Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Lea is here through New Years. Piper approached me on Sunday and said something along the lines of, "You can say no, but can Lea stay here for a few nights?"

Right, like I'm going to say no.

Lea won't be here the entire time. She'll be with her folks. But, they have a bunch of people staying with them off and on for the next two weeks so Piper offered our guest bedroom and Lea accepted, at least for a few days. Needless to say, I'm hoping she doesn't use the guest bedroom to much.

Day One: I had to work late on Thursday and got home about 9:00-9:30 PM. The girls had a roaring fire going and it was hot as hell on the first floor. That was fine though because it was very cold that night.

Piper was walking around in her tight, little T-shirt and boy shorts. Lea had on a cute, little nightie. Did I die and go to paradise?

"So, what have you guys been doing?"

They giggled and warmed up some dinner for me.

When Lea left the room I asked, "What have you been doing?" But I knew. Both of them had an after-sex glow.

"Just working up an appetite," Piper said, with a devilish grin. Damn, they had been fucking and I missed it. Everyone was really tired so I didn't get lucky that night but it was great. I felt like I had a mini-harem of two beautiful women. I think they liked it as well.

Day Two: Friday night. After what felt like an eternity, my week ended. As I drove home, I wondered what would greet me. The whole way home, I had a perpetual hard-on. But, once home, no Lea. Piper was home but Lea was with her family. I hate to say it, but I was disappointed. No man should be disappointed with a wife like Piper waiting at home for him but feverish daydreams of being with two hot women had danced in my brain all day.

Piper more than made up for my disappointment. She made me dinner and then later, we watched a few classic Christmas movies while I got a great massage. It was a great, relaxing evening.

Day Three: Piper and Lea spent the day shopping. Then, Piper decided to go back out around 7:30PM to pick-up a few specific items. That left Lea and I alone in the house. I was watching a game when she sat down beside me and casually started to rub my cock. She asked if I was horny. "Are you kidding?" If sitting next to a cute, little redhead doesn't make the blood rush, there's something wrong with you.

She unzipped my pants and started to go down on me. I suggested we head to the bedroom. But first, I called Piper to make sure it was OK. I started to ask her and all I get is, "yeah, yeah, have fun. I stumbled across the great sale. I picked up something for so-and-so, so-and-so...." She kept me on the phone talking about this damn sale until Lea grabbed the phone and said, "Shop as long as you want. I'll take care of your man."

Piper did and Lea definitely did take care of me. We were still in bed when Piper came home. She was too exhausted to join us but did poke her head in and kissed me good night before going off to get some sleep. I stayed with Lea that night, in the guest bedroom. After Piper left, Lea said that I had better get Piper something awesome for Christmas because she might be the coolest wife ever. I agree.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Been Awhile

Boy, it sure has been awhile since either Steve or I posted. Sorry about that. We were enjoying our Summer and then enjoying the fall, doing married people stuff, enjoying married life and fulfilling family obligations. I hope all of you are well.

Since our vacation, we haven't had any hot wife/swing encounters until this past weekend. Yes, it's been over three months. There weren't any attempts to get together with anyone, either. We were just being regular married folk, which I adore.

But....It was Steve's birthday and we celebrated on Saturday. I wanted to do something special for him. Saturday night his company was having a swanky Christmas Party and one of the better hotels. I booked us a room.

I also wanted to look good for him so I wore a slinky, black dress that carefully tread the line between slutty and sexy. Underneath, I wore a garter belt and thong. I topped that off with a wicked pair of heels. Very strappy.

I also invited our good friend Lea. It was my plan that we all go back to the room after the party, relax and have some fun. This time, he would get double-teamed instead of me. Lea arrived around nine o'clock. I was trapped, talking with the wives of some of the upper management. Steve was talking with some of his co-workers at the bar.

Lea looked fantastic, in a similar, slinky dress, but hers was maroon. I graciously extricated myself from the conversation, pulled Steve away and said, "Happy Birthday." He gave me a strange look until I nodded in Lea's direction. Then he smiled. I thought we might make an early departure from the party but we ended up staying for quite some time. I think he was enjoying the anticipation. It also allowed Lea and I to get a few drinks in us and see our inhibitions plummet.

After the party we were invited to the bar with some of Steve's co-workers. We went for an hour our so and when we reached the room, we were feeling no pain.

Lea, Steve and I had been together a few times before this so things were pretty relaxed. Steve poured us a nightcap and we talked for a half hour before Lea and I closed in on Steve.

"Since this is for you," I said, "why don't you just tell me what you'd like to do."

"I'd like to watch you guys kiss and then fuck."

Lea was up for that. We undressed each other and fell on the bed while Steve sat back and watched. We kissed and then somehow ended up in a sixty-nine, with me on my back. Lea and I were so worked up that we made each other cum with less than usual effort. After she came, Steve entered Lea from the rear, so I ended up with pussy, ball and ass in my face.

Steve fucked Lea and I eventually crawled out from underneath so I could watch. Kind of a reversal for a change. I took a glass of wine, sat back and touched myself while they had a good time together. I actually found watching him with another woman quite a turn-on. He seemed to be having a really good time. Lea wasn't complaining either.

Before it was my turn, Steve sat on the edge of the bed so Lea and I could suck him. After all, what good is having two chicks at once if you don't get the double-header. I mean, come on.

At some point, we collapsed in a sweaty, tired heap of limbs. That wasn't it for the night. Lea woke me a few hours later for some one-on-one attention which woke Steve up. He got to cum a second time.

We all had a bit of a hangover the next morning but that was a small price to pay for such a fun night. I know Steve likes seeing me with other men, preferably multiple men at once. I like doing that for him but there's something so sexy about sharing your man with a beautiful, sensual woman. It's such a different tone and atmosphere.

Lea will be in town through New Year's and she'll be staying with us for a few nights. I'm thinking we'll be doing this again real soon.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Best Vacation Ever - Part III

Here's part three of Piper's slut-fest. This is the part that's not for the faint of heart. If you don't like girls being shared by a bunch of guys, lots of anal play etc. stop reading. This got hot and nasty.

So, when last we met, Luke, Dale, Mike, Aaron, Jason, Paul, Jen and I walk in on Piper going down on Kit. Jen, a newbie, was very funny. She was pretty stoned, embarassed and interested all at the same time. She kept saying things like, "wow" or "holy shit, that's wild." I kind of agree. I've seen her do the girl/girl thing before but it never gets old. It's just hot!

Luke took charge of the evening, telling the girls to play with each other for awhile as we watched and had some more drinks. Piper made Kit cum and Luke told them to make out. Meanwhile, as they kissed, we were all slipping out of our clothes, except for Jen. of course. Mike kept asking her if she was okay, if she wanted to leave, but Jen turned out to be pretty cool, as you'll see later on.

I remember Luke eventually stepped forward, grabbed Piper's hair and forced her mouth down on to his cock. She gave him a real wet blow job while he kept telling things like, "Suck it, bitch. You nasty, little whore, suck it." Piper really got off on the dirty talk and started playing with herself while she blew Luke.

Then, the real fucking started. I can't really give a play-by-play because when seven guys take on two girls it's a tad crazy at times. I can describe some highlights, in no particular order.

1. Kit getting Piper to beg Luke to fuck her in the ass. Great stuff. Kit grabs Piper by the hair, gets in her face and starts saying, "You want my boyfriend's cock in your little ass? Do you? Beg for it, bitch!" Piper starts begging for it: "Please, fuck my ass. Please do it...." Luke got her on all fours and slipped his cock into her ass and butt fucked her hard while some of the guys took turns getting head from her, including me. Nothing quite like seeing guys line up to stick their cock in your wife's mouth.

2. Kit getting into her strap-on and her and Luke DP'ing Piper (Kit on the bottom). After that, Piper got up and asked for a break because her ass was tired. She sat on my lap and watched Kit, Paul and Aaron go at it. She also downed two, quick glasses of wine and got pretty tipsy.

3. Me fucking Kit and later on, getting into her ass.

4. Jen stroking Mike as they watched Piper. When Mike gets all excited, she asks him if he wants to fuck either of the girls. He wants Piper, naturally. So, Piper lays on the floor, spreads her legs and Mike climbs on top of her. Jen gets down and starts encouraging Mike. "Fuck her hard," and things like that. That was hot. She says, "cum on her face." Then, jerks him off right onto Piper's face. The poor girl was tired by that time but was a real trooper.

5. Piper rimming Luke and Kit. This is something she first did awhile ago and thought was nasty but hot. Kit sat down on her face and really rubbed her ass over Piper's face. Luke sat on the couch, took Piper's head in his hands and had her lick him.

6. I got to DP Piper, along with Aaron. He got her ass while I took the pussy. It was funny actually, because we were standing there saying, "if you want her ass, go ahead." Or, "Only if you don't." Or, "It's up to you." Until Piper just says, "Pick a hole, you two, before I fall asleep."

Good times, good times. Everyone was really cool, no obnoxious behavior and we couldn't have asked for a better, crazier night.

We finally went to bed sometime after midnight. I didn't see Piper until close to noon the next day. She just slept the morning away.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Best Vacation Ever - Part II

On Wednesday, Kit shows up, followed by Aaron, Mike and Paul. Aaron and Mike are two of Piper's boy toys: both a good ten years younger than Piper. Paul is their friend, someone we'd never partied with. There's a slight wrinkle, however. Mike brings this girl he's been seeing, off and on. Her name is Jen.

Mike assured me that Jen was intrigued about what went on during our vacations. I don't doubt it but I've been around long enough to know how this usually turns out. Gal Pal says she's curious and then wants to leave as soon as things get steamy.

I was pleasantly surprised by Jen. An interesting woman. She's one of those ladies who is more comfortable being one of the guys than she is hanging with the girls. She's not masculine by any means but just the type that's more at home playing poker with the guys than talking about men, clothes books etc. A cool guy, for a woman.

So now with have Luke, Dale, Jason, Aaron and Mike, along with me, Kit and Jen. Piper had already been fucked by Luke and Dale. Jason missed his turn the night before because he wasn't feeling well.

For Wednesday night, Kit suggested a little orgy. To my surprise, Jen was very into the idea. She made it clear that she would not participate (or very likely she would not participate) but she was really interested in watching the whole thing. Kit was a bit jealous when we told her that Piper was the house slut but we told her there would be plenty for her to do.

Things heated up late that night. We had spent a good part of the afternoon down at the beach, then ate and headed outside to watch the sun set and see if we could see any shooting stars. We didn't, but the booze flowed freely and everyone was feeling good. I didn't take notes so the quotes may not be exact but it will give you a flavor of the nastiness that went down.

Jen seemed excited, waiting for something to happen. She asked when things would start.

"What are you expecting?" Luke asked her.

Jen shrugged. "I don't know...something. Whatever swingers do."

Piper was sitting on my lap but Luke pulled her on to his. It was pretty dark so you couldn't see perfectly but you knew he had his hand up her shirt. "Like this," Luke said. "Feeling up this little slut right in front of her husband?"

Jen giggled. "Something like that. Yeah."

Luke kissed Piper. "Want to get fucked, baby?"

"Definitely," was her eager reply. Then: "Am I going to get your cock in my ass, tonight."

Luke gave her another kiss and said, "You're going to get it good tonight, bitch."

Luke told Piper and Kit to go get ready. They wanted to shower and they had brought some lingerie. In the meantime, we opened some more wine. Jen brought out some weed. She, Mike and Dale smoked a little. I passed. Not my thing.

"We'll let you know when we're ready," said Kit. They went back to the house.

Almost an hour passed and we were wondering what the hell had happened. We walked up to the house. Inside, in a side room that fronts the ocean, Piper and Kit had lit a bunch of candles. Piper was in her black garters, stockings and heels. Kit was in a similar outfit, but it was white. Kit was leaning back against the couch with Piper between her legs, licking. There was some lube on the end table and Kit had brought her strap-on.

Jen's mouth dropped. "Shit, that's pretty wild," she said.

"Why don't you join them," Mike said.

"No thanks."

"It was worth a shot, wasn't it," Mike replied.

The guys started to undress as we watched the girls. We let them go on for awhile, until Piper made Kit cum. Then it was our turn to dig in.

More, later.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Vacation....

....beyond my wildest dreams.

These posts may not be be the faint of heart so be forewarned. We're having a great vacation but I have to say, my sweet, little wife is really cutting loose. We wanted some hot wife/swinging action this week but this was beyond even my warped imagination.

Piper has been working like crazy the past few months. In addition to her job, she's been very active putting together a big-ass fundraiser for a charity event. Even though it's a charity event and, obviously not paid work, she takes it and the cause quite seriously. So, she's been stressed.

Now that the fundraiser is over and a huge success, Piper was ready to let her hair down. Her adventuress spirit took me by surprise. A pleasant surprise but wow.

So, we go away last Saturday for our usual vacation. We plan to have some friends out. The first night there, we are in the midst of a great love making session and she asks me what I'd like to do this week.

"See you be the house slut," I say. She smiles and I take it for her humoring me.

Sunday we spend poking around some shops and then at the beach. Monday, Luke, Dale and Jason stop over. Our plan is to hang out, drink, play some cards, drink. We do that but before they arrive Piper asks me what she should wear.

"I'm taking a shower," she says. "Put whatever you want me to wear on the bed."

You're fucking kidding, right? What husband of a hot wife wants that dream? Not to mention a woman putting her wardrobe in the hands of a man. That it trust. If anyone wonders why I love this woman, they should have their head examined.

What to choose, what to choose. She's got these great pair of blue shorts, short and tight and really show off her ass. So, that's a given. Then, I get her Red Sox T-Shirt and want her to do that 'knot-tied-in the-back' thing girls do. I don't know why, but that's hot.

She walks out wearing these things while we're opening our first beers of the afternoon. There couldn't have been a soft dick in the house. Throughout the game she brings us more beer and Luke starts playing grab-ass. We finish our first round of cards and take a break. I decide to take Jason and Dale down to see Piper's father's boat. We're gone about an hour. When we get back, Luke is walking out of our bedroom. I walk in and Piper is in her lacy, black boy shorts, putting her T-Shirt back on. Luke has a big grin on his face. 'Nuff said.

Piper decides to run out for a little shopping. Later, when she returns, we're having a few more cocktails and playing a little PlayStation. It's getting late now. I pull her aside to tell her that I'll sleep in one of the other bedrooms and let the guys know they're free to stop in and see her. She goes off to bed and I invite the guys to take advantage of our hospitality. About a half hour later, Dale disappears. I can still hear them when I go to bed.

To be continued...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sorry Readers...Enjoying the Summer

Sorry Boys and Girls. We know it has been some time. We're just enjoying our summer and trying to get the most out of it while it lasts. Like anything else good, it comes and goes way too fast.

Not much new on the hot wife/swinging front. We've been enjoying some time alone, in an out of the bedroom. Getting reacquainted after a heavy work schedule. It's a trick we learned from some good friends. Every now and then, take some time to be alone with your partner and act like you're dating again. That's what we've been up to.

We hope all our readers and blog friends are doing well and enjoying themselves. We'll probably get back to more frequent posts this fall.

As for the upcoming week, we're off on our annual vacation to Cape Cod. A few friends might pop over as well. I hope to have some fun Piper related things to relay when we return.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Fun Night

So, about five nights ago, Piper's on top of me. She's moving up and down, ever so slowly.

"Know what I haven't done in a while?" She says.

"What," I said, in anticipation.

"Been with two guys."

"Yeah," I said. "It's been a long time. Feeling slutty are we?"

She smiled, a lock of hair over her face and lust in her eyes.

"You want to see me with two guys?"

"Hell yes," I said.

So we finished are evening and I sort of forgot our conversation. I didn't forget it, I just thought it was some fun dirty talk. Piper rarely instigates our swing-time. A few days later she asks if I remember what she had said and if I made any calls to set something up. I apologized and said, "Now I will. Absolutely."

Unfortunately, on the night best for us, I could only round up one guy. Last Saturday night, Cooper came over. Piper was wearing cute little shorts and a nice tight t-shirt. Before Cooper even showed up, she was walking around, her nipples hard and poking through the shirt. When Cooper did show up, he greeted Piper with a big hug, slid his hand down of her ass. They kissed for a second, and then some more.

We hung out for an hour or so, had a drink and then Piper disappeared into the bedroom. She was gone for about a half an hour. I know some guys complain about the time women take to get ready. I don't mind at all. She came out wearing a short, black, silk night gown, with high heels. She had also lined her eyes with dark, eye liner. Her slut paint, as she calls it. Man, she looked exquisite and when she went down on her knees to blow Cooper, the view was excellent.

She gave quite a performance that night. Her blowjob was wet, sloppy and Cooper had to pull her off his cock a few times because he was going to shoot his load. My wife was over-the-top horny and Cooper reaped the benefits of a horny, hot wife.

They fucked, man did they fuck. They fooled around so long that I eventually went to be. I mean, a man can only take so much. It was later that night that I felt my wife slide into bed and cuddle up next to me. I kissed her and she reached down and started stroking my cock. I got very hard and she started to tell me the things she and Cooper had done. Then, she had her lips on my cock and two or three minutes later, I dumped a load down her throat.

I woke up early the next day and Piper was back in the guest bedroom, riding Cooper for a good morning fuck. After some grunts and groans, Piper appeared wearing nothing but a little tee-shirt that didn't quite cover her ass . She proceeded to make me some coffee and breakfast.


Friday, April 16, 2010


Piper asked me to wrap up these posts with a recount of my experience with the lovely Danielle. Sorry for the delay.

Danielle is lovely. A very pretty brunette with a hot body. You know she works out just by looking at her. No complaints there.

My night was strictly one-on-one with Danielle. Her husband, Greg, did not join us. I got the impression that she wears the pants in the family, at least sexually. I'm all for fun and games, and I love it when Piper teases me when I watch her with other men. But, it's all role-playing. I know I can jump in and fuck Piper whenever I want. I'm not so sure Greg enjoys the same privileges.

Danielle brought me to the bedroom and told Greg he had to come and watch. When we got there, she began to kiss me and rub my cock. She didn't fool around and got right down to business. I got to undress her and soon we were on the bed going at it. She gives really good head and told me a few times how nice it was to have a "big cock" for a change. This didn't seem to bother Greg. He just sat and watched. Frankly, she seemed to get sort of mean with Greg. First, I don't have a big cock. It's average. But, that wasn't all. There's just a hardness to her that is both attractive and off-putting.

Danielle likes to be on top and she did most of the work. She also cums pretty easily. She climaxed a few times without much effort on my part.

Piper came in at one point and offered to give Greg a blow job while he watched. She didn't know that that seems to be off limits for Greg. Danielle immediately said "No, he just watches for now." So Piper went back to Jack and Alicia.

Don't get me wrong, Danielle is very hot and it was enjoyable. I've just never been with a couple that was into hardcore cuckolding. She humiliated Greg a few times and truth be told, at one point I started to lose my erection because of how she treated him. Greg, on the other hand, didn't seem to mind at all.

That's about it for now. See you soon.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jack, Alicia & Me

So, Steve filled you in on a portion of our latest adventure. Apparently, I'm the go-to girl for girl-girl stuff. Danielle left me hanging. Not that I minded, really. It's just that when Alicia said she was "curious," and Danielle made her feelings known, it could have been an uncomfortable situation if I wasn't up for it.

First, let me say I'm glad I didn't say no. Alicia is very cute despite her weight issues. Basically, she's got curves and is slightly overweight. It's just that thin image we see everywhere that makes her, like some women, self-conscious. Really, Alicia looks like a classic female, with an hour-glass figure.

Then there's me, with my skinny-ass, damn near boyish body. I had to tell her I wish I had her figure. That seemed to make her feel good.

Anyway, enough of that. It was very strange to be another woman's first woman, so to speak. Definitely, a little pressure. I wanted it to be good for her but, if it wasn't her thing, I wanted her to be able to say so.

We started with some non-tongue kissing and caressing. I eventually took my top off and Alicia showed a lot of interest playing with my breasts (I'm surprised she could see them). We kissed a bit more and our tongues met. She didn't pull away quickly and when she did, she came back for some more.

Now, one of the reasons I say I'm glad I did it, was Jack. As Alicia and I kissed, she placed my hand on Jack's cock. It was hard. It was big. I could not believe I was feeling what I was feeling and when he finally undressed the look on my face made Alicia giggle. I'm thinking he was nine inches if I use Steve as a guide. Steve's a healthy 6 inches and Jack was at least half again as big. I could grip this thing at its base and still get quite a mouthful.

Size has never been a big thing with me. This one just seemed out of the ordinary and a little intimidating, like it may hurt. Maybe I'm in the minority but I haven't come across many nine inch (maybe a little more) cocks.

So, anyway, now we're at the point of no return. Alicia scrambled on top of her husband, rode him for a while and then got off him. I straddled him but didn't put his cock inside me. Not yet. I'm always a bit wary at this point, when its the first time. I'm never quite sure what the significant other will do. Everything might be going fine and the idea sounds great. But, seeing your husband fuck another woman - slide his cock into her - well, sometimes that's too much reality.

Instead, I just straddled Jack, kissed him and Alicia slid her husband into me. Yes, she did it, which seemed like the best green light a girl could have. It did take time to get Jack, all of him, into me. It did hurt a little but it felt terrific as well.

When I was comfortable though, WOW! I know this isn't lady-like but the man fucked my brains out. And, Alicia's as well. It was good, it was hot and I came three or four times, easily. When we needed a break, to cool down, we gave him some head. That was fun, working on such a big cock.

While we sucked on him, I ran my hands over Alicia and she responded by doing the same. When we looked up at Jack, he had the biggest smile on his face. He really appreciated having two women at the same time and actually thanked me later for my participation and patience in their first threesome.

Oh, if you are interested I did offer to use my mouth on Alicia, whispering the offer to her. She whispered back that she wasn't ready yet. I love a girl that understands discretion.

It all started out somewhat awkward, understandably so. Towards the end we were much more comfortable and relaxed. Jack is very nice, Alicia is very sweet and all of us can't wait for the next time. Although Alicia made it quite clear that she'd like to get to know Steve better.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jack, Alicia, Danielle & Greg....and Us

Last Saturday night, (two Saturdays ago as of this writing) we moved our new relationships along.

Piper and I met Greg, Danielle, Jack and Alicia for drinks. Then, we were all invited back to Jack and Alicia's.

After a nightcap, we all began to get comfortable. The lights were low, some music was on in the background, drinks flowing freely. Finally, Jack broke the ice with a line about: "getting started and choosing up teams."

Some ground rules had previously been hinted at. For instance, Danielle has no desire, whatsoever, to be with a woman. On the other hand, Alicia piped-in and talked about being curious about being with a girl. Knowing Danielle's feelings, all eyes fell on Piper. Everyone laughed and Piper went and sat by Jack and Alicia.

Danielle, Greg and I headed off to a bedroom, but not before watching Piper and Alicia for awhile. Jack and his wife began to kiss. Piper sat next to them and at first it looked a bit awkward until Alicia invited Piper to kiss Jack. Jack made-out with both for a few minutes before giving Alicia a little peck on the lips. Jack had a huge smile on his face. I told him that I knew that look and everyone laughed.

It was slow going with those three. Alicia was curious but shy. Piper undid her blouse and took off her bra. Alicia touched one breast, then another and finally, the two really kissed. Piper, as always, was very patient and calmed Alicia's nerves with soothing talk.

Danielle soon lost interest and took me into a bedroom, followed by her husband, Greg. She was not at all nervous and we were out of our clothes momentarily. Except for Greg. I soon found out that Greg and Danielle have a little humiliation thing going on.

The truth is, it threw me. Piper and I play our games. I like it when she teases me but it's all fun and games. No hardcore stuff. Danielle and Greg? That was a little more intense.

I'll finish this encounter in our next post and have Piper fill you in on her night as well.

Have a good weekend.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Looks Like We're Back

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen. It's been awhile but I'm so happy to see some of are old friends are still around. I hope everyone is happy and healthy. I also send belated Season's Greetings to all. I hope your Holidays were as fabulous as ours.

I see my delightful husband has filled you in on some of our activities. It's always fun to spend time with our good friends, Kit and Luke. We've also been exploring some other relationships and I'll fill you in.

Since October, we've developed a friendship with two other couples: Greg and Danielle and Jack and Alicia. Greg and Danielle are a few years younger than Steve and I. Jack and Alicia are a few years older. They're nice couples who have been swinging now for a few years. We met both couples in a round-about way, through other friends.

Both couples have had good and bad experiences and were looking for a discrete and limited number of experienced "friends" to explore swinging.

We've met with both couples four or five times, out at bars and restaurants as well as at our homes. Nothing sexual has occurred. We're just feeling out each other, if you'll pardon the pun.

I'm intrigued by the possibilities of having a limited number of couples involved. I was never comfortable with anonymous, one-nighters. My enthusiasm for swinging/hot wifery also runs hot and cold, as Steve well knows. I can go for weeks and weeks and be ready to give it all up. Then, I'll suddenly be into the whole thing.

On the other hand, I am wary of becoming overly involved in any emotion-driven relationships. I do not want complications. I've taken a 'wait-and-see' attitude about this. I will admit, the get-togethers have been fun and the flirtations, which just began at our last meeting, have been polite, appropriate and not overly-familiar. People who want to be instant friends turn me off.

Greg and Danielle are a professional couple, very polished and self-confident. He's pretty damn, hot as well. He definitely works out. Dan, a brunette, has a slim, hot body as well. She's attractive but has a certain edge to her.

Jack and Alicia are different. Both are very laid back. Where Greg lives at the gym, Jack has that naturally strong, manly physique. The kind of guy who has some muscle but enjoys his beer as well. He's a guys-guy. You know, the type that looks like he can re-wire your house, fix your car and build you an addition. Alicia is very cute blond, but self-conscious of her weight. I'd describe her as big, but not over-weight, but you can't tell her that. She has the prettiest, lively eyes, a great laugh and a warm personality.

So, that's about it. We're supposed to see everyone on Saturday so we'll see how it goes.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Long Break - II...

... Or my wife's slut-fest. Continuing on with our fine evening with Luke and Kit.

Luke was all over Piper from the moment he arrived. It even made Kit smile. The guy couldn't wait to fuck Piper. In fact, Kit told me that Luke had been talking about it all day.

We hadn't poured our second drink before he had his hands on Piper. He was aggressive and she liked it as well. Even Kit got into the act, feeling Piper's ass and tits. Since I asked Piper to tease me that night, she told me I would have to watch, but not participate until she said so. Damn, that was hot.

When Luke had enough foreplay, he slapped Piper on the ass and nearly dragged her into the bedroom. Kit and I followed. Luke had his cock in Piper's mouth in no time. Kit got undressed and made out with Luke while I sat and watched. Kit said something like: "Piper's our little bitch tonight." And she was.

My wife is pretty submissive and the idea of submitting to another couple always gets her going. For me, there's something hot about seeing a girl encourage her boyfriend in fucking another girl.

Luke treated Piper like a little slut. He forced her down on her knees and pushed her pretty little head back and forth on his cock. After he told her to get undressed. She lowered her dress, slipped off her panties and tossed them to me without a glance. I pulled down my pants, took them and began to rub.

Luke had Kit get undressed as well and get on all fours. Then he told Piper: "Lick her pussy." Piper got on all fours and buried her mouth in Kit's pussy. Then, wonder of wonders, he had my wife rim his girlfriend. Piper licked around Kit's ass and then stuck her damn tongue in her ass. Nasty and hot.

Luke yanked her head up by her hair, kissed her and said, "You taste like ass, bitch."

I tell you, I was as horny as I've ever been. This was a new level of nastiness for Piper and when she looked at me I could tell the show was all for me.

"I'll lick her ass some more if you play with yourself," she said.

I did. She did.

They fucked, one on one and two on one. Towards the end, Kit and Luke greased up her ass so she could get butt-fucked and did she ever. I won't bore with the details but lets just say she was screaming into the pillow as he drove it home. She even started to tear up a bit before they got into a rhythm.

Awesome. And once again I find myself totally blown away by my darling wife and what she'll do to please me.

Later that night, when we were alone, I asked her if there was anything I could do for her. She kissed me and said, "take me out for a romantic dinner and then bring me home and make love to me. Just the two of us."

Piper's attention and devotion to our marriage is amazing.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Long Break

Hello, all. Man, did we ignore Babylon Visited. Mostly, it was just Holiday craziness and overall laziness. We had a terrific Holiday and hope you did as well (if anyone is still reading).

Everything is fine with us. No, the blog-silence was not a symptom of relationship trouble. Just....life. We've been meaning to update but it's easy to put that type of thing off day after day. If we've missed any e-mails, we apologize and will remedy that soon.

On the hotwife front we have had two fun experiences. The first was towards the end of November when Kit and Luke came over. They're our favorite couple by far and we always look forward to an evening of debauchery when they come over.

Since it had been so long since seeing Kit and Luke, Piper decided to dress for the occasion. She wore a really tight dress that showed off her lovely ass. Underneath, she wore one of my favs, garter belt and black stockings. I got to sit and watch her get ready. Very hot, as she snapped the garters into place, put on her heels and applied her makeup. We got in some naughty talk beforehand, with me asking her what she'd let Luke do to her that night. That got me very excited. Then she teased me, which I love. It's kind of our new thing.

"Luke can do whatever he wants," she said.

"Ass fuck you?"


"Pull your hair?"

"If he wants. Anything," she said. "Maybe you should just watch."

"Can I play with myself?"

"If you're good. Maybe you can jerk off with my panties after he gets me out of them."

Heaven. For being such a lady during the day my wife can be quite the slut at night, which she proved later on. The joys of marriage.

More, later.