Monday, August 30, 2010

Best Vacation Ever - Part III

Here's part three of Piper's slut-fest. This is the part that's not for the faint of heart. If you don't like girls being shared by a bunch of guys, lots of anal play etc. stop reading. This got hot and nasty.

So, when last we met, Luke, Dale, Mike, Aaron, Jason, Paul, Jen and I walk in on Piper going down on Kit. Jen, a newbie, was very funny. She was pretty stoned, embarassed and interested all at the same time. She kept saying things like, "wow" or "holy shit, that's wild." I kind of agree. I've seen her do the girl/girl thing before but it never gets old. It's just hot!

Luke took charge of the evening, telling the girls to play with each other for awhile as we watched and had some more drinks. Piper made Kit cum and Luke told them to make out. Meanwhile, as they kissed, we were all slipping out of our clothes, except for Jen. of course. Mike kept asking her if she was okay, if she wanted to leave, but Jen turned out to be pretty cool, as you'll see later on.

I remember Luke eventually stepped forward, grabbed Piper's hair and forced her mouth down on to his cock. She gave him a real wet blow job while he kept telling things like, "Suck it, bitch. You nasty, little whore, suck it." Piper really got off on the dirty talk and started playing with herself while she blew Luke.

Then, the real fucking started. I can't really give a play-by-play because when seven guys take on two girls it's a tad crazy at times. I can describe some highlights, in no particular order.

1. Kit getting Piper to beg Luke to fuck her in the ass. Great stuff. Kit grabs Piper by the hair, gets in her face and starts saying, "You want my boyfriend's cock in your little ass? Do you? Beg for it, bitch!" Piper starts begging for it: "Please, fuck my ass. Please do it...." Luke got her on all fours and slipped his cock into her ass and butt fucked her hard while some of the guys took turns getting head from her, including me. Nothing quite like seeing guys line up to stick their cock in your wife's mouth.

2. Kit getting into her strap-on and her and Luke DP'ing Piper (Kit on the bottom). After that, Piper got up and asked for a break because her ass was tired. She sat on my lap and watched Kit, Paul and Aaron go at it. She also downed two, quick glasses of wine and got pretty tipsy.

3. Me fucking Kit and later on, getting into her ass.

4. Jen stroking Mike as they watched Piper. When Mike gets all excited, she asks him if he wants to fuck either of the girls. He wants Piper, naturally. So, Piper lays on the floor, spreads her legs and Mike climbs on top of her. Jen gets down and starts encouraging Mike. "Fuck her hard," and things like that. That was hot. She says, "cum on her face." Then, jerks him off right onto Piper's face. The poor girl was tired by that time but was a real trooper.

5. Piper rimming Luke and Kit. This is something she first did awhile ago and thought was nasty but hot. Kit sat down on her face and really rubbed her ass over Piper's face. Luke sat on the couch, took Piper's head in his hands and had her lick him.

6. I got to DP Piper, along with Aaron. He got her ass while I took the pussy. It was funny actually, because we were standing there saying, "if you want her ass, go ahead." Or, "Only if you don't." Or, "It's up to you." Until Piper just says, "Pick a hole, you two, before I fall asleep."

Good times, good times. Everyone was really cool, no obnoxious behavior and we couldn't have asked for a better, crazier night.

We finally went to bed sometime after midnight. I didn't see Piper until close to noon the next day. She just slept the morning away.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Best Vacation Ever - Part II

On Wednesday, Kit shows up, followed by Aaron, Mike and Paul. Aaron and Mike are two of Piper's boy toys: both a good ten years younger than Piper. Paul is their friend, someone we'd never partied with. There's a slight wrinkle, however. Mike brings this girl he's been seeing, off and on. Her name is Jen.

Mike assured me that Jen was intrigued about what went on during our vacations. I don't doubt it but I've been around long enough to know how this usually turns out. Gal Pal says she's curious and then wants to leave as soon as things get steamy.

I was pleasantly surprised by Jen. An interesting woman. She's one of those ladies who is more comfortable being one of the guys than she is hanging with the girls. She's not masculine by any means but just the type that's more at home playing poker with the guys than talking about men, clothes books etc. A cool guy, for a woman.

So now with have Luke, Dale, Jason, Aaron and Mike, along with me, Kit and Jen. Piper had already been fucked by Luke and Dale. Jason missed his turn the night before because he wasn't feeling well.

For Wednesday night, Kit suggested a little orgy. To my surprise, Jen was very into the idea. She made it clear that she would not participate (or very likely she would not participate) but she was really interested in watching the whole thing. Kit was a bit jealous when we told her that Piper was the house slut but we told her there would be plenty for her to do.

Things heated up late that night. We had spent a good part of the afternoon down at the beach, then ate and headed outside to watch the sun set and see if we could see any shooting stars. We didn't, but the booze flowed freely and everyone was feeling good. I didn't take notes so the quotes may not be exact but it will give you a flavor of the nastiness that went down.

Jen seemed excited, waiting for something to happen. She asked when things would start.

"What are you expecting?" Luke asked her.

Jen shrugged. "I don't know...something. Whatever swingers do."

Piper was sitting on my lap but Luke pulled her on to his. It was pretty dark so you couldn't see perfectly but you knew he had his hand up her shirt. "Like this," Luke said. "Feeling up this little slut right in front of her husband?"

Jen giggled. "Something like that. Yeah."

Luke kissed Piper. "Want to get fucked, baby?"

"Definitely," was her eager reply. Then: "Am I going to get your cock in my ass, tonight."

Luke gave her another kiss and said, "You're going to get it good tonight, bitch."

Luke told Piper and Kit to go get ready. They wanted to shower and they had brought some lingerie. In the meantime, we opened some more wine. Jen brought out some weed. She, Mike and Dale smoked a little. I passed. Not my thing.

"We'll let you know when we're ready," said Kit. They went back to the house.

Almost an hour passed and we were wondering what the hell had happened. We walked up to the house. Inside, in a side room that fronts the ocean, Piper and Kit had lit a bunch of candles. Piper was in her black garters, stockings and heels. Kit was in a similar outfit, but it was white. Kit was leaning back against the couch with Piper between her legs, licking. There was some lube on the end table and Kit had brought her strap-on.

Jen's mouth dropped. "Shit, that's pretty wild," she said.

"Why don't you join them," Mike said.

"No thanks."

"It was worth a shot, wasn't it," Mike replied.

The guys started to undress as we watched the girls. We let them go on for awhile, until Piper made Kit cum. Then it was our turn to dig in.

More, later.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Vacation....

....beyond my wildest dreams.

These posts may not be be the faint of heart so be forewarned. We're having a great vacation but I have to say, my sweet, little wife is really cutting loose. We wanted some hot wife/swinging action this week but this was beyond even my warped imagination.

Piper has been working like crazy the past few months. In addition to her job, she's been very active putting together a big-ass fundraiser for a charity event. Even though it's a charity event and, obviously not paid work, she takes it and the cause quite seriously. So, she's been stressed.

Now that the fundraiser is over and a huge success, Piper was ready to let her hair down. Her adventuress spirit took me by surprise. A pleasant surprise but wow.

So, we go away last Saturday for our usual vacation. We plan to have some friends out. The first night there, we are in the midst of a great love making session and she asks me what I'd like to do this week.

"See you be the house slut," I say. She smiles and I take it for her humoring me.

Sunday we spend poking around some shops and then at the beach. Monday, Luke, Dale and Jason stop over. Our plan is to hang out, drink, play some cards, drink. We do that but before they arrive Piper asks me what she should wear.

"I'm taking a shower," she says. "Put whatever you want me to wear on the bed."

You're fucking kidding, right? What husband of a hot wife wants that dream? Not to mention a woman putting her wardrobe in the hands of a man. That it trust. If anyone wonders why I love this woman, they should have their head examined.

What to choose, what to choose. She's got these great pair of blue shorts, short and tight and really show off her ass. So, that's a given. Then, I get her Red Sox T-Shirt and want her to do that 'knot-tied-in the-back' thing girls do. I don't know why, but that's hot.

She walks out wearing these things while we're opening our first beers of the afternoon. There couldn't have been a soft dick in the house. Throughout the game she brings us more beer and Luke starts playing grab-ass. We finish our first round of cards and take a break. I decide to take Jason and Dale down to see Piper's father's boat. We're gone about an hour. When we get back, Luke is walking out of our bedroom. I walk in and Piper is in her lacy, black boy shorts, putting her T-Shirt back on. Luke has a big grin on his face. 'Nuff said.

Piper decides to run out for a little shopping. Later, when she returns, we're having a few more cocktails and playing a little PlayStation. It's getting late now. I pull her aside to tell her that I'll sleep in one of the other bedrooms and let the guys know they're free to stop in and see her. She goes off to bed and I invite the guys to take advantage of our hospitality. About a half hour later, Dale disappears. I can still hear them when I go to bed.

To be continued...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sorry Readers...Enjoying the Summer

Sorry Boys and Girls. We know it has been some time. We're just enjoying our summer and trying to get the most out of it while it lasts. Like anything else good, it comes and goes way too fast.

Not much new on the hot wife/swinging front. We've been enjoying some time alone, in an out of the bedroom. Getting reacquainted after a heavy work schedule. It's a trick we learned from some good friends. Every now and then, take some time to be alone with your partner and act like you're dating again. That's what we've been up to.

We hope all our readers and blog friends are doing well and enjoying themselves. We'll probably get back to more frequent posts this fall.

As for the upcoming week, we're off on our annual vacation to Cape Cod. A few friends might pop over as well. I hope to have some fun Piper related things to relay when we return.