Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hello Again

Hello dear readers! It has been a long time since I posted. Steve has sort of taken over the posting duties of late. He enjoys sharing our adventures with you and frankly, I've been enjoying the summer and not going on line much. I hope you are all happy and healthy.

I see that Steve has shared some of our vacation with you. I experienced my first femdom-ish sex this summer. It was an interesting experience. I have some mixed feelings about it which I'd like to share.

Wow, what a sense of empowerment! Knowing that Steve was so turned on and that I could have him do anything I asked him to. Afterwards, I said to him, "If I had a strap-on, I bet you would have let me fuck your ass." He thought for a second and said that honestly, he probably would have. Having that sexual power was a rush and disturbing at the same time. You can see how it can be abused. How it could go from a fun role-playing scenario to something darker, more intense.

Seeing Steve jerk off while I was with the other guys turned me on as well. It's a sexual high to know I'm like his live porn show. Not to mention the satisfying sex I had with both Ryan and Cooper. They are both hotties and know how to please a woman.

I wouldn't be against trying the femdom thing again. I wonder though, does it progress. Is the high you get the first time lessened the second time, unless you go a bit further? If I have Steve jerk off with my panties the first time, how long before I tell him to put them on? Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't but I can see how the need to up the ante could occur.

Next time around, I intend to play my typical, submissive role. Return to my comfort zone.

Also, I do intend to write more, here at Babylon Visited. The female perspective has been absent for too long.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Vacation Fun

After Cooper & Ryan left, Piper and I had a few days to ourselves. We took a ride out to Orleans, checked out antique shops and enjoyed our alone time.

Thursday, I texted Mike. Luke's kid brother, to see if he wanted to come out and have some fun. He texted back and said he couldn't right away, how was Friday? Great.

He called later to ask if he could bring his friend, Sarah. Why not?

Mike must be twenty-four now. He graduated from college a few years back. Piper and Mike have fucked before. Sarah, I didn't know but looked foward to meeting a girl cool enough to go to a hot wife get-together.

Sarah was cool. She was twenty-four, a cute, athletic blond, with a nice body and an easy-going personality. Turns out that she and Mike were more like friends-with-benefits than actually dating, although I got the impression she would like to be more than that with Mike.

It was a hot day and Sarah and Piper were hanging out in nice, tight little shorts and tight, little shirts (a T for Piper and a tank top for Sarah). Very nice.

I looked forward to Mike fucking Piper. It's a major turn-on knowing that Piper has fucked brothers. Don't know why that is. Probably because it sounds so slutty.

When night came, and things cooled down, we had a few drinks before getting started. I had no idea to what extent Sarah wanted to play so I was not aggresive at all. Mike sat on the couch. I turned down the lights and Piper got on her knees, unzipped Mike's pants and started blowing him. I watched Sarah and she had a big grin on her face, like she was fascinated by what she was seeing. That was a good sign.

"They look hot together," she said. She saw I agreed because I was rubbing my cock.

Piper pulled his pants off so Mike could be comfortable and continued to give him great head.Sarah moved to the couch and sat next to Mike, kissed him, and asked if she could have some. Mike eagerly agreed. Sarah put her head in Mike's lap and started to suck him, trading on and off with Piper. Piper finally stood up and shed her clothes, except for her cute, little thong. I stripped down and Piper suggested we move to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Sarah watched as Mike fucked Piper. Sarah urged him on."Suck his cock," she said. Mike slide out of Piper's juicy pussy and Piper licked it clean.Piper looked over at Sarah and said: "Aren't you uncomfortable in all those clothes?"

Sarah took off her top and her shorts, revealing a sexy bra and thong.

"You want two girls?" Asked Sarah teasingly. "

Fuck yes," Mike answered.

Sarah and Piper lay on the bed licking and sucking Mike. I was so damn hard at this point. Piper looked over and smiled. "I think my husband needs some attention.""Come on over," said Sarah. I asked Mike if it was OK and he nodded, preoccupied with his cock stuffed in Piper's moouth.

Sarah went down on me and she was pretty good. A little too fast and furious at times, but when she slowed down, it felt great.We ended up fucking, next to Piper and Mike. I was ready to cum when Sarah asked me not to cum inside of her. I pulled out and Piper put my cock in her mouth. I exploded in her mouth and she was able to down most of it. Some dribbled out.

Mike, Piper and Sarah continued to fuck for a long, long time. There wasn't much girl/girl action, unfortunately. Sarah gave Piper's ass a few little smacks, Piper briefly licked one of Sarah's tits and they kissed once or twice, but I don't think any tongue was involved. I actually left and went to watch television for a while. Sarah is about twelve years younger than me. I hate to admit it, but I can't keep up with a girl that much younger. They have crazy energy. She really wore me out.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sun, Sand & Sex - Part Three

Cooper came to our bedroom. I like watching Piper and Cooper because they have been partners for some time and have great chemistry. Ryan is still nervous and shy. Cooper knows what he wants and gets it.

"Hey, Baby," said Piper, in a soft, sexy voice. "Come for your turn?"

"Did you save the best for last?"

"I did."

"What can I do for you, Babe?"

"You can use me like a whore."

"Steve, you want a piece?"

Piper laughed and said: "He's going to watch and beat off."

"Fuck her like a whore," I said. "Make her do shit."

I stood, cock in hand, as Cooper abused my wife. She wanted to be a whore and she got what she wanted. She licked ass and balls, got her own ass slapped a few times and Cooper fucked her brains out. He tried to butt fuck her but she had trouble taking him into her ass, due to his size. I lubed her up and Cooper really tried to force his way in but she shouted and started to cry. She tried though and was a real trooper. Instead, he had her lick his ass some more. Then, he positioned her on the edge of the bed, held her by her ankles and fucked her hard until she came, two or three times.

He pulled out and told her to get on her knees. "I'm going to cum all over your face, bitch."

She looked up and waited. He finally dumped what looked like a bucket of sperm all over her face. There was a big glob of it on her chin and cheek that dripped to the floor. He forced her head down and had her slurp it up.

"Now thank me, bitch."

"Thank you," she said.

"That wasn't too over the line?"

She started to laugh. "I asked for it. You could be a gentleman and get me a towel."

Cooper left after getting her a towel and we were alone.

Piper asked me if I wanted to cum.

"Jerk yourself off," she said. "I want to see you cum."

A few yanks later, I exploded. Damn, it was good. She was terrific.

I don't want to be submissive like that all the time, or even every now and then, but it was a lot of fun for both of us, this little role reversal.

"How was that?"

"Awesome," I said. Then, she wanted to cuddle and she was my cute, sweet wife again.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sun, Sand & Sex - Part Two

Piper napped longer than I thought she would. When she came downstairs, all of us men were already pleasantly buzzed after a few beers. We brought the party down to the beach for a few hours. We talked, swam briefly (water cold) and then went back to the house. We ate and drank some more until the sun went down.

Piper was going to take a shower and said the guys would have to as well before anything happened.

"Ryan can join me first if he wants."

She asked me to start the shower for her. While I was in there she stripped down and stepped in.

"Send in Ryan and then Cooper."

"Can I watch?"

"No," she said. "Not this time."

Ryan joined her and then went straight to his bedroom. Cooper then went in. They were in there a long time before he emerged. She told him to go hang for a while. Then, Piper and I went into the bedroom.

"You can watch while I get ready."

I sat on the bed while Piper dried her hair. She let her towel fall to the ground and pulled out a few things to wear. She chose some blue boy shorts and a tight, little tee shirt. She pulled out her ankle bracelet and had me put it on her. She looked great.

"How about some heels?"

She looked in the closet and pulled out a pair of heels and put them on.

"Why don't you go get one of the guys."

I went downstairs and found Ryan watching television. I invited him upstairs.

Piper greeted Ryan with a big kiss. He ran his hands all over her tight little body and began to pull her shorts off.

She told me to get undressed and I did.

"Stand right here," she said, pointing at the bedside. "Don't touch yourself until I tell you."

Piper and Ryan began to make out and she soon had his cock in her mouth. She gave him a nice, slow, sloppy,blowjob. At times she'd look at me and grin.

It wasn't long before they started to fuck. Ryan pounded the hell out of her. I mean he fucked her silly. It wasn't a long fuck session though. It may have gone on for twenty minutes before she jerked him off and he shot his load on her stomach and tits.

Ryan thanked her and left. I got her a towel and she cleaned herself up. Afterwards, she laid on her stomach and talked to me.

"Did you like that?"

"Yes," I said.

"Do you want to jerk off after watching me?"

"Yes. Real bad."

"Say please."

"Please let me jerk off."

"You can touch yourself now but don't cum. I want you to watch Cooper fuck me."

She looked away, as if disinterested; bored.

"Are you done yet," she asked. "I want Cooper to fuck me."

"Please, can I keep going? Tell me what you are going to do to Cooper."

She sighed. "First off, suck and lick that big cock of his. Lick his balls. I like having his balls in my mouth."

"What else?"

"Hmmm. Maybe I'll rim him. I like rimming Luke and Kit. Does that turn you on?"

I jerked my cock faster and faster. She laughed. "I guess so. You like it when I'm a whore, don't you?"

All I could do was nod.

"You'd like to see me fuck a whole bunch of guys this week, wouldn't you."

"Oh God, yes!"

"How many should I fuck? Can you call some more guys to come out?"

"Yes. Do you want that?"

"Maybe. Now go get Cooper."

"Will you let him butt-fuck you?"

"Do you want to see him butt-fuck me? He's big. I don't know."

"I'd love it."

"Stop playing with yourself and go get him."

I went to get Cooper.

To Be Continued.....

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sun, Sand & Sex

It's July, which means vacation time and play time. We took our usual week off on the Cape and tried to make up for a slow few months.

Our first day was relaxing but nothing much happened. The house has been in Piper's family for ever and while we usually get this week to ourselves, Piper's sister was with us for the first two days.

I knew this before we went and pouted a bit. Piper asked me what was wrong.

"You can't be the house slut if your sister is there."

"Only for a few days, sweetie."

"You up for being slutty this week?"

"You want me to be slutty?"

I nodded and she kissed me.

"You're so bad," she said. Little did I know she would turn the tables on me.

We needed guys so Piper could actually be a slut. We found them in Cooper, his friend Ryan as well as a few others later in the week.

Cooper and Ryan arrived first, just as Piper's sister was leaving. Just as she pulled out of the driveway, Piper came out of the bedroom in a little pink bikini. Now, I know I am biased, but Piper has a terrific bikini body, with her great legs and ass as well as her flat tummy.

She stretched out on the upper deck, just outside our bedroom, to catch some sun. Ryan volunteered to help her with sun block and in a few minutes my wife was getting a pretty good massage. Ryan lathered up her back side and Cooper volunteered to do the front.

As Ryan stepped away, we all could see he had a major hard-on but that was fine because we all did. Piper saw all of us pitching tents and smiled. While Cooper did her front, Ryan and I watched. Afterwards, with all three of us turned on, Piper rolled over and soaked up some sun, well aware of the tension she was building.

I got the guys beer and we sat on the deck, talked, and watched my beautiful wife sun herself. Eventually, Ryan, who was the youngest one amongst us, couldn't take it. He sat down on the deck and ran his hands over Piper's ass.

"You mind?" he asked.

She just looked over her shoulder and smiled.

Ryan rubbed Piper's back and started to give her a message. She enjoyed it and enjoyed teasing us even more. Cooper took Ryan's place and continued the massage for a while then I did took his place.

I was enjoying the show and the tease and I whispered into her ear, "I want you to tease me."

I rubbed her back for a while.

"Can.I touch your ass?"

"Not right now," she said. "Ryan can, though."

Ryan reach down and while I rubbed her back Ryan felt her ass for a while.

"Please, can I touch your ass?"

Piper looked over her shoulder at me and asked Cooper to continue what Ryan was doing. It gave me a raging hard-on and she knew it.

She told me to sit back as she asked the other two to massage her some more.

From time to time she looked over at me with a dismissive grin.

"Can I play with myself?" I asked.

Piper turned her head, looked at my bulging shorts and didn't say anything.

Finally she told me to go into the bed room and get undressed. "But don't touch yourself," she added.

I went inside and waited for what seemed like forever. I heard them talking and I heard Piper enjoying her rub down. Great stuff. To be honest, I have never really been into this type of thing and Piper usually plays the submissive. This was kind of new to both of us but it was great fun and a major turn on.

After about fifteen minutes she came into the bedroom and told me to go get the guys some beer and to get her a glass of wine. I went downstairs and came back with both and brought it out onto the deck and handed them out.

"Thanks," she said. She then took me back to the bedroom and handed me one of her thongs.

"Play with my panties. But don't cum."

I sat on the bed and rubbed the silk over my cock until all of them came inside the house.

She told me to get dressed and told all of us to leave while she took a nap. She said she would need her energy for later.

Cooper and Ryan left first and Piper put her arms around my neck.

"Was that OK?"

"That," I said was great.

"You're good with it. You're not getting mad?


"Good," she said. "I'm not sure I'm good at playing the teasing bitch."

"Trust me," I said. "It's a lot of fun."

To Be Continued.....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Interview Continued

My interview with the Hottest Hot Wife continues.

Steve: So, oral sex. Your thoughts?

Piper: Oral is great. A perfect blend of being submissive and dominant. I love being on my knees, taking a cock into my mouth. I love it when he has his hand on the back of my head or pulls my hair. I love looking up at him. On the other hand, his pleasure is in your hands, or mouth, I should say. Its a great turn on. Its also something most girls should be able to do reasonably well. Isn't it like beer: Even when its bad people still drink it?

Steve: Blow Jobs can be bad. Rare, but not unheard of. Usually its the teeth.

Piper: Ouch. Its probably the equivalent of a guy with rough, five o'clock shadow going down on you. Scratchy.

Steve: Would you rather give or receive?

Piper: Give, definitely.

Steve: And swallow?

Piper: I don't mind swallowing. It's not something I love, though. I think that's a porn trope. I never met a girl who loved the taste of cum. For the girls who don't like cum its more a consistency thing rather than taste. I do like it to be warm. Don't you remember that time when Luke, I think it was, came on me and then not less than half a minute later scooped some up and put it in my mouth?

Steve: Yes, you gagged.

Piper: It was already cold. Yuck.

Steve: Does size matter?

Piper: Of course not. I married you, didn't I.

Steve: Ouch.

Piper: Just kidding. Not really. Just at the extremes. Too big or too small, but a cock has to be really big or really small. Honestly, I can't remember anyone that was too small. You have a great cock. A great length and width for everything.

Steve: What's the biggest cock you've ever had?

Piper: Probably Cooper or Jake. They're both close to nine inches, if not slightly more. They feel great but I can't deep throat them, and anal is tricky. I think women focus on breast size more than men and men focus on cock size way more than women.

Steve: Moving on: Girls?

Piper: Yes.

Steve: You like?

Piper: We've discussed this before. It's a complicated question. Have I enjoyed being with women? Yes. there's been women I've had a crush on. I know a lot of women who've had a girl crush or two. I can also do the faux-lesbian thing, for you, for insistence. Because, like many of us, I'm not hung-up on labels and women are soft and nice.

Steve: But you don't consider yourself bisexual?

Piper: If the only criteria for that label is licking pussy, then yes. But, what if I never do that again. Am I still bisexual twenty years from now? .A majority of my female friends have had some type girl-girl experience, from a harmless crush to a kiss to sex. Usually, its been a one or two time thing. Does getting drunk once or twice make you an alcoholic?

Steve: I hope not.

Piper: So, I get that its easy for people to label and categorize but people are more complicated. And, I have done it for you at times. Calling that bisexual bothers me because it feels like it does a disservice to those in committed, same-sex relationships that have suffered discrimination from society or have been rejected by their families. Turning on my husband by playing with another girl falls really short of that. If it turns you on to describe me as bi, knock yourself out.

Steve: All good points. I think men do see things in black and white sometimes because it is easier. Now, how do you feel about being a Hot Wife?

Piper: I love it. It makes me feel sexy. You get turned on and I get to sample different guys. What's not to like?

Steve: Thanks babe. You're the best.

Piper: Welcome, sweetie.

Steve: Want to have sex?

Piper: Lets see what's on television.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Numbers Game

The other night the conversation turned to the number of sexual partners we have had since we started Babylon Visited. Since the idea of my wife being with lots of men is a major turn-on, the more the better. I never did a formal headcount, if you'll pardon the pun.

What would be a good number for a respectable Hotwife/Hot Girlfriend over the course of 3 years? I have no idea. Since I'm a baseball nut and I love statistics, I thought I'd go back and try to compile Piper's lifetime, Hotwife statistics since Babylon Visited started. Below, we have each encounter and each individual partner is highlighted once.



Steve, Kit, Luke



Kit, Steve Piper, Luke


Aaron, Jason, Piper, Steve

So, for example, in 2008, Piper had seven Hotwife/Swing encounters involving 6 individuals, five men and one woman. Three of those encounters involved group sex.


Dale, Michael, Keith, Luke, Aaron, Jason



Lea, Steve, Piper



Steve, Stacy, Piper

Mike II


Luke, Kit, PiperJack, Alicia, PiperCooper

Luke, Dale

Kit, Luke, Piper, Aaron, Jason, Paul, Steve, Mike

Lea, Piper, Steve

Lea, Luke, Piper

Cooper, Ryan


Piper: You realize this is self-indulgent, even for us?

Steve: True, but it'll be fun. What's your biggest turn-on?

Piper: Getting you hot is my biggest turn-on. After that, getting other partners hot. I love knowing I'm turning someone on and then I love pleasing them.

Steve: Not a cock tease.

Piper: No, I never got off on leaving a guy hanging. If I am privileged enough to get a man's attention, I'm not going to lead him on. Flirting is fun but I like to think I never lead a guy to think he was getting something. Some girls do, but not me.

Steve: On a scale of one to ten, how much do you enjoy sex?

Piper: Ten. With you, eleven.

Steve: Good answer.

Piper: Thanks.

Steve: Describe your bedroom personality.

Piper: I'm pretty submissive. I let others take charge. I like being told what to do. If someone tells me what they want, I'll basically do it for them, with some exceptions.

Steve: Like what?

Piper: No one underage, no animals, no bondage, S&M, that type of thing. I'm not in to that. Food is out. Don't like mixing sex and food. I kind of get grossed out when I see a movie where a couple breaks out the whipped cream. Save it for the ice cream, or brownies.

Steve: What's your hottest sexual experience?

Piper: Whenever we make love.

Steve: Another great answer. After that?

Piper: I remember a particular threesome, with you and Luke where I was double penetrated. I think I came five or six times and each one was extremely intense.

Steve: Is he your favorite partner?

Piper: After you, probably. He's got a great, big cock and he treats me like such a slut.

Steve: Do you like that?

Piper: .Most of the time I do. It depends on my mood.

Steve: Do you enjoy DP's.

Piper: When they're done right. You have to have the right guys. You have to start slow and then get a rhythm going. Then it can be one of the most intense experiences ever. Climaxing with a cock in your ass is incredible.

Steve: Lets talk oral.

Piper: Lets.

To Be Continued...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Married Friends

Around a year ago, it could be longer, we planned to get together with two other married couples: Jack & Alicia and Greg & Danielle. We thought it would be good to have regular get-togethers with people in otherwise-committed relationships: People with the same scheduling obstacles who would understand our scheduling difficulties.

We experienced more difficulties than we ever expected. That's why we've gotten together exactly twice in over a year. The first time was for drinks, to get to know one another better and the second time was for some play.

We finally got together again, after all this time.

You can find the post about our original encounter or I can sum up. Danielle is a pretty, professional business woman who enjoys having a submissive husband, Greg. Alicia and Jack are a fun, couple. Last time, I was with Danielle (someone said I was the Bull) while Piper was with Jack, his huge cock, and Alicia. Alicia was bi-curious and while Danielle is not, Piper helped satisfy some of Alicia's curiosities, but not all of them.

That's the short version. For more, see our posts from February, March and April 2010.

Last weekend we got an invite to Jack & Alicia's, along with Greg and Danielle. This also means I get to indulge in one of my favorite pastimes: Watching my wife ready herself for sex. Love it! Love watching her do her hair, love watching her put on her makeup. Love watching her do that while she's in her stocking, panties and bra - or whatever she will be wearing under her outfit. This time it was black, lacy boyshorts, stockings and bra, with a hot pair of heels. She knows I love it so I think she sometimes takes her time getting ready.

We got to Jack and Alicia's around 8:00PM and Greg and Danielle were already there. We had a few drinks and got caught up. Then the fun began.

Danielle is not into girls and she hasn't actually let her husband fool around, so it does limit our options. Danielle never got to experience Jack's big cock last time and she wanted it this time. That left me with Piper and Alicia. Greg was told he had to watch Danielle.

Alicia was still interested in exploring her bi-side and willing to go a bit further. Piper is so good at that type of thing. She's so patient and giving. She let Alicia explore her body, play with her tits and kiss her, all at Alicia's own pace. It was hot to watch but I couldn't stay on the sidelines for long.

I laid down and Alicia lowered her mouth to my cock. Piper laid down next to me and started kissing me. If you've never had another man's wife blow you while your own wife smiled at your pleasure, you haven't really lived. Alicia gave good head, rivaling Piper or Kit in skill level. She moved aside so Piper could take me in her mouth and the two women really new how to share.

Piper began to rub Alicia's pussy, hesitant at first but Alicia was fine with it. Then, my wonderful wife volunteered to lick Alicia's pussy, something Alicia has never done. Alicia agreed to it and Piper got behind Alicia as Alicia continued to suck me.

After awhile, Alicia forget about me and was enjoying Piper's tongue. Now, I'll veer off for a bit. At first, Alicia looked like she wasn't quite sure if she should be enjoying another woman. I think Piper's mouth skills are really too much for anyone, and soon, Alicia was moaning and groaning. It's a funny thing, but I once referred to Piper as Bisexual. She didn't get mad, per se, but denied the characterization.

"But you eat pussy," I said, and enjoy it.

"So," she said, defensively.

"So, you're bisexual."

"No, I just don't get hung-up on labels."

"What if I sucked dick?"

"Then you'd definitely be bi."

So, even Piper, who has been with ten or twelve or fifteen women off and on for the past 15 years, is uncomfortable with the label. Or, doesn't see herself as part of a particular group based upon an act. It's got to be a female, sexual spectrum thing. Visiting Budapest a few times and loving it doesn't make you Hungarian, I guess."

Alicia had a good time with her first woman. She was only on the receiving end, but she came a few times and was able to relax. Piper's always great at making people feel comfortable in any situation. She has an easy grace and warmth about her that puts people at their ease quickly. Not to mention she's very sweet, without a nasty bone in her body.

I went down on Alicia as well, along with Piper. It's a hot thing to share a pussy with your wife. A very hot thing. We got some good sex in over the course of the night. It was very easy-going and fun. Nothing too heavy or serious. Really, a great time.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Quick Note

I want to take the time to thank all of you that still stop by. I also want to thank those that have e-mailed me recently, if the past few months can be considered recent. Thanks, all of you. Most of the e-mails are very sweet.

I used to respond to every e-mail. Sad to say, I don't respond at all anymore, unless it's a fellow blog friend. It's nothing personal, so don't think I'm being rude. It's just that lately, I've taken a step back from being wired, plugged in, technofied.

I spend a lot less time on the computer, with e-mails, cell phones. I rarely text now, I'm not on Face Book and I no longer feel the need to answer the damn phone every time it rings. And you know what? I'm happier, more relaxed and I love it.

Luddite? No! I do appreciate technology and all it can offer. It just seems we've gotten a bit carried away. I mean, answering your cell phone while you're talking face to face with someone? Really?

I'm rambling, as usual.

As an aside, where have all the bloggers gone? I miss my old pals that used to line the right side of our page. So many have closed-up shop. I miss them. Please, let me know if you've discovered any, new promising blogs out there. Podcasts are fun but blogging is its own art form and when done well, highly entertaining.

See you soon.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Monogamous Hot Wife - Part II

So, moving on. My second part on how to be a monogamous hotwife or, better still, your husband/boyfriend fantasy.We covered some of the trappings in the last post. Now we get down to it. Sex! I love baseball. I started watching games when I was a young lass and still do. So please forgive the baseball analogies. They may crop up from time to time.

Oral Sex:

If you don't do it, it'll will be hard to become your husband's bedroom fantasy. If you do it without enthusiasm, it's almost as bad not doing it at all. I'm lucky in that regard. I love giving head. I love the excitement it creates in Steve and in turn, I got really excited. There's been a few times when I've sucked on him for fifteen or twenty minutes before sex. And I could have gone longer but he couldn't. The bottom line is, if you're a sex goddess that doesn't give blowjobs, you're one in a million. It really is a big part of the repertoire.

Besides, all men love it when you suck them off. Well, not all.

Once, in college, I was with a guy in his room. We were making out, getting hot and heavy, when I started to unzip his pants. I started to lower my head when he stopped me. "You don't have to do that," he said.

"I want to," I said, wondering what was wrong with me. "I want to suck it."

He looked at me and said, "Don't degrade yourself."

Makes you wonder if he became one of those closeted right-wingers that leads an anti-homosexual group. Anyway, that night ended abruptly.

I digress. Point is, bring your blowjob A-Game to the bedroom. He'll appreciated it. If you like swallowing or don't mind it, and have never done it because he's to self-conscious to ask, do it. It will blow his mind. Another anecdote if you please. I once dated a guy (Steve and I were on a break many Moons ago). The sex was great, he was open-minded, adventuresome and a great guy. Well, one night we had sex. We fucked and then would try some oral, fuck some more and then go back to oral. When he was in my mouth and getting close, he would always worn me and I always stopped and we'd start fucking again. One night, he warned me, warned me again and I just kept going until he exploded in my mouth. It did blow his mind and I received numerous accolades and heard "Thank You" about ten times that night.

If you just can't swallow, let him cum in your mouth and then discretely dispose of his deposit. If you just can't do that, try having him cum on your face. I don't understand why some woman think it's degrading. I guarantee that he's not laying there thinking, "I'm going to blow my load in her mouth (or on her face) because I don't respect her." I think he's saying, "Damn, she just let me cum in her mouth. She's awesome."


There are a lot of positions for sex. In my opinion, you only need three. The classics: missionary, woman-on-top and doggy style. That's it. That's all you need. It's like your fastball, curve and off-speed pitch. A top flight pitcher needs more than one pitch and you need more than one position. There are others of course, reverse cowgirl comes to mind, but the main three will do the trick. No one needs a position that can throw your back out or cause cramping. All three classic positions are great and have advantages and drawbacks. That's why mixing it up is fun and satisfying.

Anal :

This is a tricky one. It's one of those things that creates two general camps: Those that like it and those that don't. I've met a few girls who say they don't mind it but are not really in to anal, but those are few and far between. Most like it or are turned off, for a variety of reasons.

If this isn't your thing, I'm not going to change your mind. Nor do I want to change your mind. If you are into it -and he doesn't know that (maybe its early in the relationship or he's to self-conscious to bring it up) it will be another mind-blower.

Testing the waters:

So, you don't want to become a Hot Wife or you're not sure. Or you and your husband discuss it but don't know if the reality will come close to the fantasy. Test the waters a bit while remaining faithful. Go out on the town and flirt while your husband watches you. If he likes it, great. If he experiences pangs of jealousy, well then, you've gone as far as you can go.

Now, some of you may be saying: Why am I doing it all? What about what I need? That's not my point. This is about him and his needs, wants, desires and becoming his fantasy, if you suspect you're not his fantasy. Your needs should also be discussed and addressed as well. It's just not the topic today.

This is just my two-cents. Let me know if you try any of this and how it goes.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Monogamous Hotwife

Hey, everyone! Long time no blogging. I hope you are all well and happy.

Every now and then I'll get an e-mail asking me for advice, usually of a sexual nature. Usually it's a woman wondering how she can turn her man on, rekindle the passion or be that sex goddess she knows she can be. I suppose it comes with the blog. Well, here's a little secret: I am no expert - at all. I have no better insight into men than your average gal. Sometimes, I feel like I have less than average. That happens at least once a day (twice a day during football season).

I'm also not the sexy, sultry type. I'm practically flat-chested, my hips aren't that wide and every now and then I almost fall flat on my face when I'm in heels. When I see a lady with one of those hour glass figures I think, 'There's a WOMAN' and I'm just a silly girl. I'm just not the type that can wrap a man around her finger. To sum up, consider this advice from a non-expert.

Some e-mails specifically ask about being a hotwife, mostly from women that doubt they could go through with it, despite being curious about the lifestyle. So, I thought, hey, why not write a post about how to be a hot wife, but not a Hotwife? Be that super-slut and monogamous. I've written this stuff before but maybe not in one place. Take it for what it's worth. Just a few thoughts and idea based upon some observations. It might not be for everyone or anyone. You might know all this already and it's useless. Or, maybe something here will spark an idea or two. Please add any thoughts or ideas. I'd love to hear them.

First, the easy stuff:

1) Visual Cues - Most men respond strongly to visual cues, much more so than we do. That's just a fact of life. You may as well use it. If you don't have any lingerie, remedy that situation. And I don't mean a silky, comfy nightie. I mean some garters, a corset a merry widow. If it takes more than five minutes to put on, we're on the right track.

If you're like me, you don't use a lot of makeup on a day to day basis. Go heavy on the war paint some night, especially around the eyes. I'm not saying put it on with a putty knife but going a bit heavy on the eye liner can get your guy's attention.

Walking in the bedroom in a pair of heels can wake up the sleepiest guy. You have a pair in your closet, put them on. You may want to keep them on when the action starts or you may not. I think I almost impaled Steve one night, but you may be more coordinated than I am.

When you change your hairstyle you can really change your look. Men crave variety, so try a new look. And I don't mean one of those practical Mom looks. When I put a blond streak in my hair one time, Steve loved it.

2) Verbal - I felt uncomfortable the first few times I used "naughty talk." It made me self-conscious, like I was playing a role and not doing a very good job. Well, if you're man is like mine, he won't even notice. I mean really, I have a guy that can appreciate great cinema but if he had his choice would watch grade B zombie flicks. So, when you play the part of the wanton woman, don't expect a critique. Toss in a "fuck me," from time to time. Or better yet, "fuck me from behind" (see my section on Positions in my next post). "God, your cock is big," is a nice one too.* Have a few lines handy. No, we're not porn stars but if your man watches some porn, he likes it and I bet he likes the dirty talk. There's nothing wrong with playing the part from time to time.

3) Fantasy Talk - If you are like us, there's a lot of talking going on in the bedroom. Sometimes we like to talk about our fantasies. I'll talk about what Steve likes and he'll talk about what I like. It's very different. While I'm telling him about how I'd love to have him watch while I get gang banged, he's telling me about our romantic night on a tropical island. But, it's fun as long as you both let go and realize its fantasy.

Ask your guy if he ever fantasizes about having another woman in bed. Go with it. Tell him how you'd like to join in. It may be the furthest thing from your idea of a good time but so what? Half the men I know unabashedly admit they like the "girl-girl" thing. I'm betting a good majority of the remainder like it as well. Plus, if you plant the seed that you may just be a little bi-curious, it will create a little sexual mystery about you.

Of course, it is important to be very non-judgmental** in all of this. You can't ask him to verbalize a fantasy and then obsess about it afterwards. "Why does he want to do a threesome? Aren't I enough?" Relax, it's a fantasy. You are enough or he wouldn't be with you. But he probably already has that fantasy anyway, whether he verbalizes it or not, so where's that get you. You may as well go with it.

This is getting long so I'll do a two-parter. Next, we'll get down to the nitty-gritty.

* "God you're big," should only be used with men who are slightly below average in size and up. If the guy is really small, it'll just sound stupid.

** Being non-judgmental has its limits. I pride myself on taking a live-and-let-live attitude but really. If he starts to fantasize about animals, kids, Rosie O'Donnell or Newt Gingrich you may want to schedule an appointment for him.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy New Year

It has been a few months so Happy New Year to all that may still read us.

We had some more more Hot Wife fun last weekend. We usually do something wild for New Years but we actually laid low for the Holiday. Stayed in, watched a few flicks and chilled out. We made up for it last weekend. This time we went out and met up with some people. Some we knew, like our good friend Cooper, some were friends of friends that we didn't know. We went to a club and the drinks and fun flowed nicely.

My beautiful bride wore this kick-ass outfit: A short, tight dress that had more than a few guys staring at her. Very hot, especially with the heels and anklet. She thought she looked too slutty but wore it because I said I like it way too much for her to change.

During the course of the night some of the patrons acted like children. This happens sometimes and it makes me laugh. One guy got pissed off when another kept on checking out his girl. Words were exchanged and it almost came to blows. These were not people with us, just fellow patrons. I find it funny because I love it when guys check out Piper and more than a few did that night. I saw two particular guys who could barely take their eyes off her and her cute, little ass. It was hot.

It was also funny because at the same time the two jerks began exchanging words, Piper was dancing with Cooper and his friend, Ryan. She was between the two of them and Cooper would, from time to time, run his hands over her hips and down to her ass. Ryan grabbed a feel as well but he was much more restrained. He would only lower his hand just below the small of her back, almost touch her ass, but not quite. He was taken with her though.

I'm fascinated the way some men get crazy when another man admires his lady. Really? Is it that big a deal? I'm not talking about lengthy, uncomfortable, stalkerish behavior. I'm talking about a glance or two, almost involuntary for many men, when an attractive woman walks by.

I'm not suggesting every man should get off by sharing his wife or girlfriend with other men, like I do. I'm just wondering why the craziness when your woman gets an appreciative glance or two from strangers?

Anyway, we partied for a few hours and Piper danced, flirted and enjoyed the attention of both Cooper and Ryan. When she came to sit next to me I asked her if she liked Ryan. I knew he was her 'type.' Kind of rugged, not a pretty guy, with a few extra pounds. I should know. I used to be her 'type.' Then, I lost 15 pounds when my doctor said I was 10 pounds overweight.

She thought he was cute and nice. I suggested we invent them back to the house. She told me to get her another drink and "we'll see."

It was getting late so I told Cooper we'd be leaving. He looked disappointed but then I invited him back to the house. I said Ryan could come along as well. We drove back and I was excited. They thought of Piper fucking a new guy drove me crazy.

We got to our house and had a nightcap. We put on some music and turned down the lights. Piper and Cooper started slow dancing while Ryan and I had some wine. He turned out to be a cool guy. A big hockey fan like yours truly.

When I looked up, Piper and Cooper were dancing and kissing. He had his hands on her ass and she was rubbing his cock. I smiled. Ryan was somewhat shocked and looked at me.

"We swing," was all I could say.

Piper took Cooper by the hand and they went to the guest room. I poured some more wine for Ryan and I and waited a few minutes. When I poked my head in the bedroom, Piper was on her knees, blowing Cooper. He had a big smile on his face and held up his wine glass to me.

"Much obliged," he said.

"Any time."

Ryan and I drank some more while we listened to Piper and Cooper. I knew Ryan was excited when we heard Piper: "Fuck me. Fuck me. God you're so big...."

I told him to go check her out. He looked embarrassed but couldn't help himself. When he didn't come back I wandered down the hall and so him in the doorway, watching.

Piper was on her hands and knees, getting it from behind.

"Can Ryan be next," I asked.

Piper looked up and nodded. She was too distracted to speak but I took that as a green light.

Ryan and I waited patiently until Cooper came out of the bedroom. I brought Ryan to my beautiful bride. She was on the bed, naked except for those great high heels. When Ryan walked in, she smiled and motioned him over to the bed. I had to go hunt down a condom. Cooper has certain privileges based on a longstanding relationship that Ryan hasn't earned.

I finally found one and got back to see Ryan with his cock in Piper's mouth. I handed him the condom and left them alone.

They were busy for a long time. Cooper and I watched Zombie Land while Ryan and Piper fucked. He must have really given it to her good because at one point it sounded like he was killing her. The screams were disturbing. I finally went to check it out. Ryan was on top of Piper, her head was slamming into the headboard and her hot high heels were high in the air. Then she came like a wild cat. I understood the screams when Ryan pulled out of her. The boy is huge. Bigger than Luke and that's saying something. The dude was thick and long.

Piper later said that when he came the condom was loaded with cum.

They boys crashed with us for the night. When I went to bed, Piper was sound asleep and didn't wake up until late the next morning. Ryan and Cooper had left by then but she seemed interested in seeing Ryan again. It's always cool to add a good guy to her list. Compared to last year, she hasn't been with many men at all. Just a few old friends here and there. I'd love to pick up the pace a bit and add some more charms to her anklet.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Tuesday Night

Lea left for a few nights but returned on Tuesday. We decided to have Luke and Kit over so they could party with Lea as well. After all, we didn't want to keep her all to ourselves. She is one hot, little redhead.

Luke and Kit wanted to hook up before Lea had to leave and although we were trying to plan a New Year's Eve party, Luke didn't want to wait that long.

He and Kit arrived around 9:00PM. Luke was in his typically aggressive, mood and immediately began flirting with the ladies. He wanted a threesome with Lea and me. Kit and Steve were suppose to watch.

I pulled Steve aside and asked him how he felt about just watching. He smiled and kissed me.

"You know I love it. Will you tease me?"

I put my arms around him. "Like look at you as your bride sucks Luke's big cock?"


"Like tell you when you can jerk off?"


"Like let you play with my panties?"

"Damn, yeah!"

"Ok," I said. "Be careful what you wish for. Now sit down and watch. And don't touch yourself until I say so." Steve went to grab my ass but I pushed his hand away. "No, that's for Luke." It was only fair. While I spent most of the week running errands for our Christmas preparations, Steve spent most of the week fucking Lea.

Luke told me to put on something hot. I went to the bedroom and looked for my merry widow but I couldn't find the darn thing. Instead, I put on a black, satin bodice I recently got from Victoria's Secret, a thong, stocking, heels and, because both Steve and Luke find them hot, my ankle bracelet.

I figured Lea and I would shower attention down on Luke. My mistake. Instead, they decided I would be the center of attention. When I walked into the family room, Luke said: "Here's our little fuck toy. Get over here."

Luke stood in front of me and pushed me down on to my knees. Lea stood behind me and yanked my head back and forth while I sucked Luke. Boy, was he hard. You know how there's hard and then there's hard? He seemed so hard. And he's so big and thick that I sometimes gag going down on him.

Lea took my thong off. I walked over to Steve and told him he could get undressed. Then, I asked him if he wanted to sniff my panties. He said yes, he did.

"How bad?"


"You like the smell of pussy?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Say please."

"Please, can I smell your panties."

I handed my thong to Steve. "Just smell them. Nothing else right now." I walked back to the fray. I was told to keep sucking on Luke. Lea went in to Kit and Luke's goodie bag and pulled out a butt plug, not something I've really done. So, while I continued to blow Luke, Lea slowly slid the butt plug into my ass.

Lea slapped my ass. "Don't take it out until I say so, bitch." I kept it in. It felt weird, not unpleasant, but strange to have something up there that wasn't a cock sliding in and out of me.

Lea and I took turns sucking Luke until he laid me on the couch and entered me. He fucked me so hard and I came rapidly from being so excited. I would occasionally look at Steve. I know he wanted to jerk off badly but he seemed to enjoy being teased. So, when Luke was done with me for the time being, I sat down next to Steve.

"Do you want to play with my panties?" Steve wrapped his cock in my thong and began to rub.

Lea, Luke and I played together for awhile, sharing each other. Then, Luke got me on all fours, facing Steve. He slipped the butt plug out and replaced it with his cock. It hurt for a minute or two but soon he was sliding in and out of me with no problem. I stared at Steve as he watched me get it in the ass. Luke came and my ass was filled with his warm sperm.

When I eventually stood up, Kit and Lea started to laugh at me. I had cum dripping out of my ass. I walked over to Steve and watched as he shot his load all over his stomach.

A good evening for all.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and we'll be back soon.