Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Long Break - II...

... Or my wife's slut-fest. Continuing on with our fine evening with Luke and Kit.

Luke was all over Piper from the moment he arrived. It even made Kit smile. The guy couldn't wait to fuck Piper. In fact, Kit told me that Luke had been talking about it all day.

We hadn't poured our second drink before he had his hands on Piper. He was aggressive and she liked it as well. Even Kit got into the act, feeling Piper's ass and tits. Since I asked Piper to tease me that night, she told me I would have to watch, but not participate until she said so. Damn, that was hot.

When Luke had enough foreplay, he slapped Piper on the ass and nearly dragged her into the bedroom. Kit and I followed. Luke had his cock in Piper's mouth in no time. Kit got undressed and made out with Luke while I sat and watched. Kit said something like: "Piper's our little bitch tonight." And she was.

My wife is pretty submissive and the idea of submitting to another couple always gets her going. For me, there's something hot about seeing a girl encourage her boyfriend in fucking another girl.

Luke treated Piper like a little slut. He forced her down on her knees and pushed her pretty little head back and forth on his cock. After he told her to get undressed. She lowered her dress, slipped off her panties and tossed them to me without a glance. I pulled down my pants, took them and began to rub.

Luke had Kit get undressed as well and get on all fours. Then he told Piper: "Lick her pussy." Piper got on all fours and buried her mouth in Kit's pussy. Then, wonder of wonders, he had my wife rim his girlfriend. Piper licked around Kit's ass and then stuck her damn tongue in her ass. Nasty and hot.

Luke yanked her head up by her hair, kissed her and said, "You taste like ass, bitch."

I tell you, I was as horny as I've ever been. This was a new level of nastiness for Piper and when she looked at me I could tell the show was all for me.

"I'll lick her ass some more if you play with yourself," she said.

I did. She did.

They fucked, one on one and two on one. Towards the end, Kit and Luke greased up her ass so she could get butt-fucked and did she ever. I won't bore with the details but lets just say she was screaming into the pillow as he drove it home. She even started to tear up a bit before they got into a rhythm.

Awesome. And once again I find myself totally blown away by my darling wife and what she'll do to please me.

Later that night, when we were alone, I asked her if there was anything I could do for her. She kissed me and said, "take me out for a romantic dinner and then bring me home and make love to me. Just the two of us."

Piper's attention and devotion to our marriage is amazing.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Long Break

Hello, all. Man, did we ignore Babylon Visited. Mostly, it was just Holiday craziness and overall laziness. We had a terrific Holiday and hope you did as well (if anyone is still reading).

Everything is fine with us. No, the blog-silence was not a symptom of relationship trouble. We've been meaning to update but it's easy to put that type of thing off day after day. If we've missed any e-mails, we apologize and will remedy that soon.

On the hotwife front we have had two fun experiences. The first was towards the end of November when Kit and Luke came over. They're our favorite couple by far and we always look forward to an evening of debauchery when they come over.

Since it had been so long since seeing Kit and Luke, Piper decided to dress for the occasion. She wore a really tight dress that showed off her lovely ass. Underneath, she wore one of my favs, garter belt and black stockings. I got to sit and watch her get ready. Very hot, as she snapped the garters into place, put on her heels and applied her makeup. We got in some naughty talk beforehand, with me asking her what she'd let Luke do to her that night. That got me very excited. Then she teased me, which I love. It's kind of our new thing.

"Luke can do whatever he wants," she said.

"Ass fuck you?"


"Pull your hair?"

"If he wants. Anything," she said. "Maybe you should just watch."

"Can I play with myself?"

"If you're good. Maybe you can jerk off with my panties after he gets me out of them."

Heaven. For being such a lady during the day my wife can be quite the slut at night, which she proved later on. The joys of marriage.

More, later.