Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

We apologize for the lack of posts. Things have been hectic, with the wedding fast approaching. That may slow things down here from time to time for the next month or so. I hope it doesn't slow things down too much.

Chris and I had a terrific time last weekend and went out again last night. Steve had a date with Chase, who threw him something of a bachelor party. I didn't ask about details and I'm not sure if I want to know. Steve's been a real prince lately, doing all he can to help out with things, so he deserves a good time with Chase.

In the meantime, a reader asked for some advice about anal sex. Hmmm. I'll give it a go. I'm not exactly sure where to start. I suppose there are three attitudes: 1) Like it; 2) Don't like it; 3) Will do it but not into it.

I understand the first two attitudes but not the third. If you are participating in anal but don't like it, for any number of reasons, there's no advice or insight I can give anyone. On the other hand, if you are exploring anal sex and have some issues, some insight or advice may help. First, some background on my experiences and thoughts.

I experienced anal sex before vaginal sex. I was in high school and my boyfriend and I had a lot of oral and anal sex. Or, I should say, that oral and anal sex was a large part of my sex life. It began at his request and I often thought of it as foolproof birth-control. The first time was actually pretty good. We were both drunk and he came quickly. The second time was rough. After that, I made sure to have super-sized, family-size lube nearby whenever we got together.

My only advice is:

1) Take it slow;
2) Lube;
3) Relax;
4) Lube.
5) Remind him an ass isn't a pussy;
6) Lube.

As for positions, I'd start with female on top. You can control everything that way. After that, try the missionary position. I often climax in this position quite easily. Lastly, is doggie-style. Guys always want to try this position first. It must be the porn. You should work your way up to this position. It's the trickiest and can often hurt if you lack experience or have an unskilled partner.

It isn't a bad idea to work up to a full-size cock by using a small dildo. That may help if you want to try anal but are stressing about his size.

Good luck and be careful. See you soon.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Surprise Visit

I had a surprise phone call and visit from Chris on Wednesday night. We had not spoken for a few weeks, all though there were two or three 'Hey, how are you?' e-mails. He called about 8:00PM and said he was at a nearby bookstore. Could he stop by?

I gave him a casual, devil-may-care, yes, as long as he didn't mind if I was all ready for bed. Meaning, in my PJ's. I then proceeded to almost break my neck running upstairs to change out of what I normally wear to bed into a pair of sexy panties and a nice, silky, top. I teased my hair and quickly applied some makeup. You know, all the things we girls do before going to bed alone. Except, I was also cold so I wrapped myself in a warm, cozy blanket.

Chris arrived about a half hour later. God, he looked great. He really did. He gave me a quick hug and kiss. We sat on the couch, talked and watched some television. It was awkward at first. He felt it as well because out of nowhere he blurts out: "How are the wedding plans coming?"

This from a man that has never acknowledged the wedding. That lack of acknowledgment is understandable but it's why the question surprised me. I looked at him and then we both laughed. The last shreds of reconnecting slipped away and the ice melted.

I went to get some wine. I returned and handed a glass to Chris. He took the glass, placed it on the end table and pulled the blanket from around my shoulders. Then he scooped me into his lap. His mouth met mine as he fumbled with my shirt buttons.

"Do you mind?" He asked.

"A little late to be asking, don't you think?' I told him that when your hand is in a girl's panties and she doesn't slap, push or scream, asking is not really required.

"You're an awesome girl."

Now, when I was twenty-five I may have bristled at being called a girl. At thirty-two, preceded by the word awesome, I was OK with that.

Chris was completely hard so I unzipped his pants, got on the floor and administered what he later described as the best blowjobs he ever experienced. When he was about to cum he tried to push me away. I wouldn't let him and he came in my mouth. He came so much that I had trouble keeping up with it and some dripped out.

"What about you?"

I started to rub myself while Chris watched. After a minute or two he stood, undressed and told me he was: "Definitely ready."

"For what," I teased. I stared at him, cum on my chin, playing with my pussy.

"To fuck you."

"Where do you want to fuck me, with that huge cock."

"First your pussy," he said. He pulled me up from the floor to lead me to the bedroom.

"Then," he said, "I want your ass. It's been too long."

Well, needless to say, he got his wish. Chris even stayed the night, called the next day and we're going to a party tonight.

What's up with Chris? I do not know.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Links & Kinks

OK, just links.

First, due to a comment, we discovered one very fine blog. Go visit My Sexy Hot Wife. It's a husband's story guessed it. His sexy hot wife. Sex blog fans, I think you'll enjoy the blog. And based on the pictures, there is definitely truth in advertising.

Tom Paine's Polyamorously Perverse is on hiatus: Whether temporary or permanent, we do not know. We wish Tom and his paramour the best of luck in the future. Tom was a unique voice in the blog world: Fun, insightful and unflinching in the face of criticism and controversy. He will be missed.

If you are looking for some good reads, you have to check out Married Exploits and their recent posts. It details their recent meeting with another couple and the resultant adventures. It's a scorcher.

I've also added some more chapters to Ancient Evenings, my foray into fiction.

Happy reading and see you in a few days.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Position on a Position

Sex is many thing: Intimate, romantic, intense and yes, funny. Nothing lends itself to sexual humor like various sexual positions. Chickpea's classic blog, On the Prowl, is a trove of wonderful posts. Her recent one involves a sexual position that seems more like urban legend than an actual physical possibility. I speak, of course, of .... propeller sex?

The answer to the question, 'can it be done,' is second only to the question, 'why would you want to do it?' I suppose the answer to the second question is linked to the first: Because it can be done. Not unlike the reason for climbing Mount Everest.

Also, as pointed out by Chickpea, the position gives the woman a birds-eye view of the least appealing portions of a man's body. Of course, not all male ass is created equal. The male bodies that make many women moist are rarely attached to men we actually meet. Most of us don't meet and date male models, Olympic athletes and ballet dancers. We meet and date men that may or may not have nice builds. But, it's one thing for a 6ft man to have size 34 waist and broad shoulders (that's a nice build), it's quite another for him to have me pinned to the bed, spinning around with his ass in my face. There are some male asses I wouldn't mind in my face. The chances of me meeting the men attached to those asses (or is it assi) is remote. More remote is the chance that I'd be in a position to turn down or accept sex with these men.

Part of this is because my picture of 'masculinity' is primarily non-visual. It's a personality, a character an attitude. In many cases we have sex with you despite your body, not because of it (OK, that was a joke). It's just that looks and body don't matter too much to many women, especially after we get to know the person. It's how a man makes us feel. That's not to say we don't like a handsome face or someone in reasonably good shape. We do. It's just a small part of a much broader package.

I've digressed. In summation, just say no to propeller sex. It gives dirty sex a bad name.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Party Time

The party was fun and well-attended by some of our favorite couples. Piper attracted the attention of several men but Luke made his intentions clear from almost the beginning of the evening. I caught him grabbing her ass at least twice. Which was fine because Kit and I both saw him do it and we both found it amusing. Subtle, my friend is not.

Couples began to disappear to various parts of the house. Luke led us to their bedroom as special guests of the hosts.

There's nothing quite like watching two beautiful women kiss and feel each other up. Really, is there anything quite like that? Piper and Kit fell back, onto the bed, and started to kiss and run their hands over each other. Kit, being the more aggressive of the two, began to pull Piper's skirt and thong off and then was between her legs. By the time they assumed the sixty-nine position, I really could not take it any more.

Luke and I joined them on the bed. I went for Kit and Luke for Piper but Kit pushed us both away. She wasn't finished with Piper. She sat down on Piper's face and they continued to fuck for a few more minutes until Kit came.

That out of the way, we got to play. Luke started in on Piper while Kit and I watched and played with one another. Luke is aggressive, more aggressive than I am and he definitely appreciates a woman on the submissive side. Piper, for her part, responds to Luke's aggressiveness more readily than she will to other men. She's just very compliant with Luke. He'll call her a whore or slut and she does just about everything he asks.

I'll let your imaginations do most of the work. He did face fuck her, hard and fast, until she could barely breath. I was actually about to intervene when Luke took her by the hair, yanked her head back, and I saw the smile on her face.

Kit and I joined them on the bed and just about everything else is a blur. The next vivid image was after I came. Luke was fucking Piper, doggie-style, in the ass. Which, if you saw the size of Luke, would know it's an amazing feat. Unfortunately, I was pretty well spent. Kit, on the other hand, decided to join her boyfriend and Piper, encouraging him to fuck Piper harder, slap her ass and pull her hair. Kit even joined in on the fun, slapping Piper's ass and doing some hair pulling of her own. Basically, they treated her like a fuck toy.

When he was done with her, Luke started in on Kit. Piper just laid there, still on her hands and knees, for a few seconds. I asked her if she was OK and when she looked at me, I knew the answer. She positively glowed.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Agony and Ecstasy

We hope everyone ended Summer with a bang. We sure did.

At first, it looked like our weekend would be pretty laid-back. Instead, Kit and Luke invited us to a little party on Saturday night. Yes, that kind of party. We were both very excited. It's been a long time since we've partied like this. True, Piper seemed less enthused than me at first. But, she came around.

She could not decide what to wear so asked me what I thought. Now, I'm the first to admit that my fashion sense is sometimes challenged. Piper says I have 'hit-and-miss' taste. Sometimes I'm spot on and sometimes not.

For Saturday night, picked out a black mini-skirt and a green top for Piper. She approved, adding some black stockings and a pair of heels.

About an hour before the party, Piper was in the bathroom, in front of the mirror, wearing nothing but her thong, stockings and bra, applying her makeup. I sat back on the bed and watched her through the door. I wonder if women know how hot a sight that is: watching your Babe apply her makeup. It's just hot. So very feminine. So, I watched her and, of course, grew hard.

When she was finished, she came into the bedroom, kissed me and felt my hard cock.

"Hmmm," she said. "What's going on here?"

Piper knelt down, unzipped my pants and gripped my cock. With her thumb, she gently rubbed the underside, the most sensitive part.

"You really want to cum," she said, watching my face.

"Oh yes."

"How bad do you want to cum?"

"Real bad." I was in a tremendous sexual quandary. Did I come now, not knowing how I'd react later in the evening or save my self?

She looked up at me, with her beautiful, green-hazel, eyes. "Anything in particular you'd like tonight?"

I thought about it. "I'd like to watch you and Kit fuck."

She looked contemplative and then stood up. "That's a possibility," she said. Then she began to dress.

Agony and ecstasy.

I'll fill you in on what actually happened next time.