Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Lea is here through New Years. Piper approached me on Sunday and said something along the lines of, "You can say no, but can Lea stay here for a few nights?"

Right, like I'm going to say no.

Lea won't be here the entire time. She'll be with her folks. But, they have a bunch of people staying with them off and on for the next two weeks so Piper offered our guest bedroom and Lea accepted, at least for a few days. Needless to say, I'm hoping she doesn't use the guest bedroom to much.

Day One: I had to work late on Thursday and got home about 9:00-9:30 PM. The girls had a roaring fire going and it was hot as hell on the first floor. That was fine though because it was very cold that night.

Piper was walking around in her tight, little T-shirt and boy shorts. Lea had on a cute, little nightie. Did I die and go to paradise?

"So, what have you guys been doing?"

They giggled and warmed up some dinner for me.

When Lea left the room I asked, "What have you been doing?" But I knew. Both of them had an after-sex glow.

"Just working up an appetite," Piper said, with a devilish grin. Damn, they had been fucking and I missed it. Everyone was really tired so I didn't get lucky that night but it was great. I felt like I had a mini-harem of two beautiful women. I think they liked it as well.

Day Two: Friday night. After what felt like an eternity, my week ended. As I drove home, I wondered what would greet me. The whole way home, I had a perpetual hard-on. But, once home, no Lea. Piper was home but Lea was with her family. I hate to say it, but I was disappointed. No man should be disappointed with a wife like Piper waiting at home for him but feverish daydreams of being with two hot women had danced in my brain all day.

Piper more than made up for my disappointment. She made me dinner and then later, we watched a few classic Christmas movies while I got a great massage. It was a great, relaxing evening.

Day Three: Piper and Lea spent the day shopping. Then, Piper decided to go back out around 7:30PM to pick-up a few specific items. That left Lea and I alone in the house. I was watching a game when she sat down beside me and casually started to rub my cock. She asked if I was horny. "Are you kidding?" If sitting next to a cute, little redhead doesn't make the blood rush, there's something wrong with you.

She unzipped my pants and started to go down on me. I suggested we head to the bedroom. But first, I called Piper to make sure it was OK. I started to ask her and all I get is, "yeah, yeah, have fun. I stumbled across the great sale. I picked up something for so-and-so, so-and-so...." She kept me on the phone talking about this damn sale until Lea grabbed the phone and said, "Shop as long as you want. I'll take care of your man."

Piper did and Lea definitely did take care of me. We were still in bed when Piper came home. She was too exhausted to join us but did poke her head in and kissed me good night before going off to get some sleep. I stayed with Lea that night, in the guest bedroom. After Piper left, Lea said that I had better get Piper something awesome for Christmas because she might be the coolest wife ever. I agree.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Been Awhile

Boy, it sure has been awhile since either Steve or I posted. Sorry about that. We were enjoying our Summer and then enjoying the fall, doing married people stuff, enjoying married life and fulfilling family obligations. I hope all of you are well.

Since our vacation, we haven't had any hot wife/swing encounters until this past weekend. Yes, it's been over three months. There weren't any attempts to get together with anyone, either. We were just being regular married folk, which I adore.

But....It was Steve's birthday and we celebrated on Saturday. I wanted to do something special for him. Saturday night his company was having a swanky Christmas Party and one of the better hotels. I booked us a room.

I also wanted to look good for him so I wore a slinky, black dress that carefully tread the line between slutty and sexy. Underneath, I wore a garter belt and thong. I topped that off with a wicked pair of heels. Very strappy.

I also invited our good friend Lea. It was my plan that we all go back to the room after the party, relax and have some fun. This time, he would get double-teamed instead of me. Lea arrived around nine o'clock. I was trapped, talking with the wives of some of the upper management. Steve was talking with some of his co-workers at the bar.

Lea looked fantastic, in a similar, slinky dress, but hers was maroon. I graciously extricated myself from the conversation, pulled Steve away and said, "Happy Birthday." He gave me a strange look until I nodded in Lea's direction. Then he smiled. I thought we might make an early departure from the party but we ended up staying for quite some time. I think he was enjoying the anticipation. It also allowed Lea and I to get a few drinks in us and see our inhibitions plummet.

After the party we were invited to the bar with some of Steve's co-workers. We went for an hour our so and when we reached the room, we were feeling no pain.

Lea, Steve and I had been together a few times before this so things were pretty relaxed. Steve poured us a nightcap and we talked for a half hour before Lea and I closed in on Steve.

"Since this is for you," I said, "why don't you just tell me what you'd like to do."

"I'd like to watch you guys kiss and then fuck."

Lea was up for that. We undressed each other and fell on the bed while Steve sat back and watched. We kissed and then somehow ended up in a sixty-nine, with me on my back. Lea and I were so worked up that we made each other cum with less than usual effort. After she came, Steve entered Lea from the rear, so I ended up with pussy, ball and ass in my face.

Steve fucked Lea and I eventually crawled out from underneath so I could watch. Kind of a reversal for a change. I took a glass of wine, sat back and touched myself while they had a good time together. I actually found watching him with another woman quite a turn-on. He seemed to be having a really good time. Lea wasn't complaining either.

Before it was my turn, Steve sat on the edge of the bed so Lea and I could suck him. After all, what good is having two chicks at once if you don't get the double-header. I mean, come on.

At some point, we collapsed in a sweaty, tired heap of limbs. That wasn't it for the night. Lea woke me a few hours later for some one-on-one attention which woke Steve up. He got to cum a second time.

We all had a bit of a hangover the next morning but that was a small price to pay for such a fun night. I know Steve likes seeing me with other men, preferably multiple men at once. I like doing that for him but there's something so sexy about sharing your man with a beautiful, sensual woman. It's such a different tone and atmosphere.

Lea will be in town through New Year's and she'll be staying with us for a few nights. I'm thinking we'll be doing this again real soon.