Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jack, Alicia & Me

So, Steve filled you in on a portion of our latest adventure. Apparently, I'm the go-to girl for girl-girl stuff. Danielle left me hanging. Not that I minded, really. It's just that when Alicia said she was "curious," and Danielle made her feelings known, it could have been an uncomfortable situation if I wasn't up for it.

First, let me say I'm glad I didn't say no. Alicia is very cute despite her weight issues. Basically, she's got curves and is slightly overweight. It's just that thin image we see everywhere that makes her, like some women, self-conscious. Really, Alicia looks like a classic female, with an hour-glass figure.

Then there's me, with my skinny-ass, damn near boyish body. I had to tell her I wish I had her figure. That seemed to make her feel good.

Anyway, enough of that. It was very strange to be another woman's first woman, so to speak. Definitely, a little pressure. I wanted it to be good for her but, if it wasn't her thing, I wanted her to be able to say so.

We started with some non-tongue kissing and caressing. I eventually took my top off and Alicia showed a lot of interest playing with my breasts (I'm surprised she could see them). We kissed a bit more and our tongues met. She didn't pull away quickly and when she did, she came back for some more.

Now, one of the reasons I say I'm glad I did it, was Jack. As Alicia and I kissed, she placed my hand on Jack's cock. It was hard. It was big. I could not believe I was feeling what I was feeling and when he finally undressed the look on my face made Alicia giggle. I'm thinking he was nine inches if I use Steve as a guide. Steve's a healthy 6 inches and Jack was at least half again as big. I could grip this thing at its base and still get quite a mouthful.

Size has never been a big thing with me. This one just seemed out of the ordinary and a little intimidating, like it may hurt. Maybe I'm in the minority but I haven't come across many nine inch (maybe a little more) cocks.

So, anyway, now we're at the point of no return. Alicia scrambled on top of her husband, rode him for a while and then got off him. I straddled him but didn't put his cock inside me. Not yet. I'm always a bit wary at this point, when its the first time. I'm never quite sure what the significant other will do. Everything might be going fine and the idea sounds great. But, seeing your husband fuck another woman - slide his cock into her - well, sometimes that's too much reality.

Instead, I just straddled Jack, kissed him and Alicia slid her husband into me. Yes, she did it, which seemed like the best green light a girl could have. It did take time to get Jack, all of him, into me. It did hurt a little but it felt terrific as well.

When I was comfortable though, WOW! I know this isn't lady-like but the man fucked my brains out. And, Alicia's as well. It was good, it was hot and I came three or four times, easily. When we needed a break, to cool down, we gave him some head. That was fun, working on such a big cock.

While we sucked on him, I ran my hands over Alicia and she responded by doing the same. When we looked up at Jack, he had the biggest smile on his face. He really appreciated having two women at the same time and actually thanked me later for my participation and patience in their first threesome.

Oh, if you are interested I did offer to use my mouth on Alicia, whispering the offer to her. She whispered back that she wasn't ready yet. I love a girl that understands discretion.

It all started out somewhat awkward, understandably so. Towards the end we were much more comfortable and relaxed. Jack is very nice, Alicia is very sweet and all of us can't wait for the next time. Although Alicia made it quite clear that she'd like to get to know Steve better.