Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moving On

We've been very self-indulgent here at BV, talking about the gang bang and nothing else. Therefore, lets move on.

I don't comment on other blogs as much as I should. That doesn't mean I don't read them and love them. I do. I also get a kick out of promoting other blogs, especially when they're blog friends.

First, a big congratulations to the wonderful couple over at Married Exploits. Penelope is having a baby! It's wonderful and we wish her a safe, happy pregnancy.

We also congratulate Odysseus, Penelope's husband. It will be interesting to see how this poly couple handles this new situation. I hope the change is a topic of discussion on the blog. It will be fascinating.

As an aside, and this has nothing to do with Penelope or Odysseus: I have a thing about couples that say, "We're pregnant." I hate that phrase. "We're having a baby," is fine or even "We're expecting," is OK. But, a couple is never pregnant. She is. She gets morning sickness, she gets fat, she has to wear those unconscionable maternity pants and she goes into labor. Nothing against fathers, I adore mine, but you have not been and can never be, pregnant. Am I wrong?

OK, I feel better now.

Next, Shared Cindy reached - drum roll please - One Million (1,000,000) visitors. That's so huge. It's like.......hmmmm......I don't know......twice 500,000 visitors. I don't know where that ranks but I do find it hard to believe that many sex blogs get anywhere near that number. This blog received 42,000 unique visitors last year. I don't know if that's good or bad. I do know that it would take us twenty years to reach one million. Congratulations, Shared Cindy. That's some big-league blogging.

A shout-out to our good friends at Erotic Union. They keep posting hot pics of Her that keep giving my husband a hard-on. Check them out. A Great couple.

And, Saratoga continues his journey through the strange (to me) world of FemDom. He's written much lately on interacting with prospective Doms via the internet. Although it probably holds particular interest to someone involved in the lifestyle, or someone exploring the possibility of the lifestyle, it a fascinating read. Saratoga suspects that many of the people contacting him are frauds and, with a few well-crafted questions, I think he does a skillful job of exposing them.

Plus, he had another cat woman pic (more precisely, a woman in a cat outfit). She's my hero.

Finally, two new links: We had a comment from Cuckhold Husband, a blog we hadn't seen before. We wanted to say thanks for stopping by. We'll be checking out that blog in the future. We've also added Suburban Hotwife to our blog roll, something we should have done a long time ago.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Husband's - Eye View - Part II

Words fail me when I try to describe what a wonderful wife I have. After reading Piper's last post I went to her and made sure she knew what I thought of her: beautiful, funny, smart and always dignified. Not an 'uber-slut' in my mind (unless that's a good thing). She's a jewel.

The highlights for me include watching Piper being double penetrated by Luke and Dale. That was hot! It was later in the evening, after Jason and Aaron left for the night. Piper felt more comfortable doing that with only her closer friends around.

Luke made the suggestion and after a liberal amount of lube was applied, Piper climbed on to Dale's cock. Luke then squeezed himself into Piper's ass. It was slow going because Luke has such a large cock. He did work his way into her after some false starts.

Piper has always enjoyed double penetration but it has been a very long time since she's done it. Even when she did it more often, it was far from a frequent event. Once Luke was lodged in her ass she had this look on her face that's hard to describe: looking down, mouth half open, eyes half open and glassy. I was worried that she was in pain and went over to her. I kept asking "are you OK, do you want to stop?" I must have asked that three or four times when she gave a little push, like I was breaking her concentration. Then she said, real loud, "Oh God, fuck me harder!"

Everybody laughed, more at my concern than anything.

Another highlight: We didn't go for too many porn movie moments. But, while most of the guys shot their load while in Piper's pussy, ass or mouth (condoms were used by most, with a few special dispensations), Aaron did cum all over Piper's face and she looked hotter than ever. Based on a long standing association and the trust factor, Luke and Dale are not required to use condoms.

For those interested in statistics, I think Piper was fucked in the ass twice. Luke did come in her ass. She swallowed Dale's spunk and I filled up her pussy. The others used protection.

Speaking of statistics, I did tease her about what her sex stats for '08 would be if there were Hot Wife trading cards.

Collect the whole series.

I have way too much time on my hands. That's it on the gang bang. We'll bore you no longer and move on to something else.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Notes on My Evening

Some e-mails requested my thoughts on the gang bang. I'm happy to oblige.

Overall, I enjoyed the night. It was definitely not my favorite, outside the norm, sexual experience for a variety of reasons. A gang bang has inherent drawbacks, particularly from a woman's perspective, even if she does have a pleasurable time.

It obviously lacks the intimacy that makes sexual encounters so special. You can have an intimate evening with a lover and yes, you can have an intimate evening with two others, but not with a group. The times I was with one or two of the guys was the most enjoyable, on a physical level. The men were all gentlemen and I thanked them each, personally, for attending.

Awkward moments abound. I was extremely nervous early on and still somewhat nervous later. I did, eventually, get over it but that probably had more to do with the strange combination of being horny and tired. For the younger guys, Jason and Aaron, it was the most awkward. They're in their early twenties and have less experience at this and less maturity. After they came, they stayed for a little while but then headed-off to another party with friends their own age.

Despite women being self-conscious about their bodies, they have a much easier time being naked in front of each other than men do in front of other men. So, it was awkward for the less experienced swingers. However, most times, a man's sex drive seems stronger than his inhibitions. Low lighting and alcohol help.

The physical demands are what you might expect. The vagina can only lubricate itself just so much before you hit the lube. We went through a lot of lube and more breaks as the night wore on. I became sore, as I expected. I was not really tired until afterwards and then I was exhausted.

Emotionally, it was a roller coaster of nerves, anxiety and second thoughts on the one hand and raw excitement on the other. Steve said this was what he wanted but would he look at me the same way? Was it too slutty? Would my close friends that participated feel differently about me? Circumstances prevented me from lingering on this issues to any great extent during the party. But before and after, such thoughts did cross my mind.

I was over-stimulated. So much to do and you don't know where to start. You try so hard to make sure you're pleasuring the men that you sometimes forget to make sure you are physically enjoying the act. I mean physically because, in all honesty, it was most pleasurable in my mind. The thought of being there, for the pleasure of a group of men, watching Steve watch me, was a terrific, mind blowing experience. It was a real high to be used by one man and then have another enter the room for his turn.

Highlights have to include 1) ten, eleven maybe twelve orgasms; 2) watching Steve play with himself as he watched me; 3) the atomic orgasm experienced while being DP'd.

Lowlights: 1) that uber-slut feeling that plagued me; 2) the feeling of attention deficit disorder from too much stimulation and action 3) the reassurance I needed the following day.

Yes, the following day I was needy with Steve. I wanted to cuddle, be held quite often and told I was loved. Steve was great about that and treated me like a queen.

All in all a positive experience which I enjoyed. I'm not sure I would repeat the experience but I wouldn't rule it out absolutely.

Thanks to all who have followed our self-indulgent ramblings on this topic. Steve will post at least one more time, recounting more of his views.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Husband's-Eye View

Since Piper was so very busy the other night, she thought I might have a better idea of what happened and in what order. I do, to some degree. First, though, I have to say, it's the greatest gift a Hot Wife can give her husband and I'll never be able to thank her enough. Not that I didn't have some strange feelings during the course of the night. I did. Fortunately, it was also damned sexy.

Luke and Dale started off fucking Piper. Kit came in and watched as well. After I told them to treat her like a slut, there was a lot of dirty talk. Luke, especially, ordered her around, called her a slut, a whore and his fuck toy.

Kit sat by me and took my cock in her hand and talked to me while my beautiful wife got fucked by the two men. She teased me as well, which was very hot. "I think she likes it....what a slutty little wife you like it, don't you?" She also stopped me from playing with myself because I would have rubbed myself raw. "Not so fast. You'll shoot your load too soon."

Keith and Michael came in next and Luke and Dale took a break. Piper asked for some water and when I returned, Michael and Keith had taken the place of Dale and Luke. One would fuck her while she blew the other one. Then they'd switch.

I tried to count Piper's orgasms. By this time it was something like three or four orgasms. I lost track, being in and out of the room. Michael took a break and Keith had Piper on her back, legs high in the air. I walked over and sat beside Piper, asking if she was OK. I asked a few times with no response until she came again. Kit came over. "I think she's doing fine. Lets take a break."

Kit led me from the room. We poured a few drinks and Kit said something to the effect: "She's doing fine. How are you?" I thought about it. I was mostly fine, very excited but admittedly jealous? Probably not the right word. Kit wondered if I might feel that Piper was enjoying it too much? "After all," she pointed out, "this is for you. She's fucking a room full of guys....for you!"

That took away any issues I may have had. We went to the living room and Kit decided she'd warm-up Jason, Aaron and I with some head. That was definitely fine. She wanted to fuck me as well but I begged off for the moment, assuring her I'd love it but would blow my load in a few seconds.

Kit and I went back to the bedroom after a few minutes. It was going for 11:00PM and Piper had been busy for nearly an hour and a half. They had decided to take a break. I found my beautiful wife laying on the bed, surrounded by naked men, talking. They were just shooting the breeze, resting. Occasionally, she'd reach over and rub or lick a cock. Kit took her place and Piper came over and sat on my lap. She brushed my cheek with her hand, kissed me and asked if everything was alright. I placed her hand on my hard-on to show her everything was great. I told her I loved her and I thanked her for what was becoming a memorable night. There's nothing quite like peeking into your bedroom and seeing your wife's legs up in the air and a guy on top of her.

I'll follow-up in the next few days.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Big Bang II

Steve sat at the head of the bed. Luke and Dale began to undress me. They stripped me down to my merry widow. Luke stuck his hand down my thong and began to finger me. He rubbed at first, then began finger-fucking me hard.

"She's wet," he said. "Real wet."

Dale came over, did the same and said, "She's very wet."

I laid down and reclined against Steve. Luke pulled my thong off and began to lick me. Dale sucked my tits.

"How do you want it," asked Luke. Both he and Dale stopped and began to undress. I looked up at Steve. "What do you want, Baby," I said.

"I want to see you fucked. Hard. Like a bad, little slut?"

"You're sure?" I asked.

He nodded.

"Don't forget to let the others know we started. But wait just a little while." I needed to slide into this gradually or, better put, I needed them to slide into me gradually. And, despite his fantasy I wondered very much if Steve might not be as comfortable as he insisted he was.

I then told him to undress, sit in the chair and enjoy.

Luke and Dale took Steve's words to heart. They had me on my knees sucking them off and licking their swollen balls. I would look at Steve every now and then to see if he was fine. He had his cock out and was playing with himself, his eyes glued to the action.

Next, it was on to the bed. I was getting fucked from behind, with Dale's cock in my mouth, when Kit wandered in. She looked hot, in her lingerie.

"What is going on in here?" she asked, walking to the bed. She slapped my ass and reached down and rubbed my pussy. It was my first orgasm of the night.

Dale and Luke switched places while Kit went to see Steve.

I came a second time and then Keith and Mike came into the room.

My recollection of the remainder of the evening is mixed. Many things happened but I'll be damned if I have much in the way of a chronology. Not until the end of the evening, when things were more manageable. I do have some distinct recollections and some thoughts on the whole thing, which I'll certainly share real soon.

In the meantime, Steve is going to share his memory of the evening. It was my gift to him so I hope his memories last a long time.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Big Bang

Sorry for the delay. We had a family emergency to deal with but everything is fine. Now, to continue with the gang bang.

Dale and Michael are the first to arrive. We had not seen Dale in a while and he gave me a big hug and a big kiss on the cheek. Everyone got a drink and we hung out in the living room talking.
Nerves. I was nervous. I know all of these people. I have had sex with everyone in the room on some prior occasion. Yet, I'm shaking and I feel cold. Steve, noticed this, as did Kit. He cranked up the heat, drew me aside and told me we would call it off. That meant the world to me.

I thought about this for a moment but decided to see where things went. Kit brought me another glass of wine. "Are you trying to get me drunk?" I asked.

"Yep," she said and gave me a quick kiss.

I did feel a bit tipsy. I'm not a big drinker so I nursed this one.

By 8:30 or so, Aaron, Jason and Keith had arrived. They settled in with some cocktails and there was a lot of conversation. We were all in the living room and frankly, I had no idea how something like this begins. There was no bell, no whistle no starting pistol.

In fact, I needn't have worried. It was very much a regular get-together up until 9:30 or so. Everyone talked, drank (I had switched to water) and enjoyed the company. I also had to sneak off the bathroom at least twice. I have a tendency to pee when I'm nervous. Steve asked me numerous times if I was OK. I returned the favor, asking him if he was sure this was what he wanted.

On my return to the living room, I found the lights dimmed and the guys sitting around. Kit led me to the middle of the room. leaned in and kissed me. I kissed her back and we began to make out. That got the attention of everyone. She abruptly stopped, grabbed Luke and Dale and led them over to me. Luke stood in front, Dale behind, and their hands (soon followed by mouths) were all over me.

Luke and Dale led me to the bedroom and Steve followed. The guys took turns kissing me and feeling me-up. The guys were very good about not rushing things and actually engaged in foreplay. The played with my breasts, kissed me and, my personal favorite, had their hands all over my ass. I was sufficiently aroused in no time, my inhibitions slowly but surely, falling away to a great extent. My clothes soon began to fall away as well.

*We'll finish this up later in the week, hopefully. Until then, be good.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Getting Ready

So, what does one wear to a gang bang? I'm not sure but I chose a black pencil skirt with a green silk blouse. The skirt was tight, to show-off my ass. The blouse? When your tits are as small as mine, there's little to show-off. Kit wore a slinky, little red dress. Very hot, very slutty.

I was very nervous all day. Luckily, I had some errands to run which took my mind off the evening. Steve was bouncing off the walls most of the day. When I returned from my errands it was early afternoon. I made him go to the gym to burn off some of that excitement. Just not too much.

Around 6:00PM, Kit and Luke arrived. I was taking a nice, warm bubble bath. Kit came in, sat with me and we had a glass of wine...or two. She was a real sweetie and had actually been gang banged before. Steve was involved in that one. I was there as well but otherwise occupied that night.

After the bath, I did my makeup. At Steve's request I overdid my eyes. Then, Kit and I got dressed. Steve and Luke came in to watch us, so they got a small preview. We started with the lingerie and then, finally, the clothes. When we were finally dressed, we did drag it out a bit, Kit and I walked over to the guys to see what effect we had. Both were very hard.

Then, we waited for the party. More, later on.