Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Interview Continued

My interview with the Hottest Hot Wife continues.

Steve: So, oral sex. Your thoughts?

Piper: Oral is great. A perfect blend of being submissive and dominant. I love being on my knees, taking a cock into my mouth. I love it when he has his hand on the back of my head or pulls my hair. I love looking up at him. On the other hand, his pleasure is in your hands, or mouth, I should say. Its a great turn on. Its also something most girls should be able to do reasonably well. Isn't it like beer: Even when its bad people still drink it?

Steve: Blow Jobs can be bad. Rare, but not unheard of. Usually its the teeth.

Piper: Ouch. Its probably the equivalent of a guy with rough, five o'clock shadow going down on you. Scratchy.

Steve: Would you rather give or receive?

Piper: Give, definitely.

Steve: And swallow?

Piper: I don't mind swallowing. It's not something I love, though. I think that's a porn trope. I never met a girl who loved the taste of cum. For the girls who don't like cum its more a consistency thing rather than taste. I do like it to be warm. Don't you remember that time when Luke, I think it was, came on me and then not less than half a minute later scooped some up and put it in my mouth?

Steve: Yes, you gagged.

Piper: It was already cold. Yuck.

Steve: Does size matter?

Piper: Of course not. I married you, didn't I.

Steve: Ouch.

Piper: Just kidding. Not really. Just at the extremes. Too big or too small, but a cock has to be really big or really small. Honestly, I can't remember anyone that was too small. You have a great cock. A great length and width for everything.

Steve: What's the biggest cock you've ever had?

Piper: Probably Cooper or Jake. They're both close to nine inches, if not slightly more. They feel great but I can't deep throat them, and anal is tricky. I think women focus on breast size more than men and men focus on cock size way more than women.

Steve: Moving on: Girls?

Piper: Yes.

Steve: You like?

Piper: We've discussed this before. It's a complicated question. Have I enjoyed being with women? Yes. there's been women I've had a crush on. I know a lot of women who've had a girl crush or two. I can also do the faux-lesbian thing, for you, for insistence. Because, like many of us, I'm not hung-up on labels and women are soft and nice.

Steve: But you don't consider yourself bisexual?

Piper: If the only criteria for that label is licking pussy, then yes. But, what if I never do that again. Am I still bisexual twenty years from now? .A majority of my female friends have had some type girl-girl experience, from a harmless crush to a kiss to sex. Usually, its been a one or two time thing. Does getting drunk once or twice make you an alcoholic?

Steve: I hope not.

Piper: So, I get that its easy for people to label and categorize but people are more complicated. And, I have done it for you at times. Calling that bisexual bothers me because it feels like it does a disservice to those in committed, same-sex relationships that have suffered discrimination from society or have been rejected by their families. Turning on my husband by playing with another girl falls really short of that. If it turns you on to describe me as bi, knock yourself out.

Steve: All good points. I think men do see things in black and white sometimes because it is easier. Now, how do you feel about being a Hot Wife?

Piper: I love it. It makes me feel sexy. You get turned on and I get to sample different guys. What's not to like?

Steve: Thanks babe. You're the best.

Piper: Welcome, sweetie.

Steve: Want to have sex?

Piper: Lets see what's on television.