Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jack, Alicia, Danielle & Greg....and Us

Last Saturday night, (two Saturdays ago as of this writing) we moved our new relationships along.

Piper and I met Greg, Danielle, Jack and Alicia for drinks. Then, we were all invited back to Jack and Alicia's.

After a nightcap, we all began to get comfortable. The lights were low, some music was on in the background, drinks flowing freely. Finally, Jack broke the ice with a line about: "getting started and choosing up teams."

Some ground rules had previously been hinted at. For instance, Danielle has no desire, whatsoever, to be with a woman. On the other hand, Alicia piped-in and talked about being curious about being with a girl. Knowing Danielle's feelings, all eyes fell on Piper. Everyone laughed and Piper went and sat by Jack and Alicia.

Danielle, Greg and I headed off to a bedroom, but not before watching Piper and Alicia for awhile. Jack and his wife began to kiss. Piper sat next to them and at first it looked a bit awkward until Alicia invited Piper to kiss Jack. Jack made-out with both for a few minutes before giving Alicia a little peck on the lips. Jack had a huge smile on his face. I told him that I knew that look and everyone laughed.

It was slow going with those three. Alicia was curious but shy. Piper undid her blouse and took off her bra. Alicia touched one breast, then another and finally, the two really kissed. Piper, as always, was very patient and calmed Alicia's nerves with soothing talk.

Danielle soon lost interest and took me into a bedroom, followed by her husband, Greg. She was not at all nervous and we were out of our clothes momentarily. Except for Greg. I soon found out that Greg and Danielle have a little humiliation thing going on.

The truth is, it threw me. Piper and I play our games. I like it when she teases me but it's all fun and games. No hardcore stuff. Danielle and Greg? That was a little more intense.

I'll finish this encounter in our next post and have Piper fill you in on her night as well.

Have a good weekend.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Looks Like We're Back

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen. It's been awhile but I'm so happy to see some of are old friends are still around. I hope everyone is happy and healthy. I also send belated Season's Greetings to all. I hope your Holidays were as fabulous as ours.

I see my delightful husband has filled you in on some of our activities. It's always fun to spend time with our good friends, Kit and Luke. We've also been exploring some other relationships and I'll fill you in.

Since October, we've developed a friendship with two other couples: Greg and Danielle and Jack and Alicia. Greg and Danielle are a few years younger than Steve and I. Jack and Alicia are a few years older. They're nice couples who have been swinging now for a few years. We met both couples in a round-about way, through other friends.

Both couples have had good and bad experiences and were looking for a discrete and limited number of experienced "friends" to explore swinging.

We've met with both couples four or five times, out at bars and restaurants as well as at our homes. Nothing sexual has occurred. We're just feeling out each other, if you'll pardon the pun.

I'm intrigued by the possibilities of having a limited number of couples involved. I was never comfortable with anonymous, one-nighters. My enthusiasm for swinging/hot wifery also runs hot and cold, as Steve well knows. I can go for weeks and weeks and be ready to give it all up. Then, I'll suddenly be into the whole thing.

On the other hand, I am wary of becoming overly involved in any emotion-driven relationships. I do not want complications. I've taken a 'wait-and-see' attitude about this. I will admit, the get-togethers have been fun and the flirtations, which just began at our last meeting, have been polite, appropriate and not overly-familiar. People who want to be instant friends turn me off.

Greg and Danielle are a professional couple, very polished and self-confident. He's pretty damn, hot as well. He definitely works out. Dan, a brunette, has a slim, hot body as well. She's attractive but has a certain edge to her.

Jack and Alicia are different. Both are very laid back. Where Greg lives at the gym, Jack has that naturally strong, manly physique. The kind of guy who has some muscle but enjoys his beer as well. He's a guys-guy. You know, the type that looks like he can re-wire your house, fix your car and build you an addition. Alicia is very cute blond, but self-conscious of her weight. I'd describe her as big, but not over-weight, but you can't tell her that. She has the prettiest, lively eyes, a great laugh and a warm personality.

So, that's about it. We're supposed to see everyone on Saturday so we'll see how it goes.