Friday, September 25, 2009

Open Mike Night

Steve gave you his take on my evening with Mike. Now it's my turn.

To start, he's a great guy and I had a great time. As a thirty-three year old woman, the attentions of a twenty-two year old man are appreciated. His enthusiasm was a big turn-on for me. He didn't have that 'been there, done that' attitude. The look on his face when he came in my mouth and I swallowed was priceless.

Mike was great in bed. His enthusiasm and staying power more than made up for any inexperience. It's really all about pacing, anyway, isn't? Young men know what to do. They do what nature intended. It's all a matter of relaxing and not getting over-stimulated. After he came that first time, Mike did calm down and he had tremendous staying power.

We did talk and I told him it was OK if the blow job was all he wanted. He looked embarrassed but said, 'No.' He didn't want to stop. I also told him that if there was something he wanted to try, just ask. If I didn't ant to, I'd let him know.

"Like what?" He asked.

"Like, a certain position, or I can touch myself for you. You can pull my hair if you want. Things like that."

My candor embarrassed him more but I think it was worth it. I don't know why more people don't let a partner know what they want. Then there's not that awkward problem about trying something that may shock or disturb your partner. Really, people should talk more. Especially if both people hold what is said in the bedroom as confidential. I think it should always be confidential. Something that should never be thrown back in someones face, during an argument for instance.

Despite his embarrassment, there were a few things Mike did eventually try. For example, he wanted to try doggy-style, which he enjoyed very much.

I've been with a few guys now in the past few months who are younger than me by 8 - 10 years. I've noticed that they love the breasts. Most guys do, but Mike and the others were all about the breasts: feeling them, sucking them playing with them. Guys my age love breasts but seem to love the ass more. They shortchange the breasts for the ass. They love grabbing ass, slapping ass and putting things into the ass. Could be my experience but I wonder if such things do change over time.

I got Mike to climax three times during the course of the night, though the third one didn't seem that intense. I'm telling you, those young guys can really go!

The downside of sex with Mike is that guys can be dicks. Not Mike but his, brother, Luke. It wasn't a huge secret that Mike spent the night with me and the next morning Mike was pretty cool about the whole thing. Luke just had to tease him until Mike looked really uncomfortable and Luke backed off. Luke also made a few comments about me having been with both of them. He thought he was being funny but just crossed the line. I'm glad Steve wasn't present for this, though. Luke later apologized but I was still disappointed.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Watching the Wife

So, Piper filled you in on Stacy's visit. Very hot.

A few days later, we had Luke, Kit and two other people out. We had a nice party. Luke, Kit and Luke's brother, Mike stayed for a few days.

Mike just graduated college. He's a good kid but, of his own admission after a few beers, he has not had many women. Unfortunately for him, with Piper and Kit there, it couldn't have been easy. He knows his brother, Kit, Piper and I swing but he hasn't done anything like that.

One day Piper was running around in these little, tight shorts that really showed off her sweet ass. She also had a tee shirt on and her nipples were hard. Kit also looked great. Poor Mike looked like he had a hard on all day long. Hell, I did. Problem for him was, he can't find any relief where Kit is concerned so he's really checking out Piper most of the time.

Mike's twenty-two. I remember that age quite well. I was horny all the time, unlike now, where I'm horny 75% of the time. I really wanted to have some fun with Kit and didn't want to be selfish about Piper.

So, at night, we're all relaxing with some cocktails. Everyone is unwinding. Kit and Luke leave to go to their bedroom. Kit asked me if I felt like joining them. Of course I did. I really wanted to fuck her. It's been awhile.

That left the Mike, Piper and I and none of us was feeling any pain. Piper got up and sat in my lap while Mike watched television. I started to feel her ass and asked Mike if he wanted to feel-up my wife.

Piper slapped me on the shoulder while Mike said, "Sure." I whispered to Piper, "Come-on, the kid's not that experienced, give him a thrill."

Piper got up and sat beside him. "Would you like to touch me?" She was very nice about it and could make anyone feel comfortable. He blushed but said yes. Who wouldn't?

She got up so he could run his hands over her ass. Then he was up her shirt, playing with her tits.

"You can kiss her, if you want."

He went for it, and they made out while he had his hands all over her body. Piper finally reached down and felt his cock.

"You're so hard," she said, but he wasn't really listening. He was too busy exploring her body with his hands. He wasn't the only one hard. I was dying to see this young guy fuck Piper.

Piper began to whisper in his ear, take him by the hand and led him into our bedroom. I grabbed another beer and quietly followed.

Once in the bedroom, the got down to it. Piper stripped down and sat next to Mike. They kissed while she rubbed his cock. Then she got him out of his clothes, pushed him down onto the bed and told him to relax. She then went down on him and it must have been too much because every now and then he'd tell her to stop for a few seconds. He apologized for being overeager. Piper gave him a sweet smile and again told him to relax and not worry about it.

She wrapped her mouth around his cock and really worked it. He kept on saying, "I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum," as if to warn her but she looked up and said "Cum." Then her lips were wrapped around his cock again. He came, and she swallowed every bit of his load.

She laid down next to him, talked to him and they started up again, in a few minutes. This time, his staying power was much improved. Mike fucked Piper for a good, long while. One hot thing was when she went down on him. Piper was lowering her mouth to his cock but looking straight at me and smiling. So very hot.

I need to cut this short. It's too long already. All I can say is: Best, Hottest Wife Ever!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Vacation

Yes, yes, we've been bad bloggers. It's just the Summer thing. Trying to wring every ounce out of Summer can be tiring.

Our vacation was wonderful. Ten days out on The Cape. The weather was good overall and we were really able to decompress and return with our batteries recharged. A HUGE congratulations goes out to Penelope and Odysseus at Married Exploits. They've had a beautiful baby girl! I'm sure life will be different but it will be oh, so, sweet.

We're also sorry to see that Erotic Union, one of our favorite blogs, has disappeared. Steve and I developed a good relationship with Him and Her, even traded photographs. I hope they return. They'll be missed.

Next, if you've sent me an e-mail, my apologies. A good part of my Summer has been Computer-Free! Just needed to get away from the electronic intrusions: computers, e-mails, cell phones and answering machines. For the first time in a long time I felt comfortable leaving the cell phone at home. I didn't rush to answer the phone and I even unplugged the answering machine for a few days. It was liberating. Not practical in the long term, but liberating.

Now, on to the good stuff.

Over the course of our ten days, Steve and I had a few friends out to stay with us.

First, we had a few quiet days to ourselves. Then Stacy arrived. She arrived early Sunday morning and stayed until Tuesday. I went out Sunday afternoon for a nice run and when I returned, Steve and Stacy were in our room and the two of them were going at it like there was no tomorrow. I'm not sure it even registered that I had walked in. I got undressed and hopped in the shower for a nice, leisurely shower. By the time I got out, Steve was upstairs and Stacy was still in our bed, looking disheveled but satisfied.

She thanked me for the use of my husband. She broke up with her boyfriend and hadn't had sex for quite some time. We had a nice long talk, which we had not done for a long time and then, much to our surprise Steve had a nice lunch for all of us.

Fast forward to night time. We were watching a movie. I was all comfy-cozy on the couch. Steve started giving me a back rub. A real good one. It made me very sleepy. Then, Stacy took over, then Steve. Next thing I know, I have Steve sucking on one tit and Stacy they other. Then, Steve had his hand in my panties and made me climax while Stacy kissed me and played with my tits.

I then asked Steve If there was anything I could do for him.

"I want to see you and Stacy together."

Stacy was was into it so we went off to the bedroom.

Now, truth be told, I like Stacy very much but she's not a woman that really does it for me. Some women really turn me on while others don't. She's knows this though, so I'm not telling tales out of school. It's not that it's a chore. It's not. It's just more to turn on Steve than anything else. A little gift for the husband, you might say.

Anyway, we retired to the boudoir and slipped out of those nagging clothes. Stacy and I did a little 69, with me on the bottom. I must be getting old because I developed a crick in my neck, trying to reach her with my mouth. Her pussy always seemed to be an inch or two away, so I couldn't lie flat. Finally, I just told her to sit right on my face so I could make her cum. Which she did. And I did.

Steve got some action as well but really enjoyed seeing Stacy and I play around, doing different things. So, a good time was had by all.

Steve wants to fill you in on the rest of the vacation.