Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our Return - III

I returned to the bedroom about ten minutes later because I couldn't stay away. There's simply nothing hotter than walking into the bedroom and the first thing you see is your wife's legs nearly behind her ears, getting slammed by a guy.

Jack was on top of Piper working her hard. Mike sat on the bed waiting his turn and Ted was kneeling, forcing his cock in and out of her mouth. Then, Jack flipped her over. I'll give you the basics of what happned since it was such a whirlwind. I can't remember many details but this is the flavor of it:

"On your hands and knees, bitch!"

Piper complied while Mike laid in front of her enjoying her mouth.

The three took turns with her until Cooper and Andrew entered.

"Mind if we cut in?" Asked Cooper with a grin.

Cooper and Andrew undressed and got on to the bed with Piper. She began to blow Cooper and Andrew got between her legs and began to eat her pussy. She was wriggling soon and then came. Andrew laid down and Piper climbed on to him and rode him. Then, she rode Cooper and so on until Andrew asked: "Can I fuck you from behind?"

Piper assumed the position and let Andy do what he wanted to do. She tried to blow Cooper but she was getting hammered hard. She let out a little squeak a few times and then cried out with another orgasm. Andy kept going but she pushed him away. She need a minute, explaining she was overstimulated.

I got Piper a bottle of water and she cooled down. She started up again with Andrew and Cooper, with Jack, Mike and Ted waiting to take over. It was pretty, fucking hot, watching guys stand in line to fuck my wife. I got undressed and watched, pulling on my cock and getting more turned on. They guys switched on and off for a long time, so no one came right away. I wanted this to last and apparently so did Piper. She looked like she was loving every second.

At one point, on her hands and knees, she looked over and asked me what I wanted to see. It was hot, though, because she looked so into it, her eyes, glassy, her words punctuated with groans.

"What do you want," I asked, moving over to her so we could talk.

"Play with your cock for me," she said. I started playing with myelf and she grinned.

"I want a cock in my ass," she said.

"What else?"

"I want someone to cum on my face."

"Anything else?"

She was starting to cum from Andy's fucking.

"Treat me like a whore," she yelled. "Use me."

Bam! She came and came hard.

Andy grabbed her hair and pulled her down to the floor, making her get on her knees. He grabbed her face.

"You want to be a whore. Tell me how else you want to be treated."

She looked up at him with those beautiful, sexy eyes.

"Treat me like shit," she said.

Andy positioned her on her hands and knees.

"Your husband is going to lube your ass and I'm going to fuck your ass."

Which is exactly what he did.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our Return -II

So, I'm back.

Kit pulled Piper to the center of the living room and began to feel her up, rub against her and generally drive us (the men) nuts. Tess soon joined them and they took turns making out, although Tessa was less involved than the other two, being new to the group and all.

Kit unzipped Piper's dress and it fell to the floor. Wow! My wife wore a black bustier, the kind with criss-cross ties in the back, and a little black thong. Together with the boots and black stocking, my cock throbbed. Kit slid out of her dress. She wore a hot, tight, lacey top and great boy shorts that showed off her exquisite ass.

Tess stayed dressed for while but finally pulled her shirt and skirt off. Tessa wore pink bustier with matching thong. Kit and Piper kept their heels on, which was a nice touch. The image of these three beautiful girls in hot lingerie is burned into my memory.

They had Piper lay down on her back. Kit squatted over her head and rubbed her pussy up and down Piper's face. Then they 69'd for a bit. Very hot. A few of they guys started to play with themselves, including me.

Kit pulled Piper to her knees.

"Who wants this bitch to blow them?"

All hands went up. Piper went to get up but Kit said, "Crawl on all fours, slut."

Piper crawled over to Mike and Luke, and started blowing them. Kit joined in and Tessa watched, while she stroked her man.

Eventually, Piper got up and came over to me and sat on my lap.

"Is this what you wanted?" She asked.

"Yes," I replied and my voice actually sounded nervous.

"I'm going to blow them all," she whispered. "And fuck them all for you. Is that what you want?"

I nodded.

"Anything else?"

"Can they cum on you?"

"Yes," she whispered in my ear. "On my face, in my mouth. Some are going to stick their cocks in my ass."


"You're a nasty girl."

She smiled. "How nasty do you want me to be?"

"How nasty can you be?"

"You have no idea."

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yep. Anything for you, Babe!"

She got up and said to the room, "Who's first?" Then she walked to the bedroom.

Three of the guys followed her right away. It was Jack, Mike and Ted. I followed. When they got to the bedroom Piper was sitting on the bed with a big smile. The guys stripped down, their cocks hard and ready. They took turns in her mouth and pussy. They were being gentleman, being gentle and courteous. She finally looked up and said, "you know, you can fuck me hard, pull my hair..." she looked at me. "What else?"

"Use her like a whore," I said.

She laughed. "That would mean money."

"Use her like a slut, then. But money is fine."

Then, with a hot woman ready to go, a five minute conversation ensured on the difference between a slut and a whore. Finally, the traditional difference was agreed upon. A whore does it for money and a slut does it for sex.

"You're a slut then," I said.

Piper smiled. "Should I prove it?"

"Please do."

She went down on her knees and the three guys surrounded her. She took each in her mouth in turn for a few minutes. They were gentle at first, letting her bob up and down on their cocks. Then, Jack grabbed the back of her head and began fucking her face hard. She came up for air, looked up at Jack with those wonderful, smiling green eyes and said, "harder."

Jack grabbed her by the hair and really fucked her face. The others took turns until Jack pulled her to her feet by her hair and pushed her down on the bed.

At this point, I needed another drink and went to the other room.