requests. It's not as if you're asking someone to change the type of coffee they drink.

I abhor control freaks. One thing I do not do is keep track of Steve's doings, on any level. If he says, 'I'm going out with the guys,' I do not ask with whom, where, when , what... This has borne the unexpected fruit of being informed of his plans, in detail. I mean, leave it to men: Don't pry and they open up. Pry and they snap shut like a bear trap.

I'll address the remainder of the question next time. I'll open up the comments. We'd love for others to relay their thoughts or experiences on this issue.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bachelor Party - II

Like I said, things can be awkward with threesomes. I did not know exactly what to expect when we went back to Chase's apartment. Sex was in the air, creating an almost electrical charge. No one wanted to make the first move. I didn't, because I can be a real coward about rejection. The idea of moving in on Sarah and having her look at me like I'm a pervert - despite the fact I am - was uncomfortable.

Luckily, Chase is a go-for-it kind of girl. Clothes were soon off and Chase and Sarah took turns sucking on my cock. I'm not complaining, mind you, but looking down and seeing two women sharing your cock is enough to make any man explode. I had to pull them off more than once.

The sex was really good, after we got over that awkwardness. Chase rode me first while Sarah waited her turn. Chase and Sarah did not fool around with one another, not that I didn't try. They are just friends, nothing physical, not even in a situation like this.

Between the booze and the condom I was able to hold out long enough for both Sarah and Chase to cum. Naturally, I didn't want the night to end. So, before I came, we fooled around some. I finger-fucked both of them and ate Chase until she came again. Finally, Sarah got to bounce up and down on my cock, making me cum. It was one tremendous orgasm.

So, I'm spent. Sarah and Chase take turns sucking me to get me hard again. It's now late, late at night, everyone is exhausted and we called it quits.

I really wish I had the stamina the porn guys have.

I owe Chase big-time for that little party.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bachelor Party - I

Last Saturday Chase threw me her version of a bachelor party. You have to admire a girlfriend that will throw a party for you when she's not the one you're marrying.

We went out with a few of her friends to a local watering hole. After plying me with drinks - I did not overdue it - Chase and three of her friends, took me to a strip joint. I actually enjoyed the company of Chase and her friends very much. Not that some of the dancers weren't great. They were, especially this one brunette. She was very short and petite, but had a body to die die for. I got a lap dance or two from the brunette. She was very friendly.

Once we left the club, Chase and her friend, Sarah, decided to take me to another bar. We said goodbye to the others and walked a few blocks to one of their favorite places.

Sarah is one of Chase's swinger friends. The other friends were not, which was strange because Sarah was more quiet and reserved than the others. Sarah's pretty, with medium length brown hair and a large build. Not fat, but she is on the heavier side. I'm not passing judgment, just trying to paint a picture here. She's a person you don't realize is pretty until she smiles or laughs. She really has great eyes.

I had a great time. I dare say I know few men who wouldn't have had a great time. It was a local place, dark, crowded with really loud music. One minute Chase would have her arm around me and then Sarah. After a shot or two made me brave, I walked up behind Sarah and put my arms around her waist. She didn't mind at all and even pressed her ass against my front. I grew very hard which seemed to please her.

Sarah cocked her head and whispered something in my ear. I grinned and nodded but, in truth, the music was way too loud and I couldn't actually hear what she said. So, I have zero idea what I'm agreeing to. She could have said, "The band is great." Or, "You have a tiny cock."

We closed the place and took a cab to Chase's. Chase asked if I would mind if Sarah joined us for the rest of the night. This was her surprise for me. I readily agreed. I mean, come on!

There were some awkward moments back at Chase's. There almost always are awkward moments with these things, especially with someone new. But, with three drunk people, there are always funny things that break the ice.

In addition to being a great lady, I will say that Sarah gives great head.

I'll add a few more details in a few days.