Wednesday, December 31, 2008


So, I decided to give Steve what he's always wanted: to see me gang banged. Or, a modified gang bang.

I really can't see myself enjoying sex with a large group of men, especially strangers. So, I called Kit and we put our heads together. She suggested that we throw a little party with the only girls being myself and her. We settled on seven men. A few had scheduling conflicts but the final list was: Steve, Luke, Dale, Jason, Aaron, Michael and Keith. All people we know and like.

The scheduling was tough but we decided on a new Year's Eve party (hence the scheduling problems).

We bought a good supply of liquor and some hors d'oeuvres and we'll see where things go. I feel much more comfortable letting things unfold naturally rather than calling someone and saying, "Hey, I'm rounding up a bunch of studs to fuck me. Want some?"

If it happens it happens. If not, not. At least, as the ultimate gift to Steve, I have set the stage.

On the Saturday after Christmas, Kit and I went shopping and took advantage of some sales. I wanted some new lingerie for the party, something really hot. I picked out a black Merry Widow, some new stockings and a pair of heels. Kit bought similar things but in white.

There is nothing left to do except wait and to have second thoughts as the party approaches.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our friends and readers. This is our first Christmas as Man & Wife and it's been a lot of fun and very special.

We hope you and your family have a great Holiday. Thanks for helping make this a terrific year. Stay safe and stay warm. Now, I'm off to spend most of the day in the kitchen. Time to bake some more cookies. Then, later, I've coaxed Steve into a little Christmas movie marathon: White Christmas and Holiday Inn. I won't tell you how I coaxed him.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Older Man

Alicia has a link to a delightful Older Man, Younger Woman story. To quote Alicia, "Most women, me among them, have a story about being with an older man."

So true. I have my own and I thought I would share.

I was eighteen years old and just starting my senior year of high school. I wasn't a virgin and my sexual experiences were a mixed bag. Michelle was a very good friend. We had met in grade school and had remained friends since that time. She wasn't my best friend but a close friend nonetheless.

Her father, Dan, was old. Real old. He was....forty-two or forty-three! He wasn't so old that he needed a wheelchair or walker. He didn't even use a cane, but the old-age home wasn't too far off.

Dan was one of those perfect guys for a young woman: handsome, athletic, a lawyer that provided for his family. I remember him coming back from long runs, sweat glistening on his face and sinewy arms, shirt damp. I remember thinking about him when I masturbated.

I thought Mrs. Dan the luckiest woman alive. She was just as hot as Dan, by the way. A blond bombshell that spent more time at the gym than at home. It showed, especially in the Summer, by the pool. In our bikinis, she looked 100% woman. I still looked like a flat-chested kid. The perfect couple.

Except, it turned into a really bad Lifetime Movie Network story (as if there's any other kind). She left him. Just upped and walked out one day, or so Michelle said. The wife gave no explanation but was living with someone else within a few months.

Long story short. I was going to ease his pain and make him forget his beautiful wife. I remember making sure I wore hot clothes when I'd be over at Michelle's. I made myself up when I knew he'd be around. I practiced my seductive look. Hey, I was reasonably attractive and lets not forget sophisticated. I knew all about the finer wine coolers. And, I was getting signals from Dan.

I stayed with Michelle one night, after a semi-formal dance at school. When we got back to the house, Michelle went to bed. I stayed up with Dan. We watched some television. He asked about the dance, school and college plans. I got a drink and when I came back I was sure to sit close to him on the couch.

Then, he made his move. He said goodnight and went to bed.

Despite my delusions, Dan was a good, decent man who saw me like a daughter or a niece. Those signals? He was nice and paid attention to his daughter's friend.

What would I have done if he made a move? Probably freak out and run from the room.

That's my older man story. Not hot by any means. But, one with a happy ending. Dan remarried after a few years to lovely woman. I still speak with Michelle once every month or so. We go out if she's in town. I run into Dan sometimes as well. We talk, mostly about what I'm doing and what Michelle is doing. I once confessed that I had had a crush on him. He just laughed in an understanding way, knowing, no doubt, that all teenagers have their delusional moments.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Not much to report, unfortunately.

One of our favorite blogs, Bacon & Lettuce, is back after a short hiatus and we're glad to see them. They're a fun couple with a really hot blog. If you haven't checked them out and your a sex blog fan, they come highly recommended.

I'm making plans for Steve's birthday. I asked for a list of things he might want. I started a tradition a while back: I get him a traditional gift and then something really special. I took him to a strip club a few times and that's always fun for him.

This year the list included, of course, 'gang bang.'

"Don't you think you'd be sore afterwards," I teased.

So, we talked about the possibility of setting up a gang bang. The first real serious talk we've had about such an activity. I pointed out a number of things:

1) I would have some many conditions that there would be no spontaneity;
2) It would be limited to five, maybe six, guys at the most;
3) I would need to choose those guys;
4) They would be guys we've played with previously;
5) I could call it off at anytime, even minutes before;
6) He'd have to respect #5 with no questions asked.

Steve readily agreed to those conditions, which I just pulled out of the air. It really wasn't meant to be an exhaustive list. Rather, just an idea of the restraints on such an activity.

I told him I'd consider it.

I know many women have so-called Rape Fantasy. One of mine is to be gang banged. But, I recognize that many fantasies are just that: Nothing you necessarily want to actually occur in real life, where consequences readily follow.

In the meantime, I'm just about done with the Holiday decorations and I think the house looks great. Very warm and cozy.

I hope your days leading to Christmas are going well. I know it's hectic but I hope you can catch a breather and enjoy the season.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Wanton Maleness

A very Happy Anniversary goes out to Wanton Maleness. WM has been at it for five years now, which must make him something of the Old Man of Sex Blogging. No offense intended, WM.

Wanton Maleness has a wonderful and unique blog. He's happily married to the delightful Pianti and that love comes through crustal clear in his writing. He's also one of the inspirations for my blogging. He's been a good blog friend of ours for many years. Congrats on five years, WM.

Well, I went out to replenish my lingerie a few weeks back. Lingerie plays a big role in our sex life. Steve likes it when I wear "something sexy." I usually put something on about 50% of the time.

I was very disappointed in my shopping. Does anyone know there's a difference between sexy and slutty? Slutty has it's place. I'm no prude but if you're making a large monetary investment you don't want the result to be looking like you just climbed down off a shiny, chrome pole.

One place I do shop is Frederick's of Hollywood. They started out with mostly trashy outfits. Then, about two or three years ago, they began to feature more traditional items with a more classic look. Now, for the most part, they're back to trash. I did, however, buy one item, which you can find in their catalogue:

See, I wanted something cute and...OK...maybe it's a bit too cute.

I put it on for Steve last night. He seemed to appreciate it at first. At least he said he liked it. While we laid on the bed and things heated up, he began to laugh. It went something like this:

Me: What?

Steve: Nothing (more kissing then, more laughing).

Me: What?

Steve: Nothing (yet, more laughing).

Me: What is so funny?

Steve: When my sister was really little, my Mom dressed in these cute, little dresses along with ruffled panties.

So my ruffled panties made my husband feel like a pervert. Mission accomplished, Piper.

No matter, the panties came off quickly. It was funny, though because after they came off and Steve became all business, I would start laughing, wondering if I had scarred Steve. Perhaps for life. As things turned out, I hadn't. He performed admirably.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another Wedding

Piper and I got to go to another wedding on Saturday night. It was fun going to a wedding so soon after our own as ours seemed to fly by so quickly. This time, we could relax and enjoy ourselves.

The wedding was downtown and the reception was at a hotel. I booked us a room so we wouldn't have to worry about driving home. It was a blast. It was great introducing Piper as my wife. Walking into a room with her on my arm made me feel ten feet tall.

Piper wore a really hot dress and I snapped a few pictures. Here's one:

She looked great. At the cocktail hour we separated for a few minutes. I was talking football with some guys and Piper went to get another drink. The next thing I know, she being hit on by some guy.

She talked to him for a few minutes and later I teased her about it. She didn't think he was hitting on her, she thought he was just being friendly. The remainder of the evening proved me right. Even after Piper introduced me as her husband, this guy continued to hit on her.

Let me tell you, it was hot watching this guy hit on my wife. After dinner, while I was at the bar talking to friends, they sat at a table and talked. I was half-listening to the conversation while I watched. When Piper got up to dance, this guy watched her walk towards the dance floor. He then got up and followed her.

Piper wandered over to me and I got her another drink.

"That guy really wants you," I told her.

"Oh, stop that."

I whispered to her: "Every chance he gets he's looking at your ass."

"Oh," she said. "How's that make you feel."

"Instant hard-on," I said.

She discretely brushed-up against me for proof and got it. I was rock-hard. So much so that I had to stand, facing the bar for a few minutes. Suit pants are unforgiving when it comes to erections.

I became very horny watching Piper begin to flirt with the man. I asked her if she wanted me to see if Cooper was available, to meet us after the reception. Maybe join us in our room. She said "Maybe," with a sly grin on her face. I did place the call but he didn't pick-up.

That was fine because we had a hell of a time when we got to the room.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's All About the Pie

I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving. It's really a great Holiday, isn't it? Family, food, fun and a long-weekend. The only thing missing is the hectic lunacy that surrounds Christmas. Quite the perfect Holiday if you ask me.

My big triumph for the week were making two outstanding pies, one blueberry one pumpkin. They came out great. The apple pie, I didn't get quite right. This is a big deal because the older generation of women in my family are big pie makers and you will get graded on your pies. Fortunately, you don't have to show your work. Well, they raved about both, even though I had to use frozen blueberries for the one.

Here's an interesting, new blog for you. Steve and I both enjoy what we've read so far at Broadening our Horizons . Go check it out when you have a minute.

I skipped Black Friday. Too much craziness. I am going shopping today, though. Thought I'd pick up some new lingerie to try on for my Husband. We're going to a wedding tonight. The reception is at a hotel and we booked a room for the night.

Sorry for the lame posts lately but it's just been so crazy the past few weeks.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Few Musings

The ancient Greeks viewed unmarried women of child-bearing years as dangerous and wild: Something to be tamed. I wonder if some residual of our ancestors beliefs have remained with us after all these years.

In the extremely short time I have been married I have noticed a subtle shift in the way I am treated by the women in Steve's family and, to a lesser extent, the women in my family. To be perfectly clear, Steve's Mother, Grandmother and sisters have always treated me with the utmost kindness and love. I have no complaints whatsoever. I am now treated differently, however.

It's difficult to describe this subtle change. It's now as if I'm part of a club. The thing is, I did not know there was a club. My opinions, likes, dislikes seem to be given more weight. I've been consulted about Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The men in Steve's family treat me like they always have, like a daughter or sister or niece. They were, and remain, sweet and protective of me.

Maybe I'm making more out of this than need be. Maybe I'm hyper-sensitive. I find it humorous that after all these years it's the women that seem to impute to marriage a certain stamp of approval while the men treat me as they always have.

On the lighter side, married sex is awesome. We have a ton of morning sex, which I love. Night time sex has been great as well. Very soft and romantic, which I like. In fact, if I could have my way, I'd say 50% hot/hard, treat me like a slut, sex and 50% slow, passionate, romantic, sex would be ideal. I'm sure we'll return to the former soon but there's been a lot of the latter.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

Thanks to all of you for the lovely comments. They are greatly appreciated.

Here's a few random thoughts to buy some time before we resume regular posting (which will be soon). Please use sarcasm detector on a few of these.

1) I'm a wife;

2) I like being a wife;

3) Oddly enough, even though we have gay marriage in this state, I don't feel any less married;

4) I almost never get political on this blog. That is a conscious decision on my part. You can probably guess my politics. So, consider this fashion and not politics: I liked most of Governor Palin's outfits. All except that red, Michael Jackson/Thriller jacket;

5) I could have saved the RNC a ton of money as a shopping consultant: Think Macy's One Day Sale;

6) World Series? What World Series?

7) Marriage not only doubles your joy, it doubles the laundry;

8) Everyone wants to have us over for dinner all of a sudden.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Gone to the Chapel

Well folks, sorry for the lack of posts but we've been busy....getting married. It's a crazy, hectic time but one we'll remember for the rest of our lives.

Yes, it finally happened and we're delighted. Everything went beautifully, not that there weren't some screw-ups, but who cares. I just rolled with it rather than expecting perfection. We had a great time. According to our guests, the reception was great as was the food. not that we'd know. We hardly had the chance to eat. The entire day flew by. It felt like it was over before it began.

I'm so excited to be a Mrs. I'm nearly bursting.

I owe some people some e-mail replies. Please be patient. I haven't forgotten you. I promise.

Be back soon.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Rest of the Story

OK, Piper decided not to write about the remainder of our evening a few weekends ago. So, I thought I'd give it a go. We are both pretty swamped right now but she's got more going on than I do. Frankly, being a groom is a cakewalk compared to the bride thing.

Jason was gung-ho and Aaron....not so much. He was interested, and didn't walk away, but I wasn't convinced he'd go for the foursome thing. I led Piper by the hand into the bedroom. Aaron and Jason followed. They sat down while I displayed my girl. She turned around for them and both Jason and Aaron took turns feeling her ass through that awesome dress. I like bare ass but there's something great about feeling a sweet ass through a tight skirt, dress or jeans. Nothing quite like it.

I removed Piper's dress so she was wearing nothing but a sexy, little thong and her heels. She also had really hot thigh high stockings on. She looked beautiful.

Like Piper, I won't go into graphic detail, not too much, anyway. She ended up on her knees, blowing Jason while Aaron and I watched. Then she worked on me and finally Aaron, who had a difficult time getting hard. Nerves, no doubt because Jason and I were more than hard. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, Jason made a crack about Aaron having trouble staying hard. After a few laughs, Aaron settled down. It may have helped that Piper did not join in the laughter, looked at Aaron and said, "Ignore them." That was kind of hot.

Jason and I ended up sharing Piper for the better part of the evening. We treated her like a slut and she asked for more when we were done with her. I couldn't go again, not for awhile, but it did not take Jason long to recharge his batteries. After taking Piper in the mouth and pussy, he asked if he could fuck her ass. I told him to go for it and she got royally ass-fucked.

Aaron never actually fucked Piper but he did get a good blow job later in the evening and a hand job, with Piper finally jerking him off.

It was a great party and Piper made it a memorable night for three guys. I know she really did it for me and I owe her big time. I have an awesome girl.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Steve and I are happy to see that Nina's back! Her eclectic musings have always been a hit with both of us. We're happy to see Nina back at it. Go get 'em, Sweetie.

Through some comments we found another blog you might enjoy: Shared Cindy. It's a hot wife blog and done quite well. We both enjoy Shared Cindy and thought you might as well.

And Saratoga uncovers some plagiarism in the FemDom blogosphere.

I find the theft of words and ideas despicable and much more disturbing than the theft of personal property. Granted, that's in the abstract. If someone breaks into your home and rifles through your belongings, it's bad. There's the potential for physical violence and the one place where you should always feel safe has been violated. Yet, the motive is apparent and most property can be replaced.

Why steal the thoughts or ideas that someone else has reduced to writing? Especially for a blog. It is inexplicable. And the funny thing is, the worst part of plagiarism is the laziness. Ideas are free for the taking. A young boy, from humble beginnings becomes an important person after a series of challenges? Could be King Arthur, could be Luke Skywalker. Hell, it could be Don Corleone. Steal the idea, but for heaven's sake, do something original with that idea. And do it with some style. You can get away with a lot, if you do it with some style.

Wow, could I be more preachy.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pre-Wedding Fun

Our good friends, Kit and Luke, threw us a little pre-wedding fun last Saturday night. It was an intimate little gathering: Kit, Luke, Jason, Stacy, Aaron....about ten in all. Needless to say, I was very slutty on Saturday night. Shame on me.

Steve received a little gift as well: My first gang bang.

Well, that's an exaggeration. It was sort of a half-gang bang. That is, if six guys is a gang bang. I had a half-bang. Three guys. In truth, Steve coaxed me into it, inviting Jason and Aaron in on the fun.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

We were told to dress-up and we did. Steve went semi-casual, no tie, but a nice sports coat etc. I wore one of my favorite dresses. A cute little number that I consider sexy but not trashy and we all know, sometimes there's a fine line between sexy and trashy. Here's a sneak peek, as I got ready.

The party began with cocktails and fine conversation. Jason and Aaron immediately began to flirt with me while Steve stood there with a big smile on his face. It was actually a very comfortable setting, the lights were low and the drinks helped with the inevitable awkwardness found at the outset most of these parties.

I remember standing by the fireplace, drink in hand when Steve began to feel my ass. Aaron, poor boy, seemed caught off guard because despite being felt up in front of everyone, I continued my chat with Jason.

Steve asked Jason: "Do you want to touch her?"

Jason responded in the affirmative. Steve stepped back and Jason ran his hand down my ass. I have been with Jason on other occasions so we were both pretty comfortable. As we stood around, I saw that the real party had begun. Kit and Stacy had already begun to flirt with the other guys.

Aaron went to get us more drinks and Steve leaned and whispered, "what are you up for tonight?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"I think the four of us should head to a bedroom."

"The four of us," I asked, in mock surprise. "What for?"

"So we can treat you like a little slut."

I reached down and touched Steve. He was very hard. Very, very hard. And I really wanted to be treated like a slut. Every now and then, who doesn't?

Aaron returned with our drinks and we talked some more. Things started to heat up a bit, with the guys taking turns running their hands over my hips and ass. At one point, Steve was behind me, damn near dry humping me. Aaron looked uncomfortable but interested.

"She's offered to take on all three of us," Steve said to Aaron. "Game?" Not exactly accurate but...

We went to a bedroom. I'm not sure Aaron was really game, or me for that matter, but off we went. I'm not sure if I'll describe the rest. Sex is sex and sometimes reading about the appetizer is more fun than reading about the main course.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Reader Questions - II

Here's Part - II of my response to a reader inquiry. See the previous post for the first part of the question.

First, the question:

Also, what would happen if either of you requests that the other not participate in physical relationships outside your future marriage or current relationship? Is that something that either of you have contemplated? I was wondering what would happen if either of you decides that they no longer wanted to share the other with another person outside the relationship? Which leads me to ask, is the swinging a vital aspect of your relationship or just an entertaining mutual interest between the two of you that you could easily walk away from if the other person wanted to stop swinging.

Whew! That is the heart of the matter, isn't it. What would happen if.....?

Again, this is quite easy for me and I hope easy for Steve (but I'll let him respond if he chooses).

I would be perfectly happy in a monogamous relationship. More importantly, if Steve asked me to stop having sex with others, I wouldn't hesitate to comply with that request. I would not think twice.

Unlike some, that's an easy question for me to answer. Steve loves seeing me with other men and women. It's his fantasy and it's come true. As I've said before, I enjoy it and I enjoy pleasing Steve. However, if he ever wanted me to stop that would mean he no longer gets off on seeing me with other people. I wouldn't want to do something my partner does not like.

Would I miss it? To a certain extent, yes. It is enjoyable. In the long run I could live quite happily in a monogamous relationship. Swinging is not vital to the relationship, just an unorthodox adjunct to the relationship.

VSK also left a comment on the last post:

I like this sentence: "If you love someone, you honor reasonable requests." What if your partner makes what you think is an unreasonable request? Ah, your way sounds good, but I have had some difficulty with reason and emotion. Sometimes you can get two strong answers.

Fair question and one I probably can't answer to any one's satisfaction. When it comes to mere swinging, as opposed to a relationship, I think it's eminently reasonable to say: "Don't fuck that person." That's just the way I feel. I don't see how it's ever unreasonable to make that request.

Now, if you're heavy into the polyamorous thing, meaning having an emotional and physical relationship with someone else, that's a problem. Speaking for myself, I wonder if sustaining two relationships isn't too much for most people over the long haul. The second relationship will probably fizzle out under a myriad of constraints, both emotional and practical. So, I guess, if I wanted Steve to stop seeing Chase, I suppose I would wait for it to fizzle out and then ask him not to see other people. I think that's reasonable.

What for me seems unreasonable, or at least unfair, is it accept Steve and Chase's relationship for more than a year and then suddenly ask him to cut her off. Even if I want that, it strikes me as unfair. I like playing fair.

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome on these sometimes troublesome issues.

Later, I hope to tell you about the party Kit and Luke threw for us over the weekend. It was kind of a last hurrah before the wedding.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Reader Questions

Today, we bring you another edition of Reader Questions.
I read a some of your latest entries and was wondering what happens if either you or Steve objects to the other's partner that you want to have a physical relationship with, will you honor the other's request to not have a physical relationship with that person?

Also, what would happen if either of you requests that the other not participate in physical relationships outside your future marriage or current relationship? Is that something that either of you have contemplated? I was wondering what would happen if either of you decides that they no longer wanted to share the other with another person outside the relationship? Which leads me to ask, is the swinging a vital aspect of your relationship or just an entertaining mutual interest between the two of you that you could easily walk away from if the other person wanted to stop swinging.

Now, let is bring in our roundtable. Just joking.

I love reader inquiries because it gives me something to post when I have nothing. So, thank you for the question.

The first question is easy: Yes! I will always honor any of Steve's requests to cease a relationship. I believe Steve would as well since he has in the past. I really think this is a no-brainer, at least for us. Steve is ready, willing and eager to share me with some men. After those encounters our relationship goes on, happy and healthy. If he objects to someone, then I have to hear and respect that objection, no questions asked. Since Steve instigates most encounters, this is rarely an issue. It's not as if I'm trolling the bars at night bringing home strangers.

There was a time when I had to chat with Steve about some of his choices. He was fooling around with some people I did not consider mature enough to handle things. He dated a girl a few years younger than he was and she didn't seem capable of handling things. I did not want some chick showing up on my doorstep some night crying or yelling or making a scene. Drama loses it's appeal when you hit a certain age. I suggested he be more selective. Steve took that to heart and he has been more selective.

If you love someone, you honor reasonable requests. It's not as if you're asking someone to change the type of coffee they drink.

I abhor control freaks. One thing I do not do is keep track of Steve's doings, on any level. If he says, 'I'm going out with the guys,' I do not ask with whom, where, when , what... This has borne the unexpected fruit of being informed of his plans, in detail. I mean, leave it to men: Don't pry and they open up. Pry and they snap shut like a bear trap.

I'll address the remainder of the question next time. I'll open up the comments. We'd love for others to relay their thoughts or experiences on this issue.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bachelor Party - II

Like I said, things can be awkward with threesomes. I did not know exactly what to expect when we went back to Chase's apartment. Sex was in the air, creating an almost electrical charge. No one wanted to make the first move. I didn't, because I can be a real coward about rejection. The idea of moving in on Sarah and having her look at me like I'm a pervert - despite the fact I am - was uncomfortable.

Luckily, Chase is a go-for-it kind of girl. Clothes were soon off and Chase and Sarah took turns sucking on my cock. I'm not complaining, mind you, but looking down and seeing two women sharing your cock is enough to make any man explode. I had to pull them off more than once.

The sex was really good, after we got over that awkwardness. Chase rode me first while Sarah waited her turn. Chase and Sarah did not fool around with one another, not that I didn't try. They are just friends, nothing physical, not even in a situation like this.

Between the booze and the condom I was able to hold out long enough for both Sarah and Chase to cum. Naturally, I didn't want the night to end. So, before I came, we fooled around some. I finger-fucked both of them and ate Chase until she came again. Finally, Sarah got to bounce up and down on my cock, making me cum. It was one tremendous orgasm.

So, I'm spent. Sarah and Chase take turns sucking me to get me hard again. It's now late, late at night, everyone is exhausted and we called it quits.

I really wish I had the stamina the porn guys have.

I owe Chase big-time for that little party.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bachelor Party - I

Last Saturday Chase threw me her version of a bachelor party. You have to admire a girlfriend that will throw a party for you when she's not the one you're marrying.

We went out with a few of her friends to a local watering hole. After plying me with drinks - I did not overdue it - Chase and three of her friends, took me to a strip joint. I actually enjoyed the company of Chase and her friends very much. Not that some of the dancers weren't great. They were, especially this one brunette. She was very short and petite, but had a body to die die for. I got a lap dance or two from the brunette. She was very friendly.

Once we left the club, Chase and her friend, Sarah, decided to take me to another bar. We said goodbye to the others and walked a few blocks to one of their favorite places.

Sarah is one of Chase's swinger friends. The other friends were not, which was strange because Sarah was more quiet and reserved than the others. Sarah's pretty, with medium length brown hair and a large build. Not fat, but she is on the heavier side. I'm not passing judgment, just trying to paint a picture here. She's a person you don't realize is pretty until she smiles or laughs. She really has great eyes.

I had a great time. I dare say I know few men who wouldn't have had a great time. It was a local place, dark, crowded with really loud music. One minute Chase would have her arm around me and then Sarah. After a shot or two made me brave, I walked up behind Sarah and put my arms around her waist. She didn't mind at all and even pressed her ass against my front. I grew very hard which seemed to please her.

Sarah cocked her head and whispered something in my ear. I grinned and nodded but, in truth, the music was way too loud and I couldn't actually hear what she said. So, I have zero idea what I'm agreeing to. She could have said, "The band is great." Or, "You have a tiny cock."

We closed the place and took a cab to Chase's. Chase asked if I would mind if Sarah joined us for the rest of the night. This was her surprise for me. I readily agreed. I mean, come on!

There were some awkward moments back at Chase's. There almost always are awkward moments with these things, especially with someone new. But, with three drunk people, there are always funny things that break the ice.

In addition to being a great lady, I will say that Sarah gives great head.

I'll add a few more details in a few days.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

We apologize for the lack of posts. Things have been hectic, with the wedding fast approaching. That may slow things down here from time to time for the next month or so. I hope it doesn't slow things down too much.

Chris and I had a terrific time last weekend and went out again last night. Steve had a date with Chase, who threw him something of a bachelor party. I didn't ask about details and I'm not sure if I want to know. Steve's been a real prince lately, doing all he can to help out with things, so he deserves a good time with Chase.

In the meantime, a reader asked for some advice about anal sex. Hmmm. I'll give it a go. I'm not exactly sure where to start. I suppose there are three attitudes: 1) Like it; 2) Don't like it; 3) Will do it but not into it.

I understand the first two attitudes but not the third. If you are participating in anal but don't like it, for any number of reasons, there's no advice or insight I can give anyone. On the other hand, if you are exploring anal sex and have some issues, some insight or advice may help. First, some background on my experiences and thoughts.

I experienced anal sex before vaginal sex. I was in high school and my boyfriend and I had a lot of oral and anal sex. Or, I should say, that oral and anal sex was a large part of my sex life. It began at his request and I often thought of it as foolproof birth-control. The first time was actually pretty good. We were both drunk and he came quickly. The second time was rough. After that, I made sure to have super-sized, family-size lube nearby whenever we got together.

My only advice is:

1) Take it slow;
2) Lube;
3) Relax;
4) Lube.
5) Remind him an ass isn't a pussy;
6) Lube.

As for positions, I'd start with female on top. You can control everything that way. After that, try the missionary position. I often climax in this position quite easily. Lastly, is doggie-style. Guys always want to try this position first. It must be the porn. You should work your way up to this position. It's the trickiest and can often hurt if you lack experience or have an unskilled partner.

It isn't a bad idea to work up to a full-size cock by using a small dildo. That may help if you want to try anal but are stressing about his size.

Good luck and be careful. See you soon.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Surprise Visit

I had a surprise phone call and visit from Chris on Wednesday night. We had not spoken for a few weeks, all though there were two or three 'Hey, how are you?' e-mails. He called about 8:00PM and said he was at a nearby bookstore. Could he stop by?

I gave him a casual, devil-may-care, yes, as long as he didn't mind if I was all ready for bed. Meaning, in my PJ's. I then proceeded to almost break my neck running upstairs to change out of what I normally wear to bed into a pair of sexy panties and a nice, silky, top. I teased my hair and quickly applied some makeup. You know, all the things we girls do before going to bed alone. Except, I was also cold so I wrapped myself in a warm, cozy blanket.

Chris arrived about a half hour later. God, he looked great. He really did. He gave me a quick hug and kiss. We sat on the couch, talked and watched some television. It was awkward at first. He felt it as well because out of nowhere he blurts out: "How are the wedding plans coming?"

This from a man that has never acknowledged the wedding. That lack of acknowledgment is understandable but it's why the question surprised me. I looked at him and then we both laughed. The last shreds of reconnecting slipped away and the ice melted.

I went to get some wine. I returned and handed a glass to Chris. He took the glass, placed it on the end table and pulled the blanket from around my shoulders. Then he scooped me into his lap. His mouth met mine as he fumbled with my shirt buttons.

"Do you mind?" He asked.

"A little late to be asking, don't you think?' I told him that when your hand is in a girl's panties and she doesn't slap, push or scream, asking is not really required.

"You're an awesome girl."

Now, when I was twenty-five I may have bristled at being called a girl. At thirty-two, preceded by the word awesome, I was OK with that.

Chris was completely hard so I unzipped his pants, got on the floor and administered what he later described as the best blowjobs he ever experienced. When he was about to cum he tried to push me away. I wouldn't let him and he came in my mouth. He came so much that I had trouble keeping up with it and some dripped out.

"What about you?"

I started to rub myself while Chris watched. After a minute or two he stood, undressed and told me he was: "Definitely ready."

"For what," I teased. I stared at him, cum on my chin, playing with my pussy.

"To fuck you."

"Where do you want to fuck me, with that huge cock."

"First your pussy," he said. He pulled me up from the floor to lead me to the bedroom.

"Then," he said, "I want your ass. It's been too long."

Well, needless to say, he got his wish. Chris even stayed the night, called the next day and we're going to a party tonight.

What's up with Chris? I do not know.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Links & Kinks

OK, just links.

First, due to a comment, we discovered one very fine blog. Go visit My Sexy Hot Wife. It's a husband's story guessed it. His sexy hot wife. Sex blog fans, I think you'll enjoy the blog. And based on the pictures, there is definitely truth in advertising.

Tom Paine's Polyamorously Perverse is on hiatus: Whether temporary or permanent, we do not know. We wish Tom and his paramour the best of luck in the future. Tom was a unique voice in the blog world: Fun, insightful and unflinching in the face of criticism and controversy. He will be missed.

If you are looking for some good reads, you have to check out Married Exploits and their recent posts. It details their recent meeting with another couple and the resultant adventures. It's a scorcher.

I've also added some more chapters to Ancient Evenings, my foray into fiction.

Happy reading and see you in a few days.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Position on a Position

Sex is many thing: Intimate, romantic, intense and yes, funny. Nothing lends itself to sexual humor like various sexual positions. Chickpea's classic blog, On the Prowl, is a trove of wonderful posts. Her recent one involves a sexual position that seems more like urban legend than an actual physical possibility. I speak, of course, of .... propeller sex?

The answer to the question, 'can it be done,' is second only to the question, 'why would you want to do it?' I suppose the answer to the second question is linked to the first: Because it can be done. Not unlike the reason for climbing Mount Everest.

Also, as pointed out by Chickpea, the position gives the woman a birds-eye view of the least appealing portions of a man's body. Of course, not all male ass is created equal. The male bodies that make many women moist are rarely attached to men we actually meet. Most of us don't meet and date male models, Olympic athletes and ballet dancers. We meet and date men that may or may not have nice builds. But, it's one thing for a 6ft man to have size 34 waist and broad shoulders (that's a nice build), it's quite another for him to have me pinned to the bed, spinning around with his ass in my face. There are some male asses I wouldn't mind in my face. The chances of me meeting the men attached to those asses (or is it assi) is remote. More remote is the chance that I'd be in a position to turn down or accept sex with these men.

Part of this is because my picture of 'masculinity' is primarily non-visual. It's a personality, a character an attitude. In many cases we have sex with you despite your body, not because of it (OK, that was a joke). It's just that looks and body don't matter too much to many women, especially after we get to know the person. It's how a man makes us feel. That's not to say we don't like a handsome face or someone in reasonably good shape. We do. It's just a small part of a much broader package.

I've digressed. In summation, just say no to propeller sex. It gives dirty sex a bad name.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Party Time

The party was fun and well-attended by some of our favorite couples. Piper attracted the attention of several men but Luke made his intentions clear from almost the beginning of the evening. I caught him grabbing her ass at least twice. Which was fine because Kit and I both saw him do it and we both found it amusing. Subtle, my friend is not.

Couples began to disappear to various parts of the house. Luke led us to their bedroom as special guests of the hosts.

There's nothing quite like watching two beautiful women kiss and feel each other up. Really, is there anything quite like that? Piper and Kit fell back, onto the bed, and started to kiss and run their hands over each other. Kit, being the more aggressive of the two, began to pull Piper's skirt and thong off and then was between her legs. By the time they assumed the sixty-nine position, I really could not take it any more.

Luke and I joined them on the bed. I went for Kit and Luke for Piper but Kit pushed us both away. She wasn't finished with Piper. She sat down on Piper's face and they continued to fuck for a few more minutes until Kit came.

That out of the way, we got to play. Luke started in on Piper while Kit and I watched and played with one another. Luke is aggressive, more aggressive than I am and he definitely appreciates a woman on the submissive side. Piper, for her part, responds to Luke's aggressiveness more readily than she will to other men. She's just very compliant with Luke. He'll call her a whore or slut and she does just about everything he asks.

I'll let your imaginations do most of the work. He did face fuck her, hard and fast, until she could barely breath. I was actually about to intervene when Luke took her by the hair, yanked her head back, and I saw the smile on her face.

Kit and I joined them on the bed and just about everything else is a blur. The next vivid image was after I came. Luke was fucking Piper, doggie-style, in the ass. Which, if you saw the size of Luke, would know it's an amazing feat. Unfortunately, I was pretty well spent. Kit, on the other hand, decided to join her boyfriend and Piper, encouraging him to fuck Piper harder, slap her ass and pull her hair. Kit even joined in on the fun, slapping Piper's ass and doing some hair pulling of her own. Basically, they treated her like a fuck toy.

When he was done with her, Luke started in on Kit. Piper just laid there, still on her hands and knees, for a few seconds. I asked her if she was OK and when she looked at me, I knew the answer. She positively glowed.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Agony and Ecstasy

We hope everyone ended Summer with a bang. We sure did.

At first, it looked like our weekend would be pretty laid-back. Instead, Kit and Luke invited us to a little party on Saturday night. Yes, that kind of party. We were both very excited. It's been a long time since we've partied like this. True, Piper seemed less enthused than me at first. But, she came around.

She could not decide what to wear so asked me what I thought. Now, I'm the first to admit that my fashion sense is sometimes challenged. Piper says I have 'hit-and-miss' taste. Sometimes I'm spot on and sometimes not.

For Saturday night, picked out a black mini-skirt and a green top for Piper. She approved, adding some black stockings and a pair of heels.

About an hour before the party, Piper was in the bathroom, in front of the mirror, wearing nothing but her thong, stockings and bra, applying her makeup. I sat back on the bed and watched her through the door. I wonder if women know how hot a sight that is: watching your Babe apply her makeup. It's just hot. So very feminine. So, I watched her and, of course, grew hard.

When she was finished, she came into the bedroom, kissed me and felt my hard cock.

"Hmmm," she said. "What's going on here?"

Piper knelt down, unzipped my pants and gripped my cock. With her thumb, she gently rubbed the underside, the most sensitive part.

"You really want to cum," she said, watching my face.

"Oh yes."

"How bad do you want to cum?"

"Real bad." I was in a tremendous sexual quandary. Did I come now, not knowing how I'd react later in the evening or save my self?

She looked up at me, with her beautiful, green-hazel, eyes. "Anything in particular you'd like tonight?"

I thought about it. "I'd like to watch you and Kit fuck."

She looked contemplative and then stood up. "That's a possibility," she said. Then she began to dress.

Agony and ecstasy.

I'll fill you in on what actually happened next time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to Please a Woman

...or at least this woman.

This post was suggested by a reader. He made the suggestion after my post on how to please a man. Since I'm suffering from bloggers block lately I thought his idea might help me out a bit. Like the previous post, this is all about what happens between the sheets....or on top of the sheets or with no sheets at all.

Like men, all women are different when it comes to pleasure. Nonetheless, are a few things that, if not universal, are generally applicable to all women. So, without further ado, How to Please a Woman.

I could start with something sarcastic and say: Turn into a bag of Hershey Chocolate Kisses at 1:00AM, but I would never say that. I wouldn't even think that.

1. Desire - Nothing physical required. A woman wants to be desired. Don't be shy. Express that desire in words. I've heard men say they feel self-conscious about expressing desire. They completely miss the point. It's about her, not about feeling self-conscious. Feeling desired is a wonderful aphrodisiac. Tell her she's beautiful, gorgeous, hot....whatever words you would use. Expressing a desire for her when you have zero chance of getting laid is also a great idea. It has a sincerity that is sometimes missing when you say it while your cock is already in her mouth.

2. Foreplay - Personally, I can't overstate how much I love foreplay. This is a great time for expressing desire (see #1 above). Remember, we are not the visual creatures that men are. Recently, a woman sent Steve a photo of herself exposing her breasts. He was turned on by this naked stranger. But guys, a picture of you naked? Not so much. There are exceptions of course (just about any member of the US Olympic Swim Team comes to mind) but those are few and far between. Point is, expressing desire and foreplay lead us to wanting you. We don't go straight for the cock. I know some men view foreplay like the National Anthem before a big game: Yes, they love their country but they want to get to the first pitch. Try engaging in foreplay until she can't take it anymore. It might take a while but it'll be worth the wait.

3. Express Excitement - When it comes to sex, stoicism is bad. Nothing is worse than being with a man that lies there, quietly. We have egos and we want to know we're pleasing you. Tell us what feels good. You'll get more of it, trust me.

4. Priority - Try to have her climax first. It sounds selfish but it makes sense. When a man goes too far too fast the night might end prematurely. By ensuring that she cums first, some of the pressure is off. It doesn't matter how: Fingers, mouth or a combination of both.

5. Expand the Map - Sex often focuses on the obvious parts of the body: Tits, pussy, ass. Don't forget about other areas. Attention to areas such as the neck, shoulders and back can reap great rewards for both people. Any part of the body can be an erogenous zone. That's different than saying every part of the body should be an erogenous zone but that's all up to you.

6. Pace - During a good speech, the speaker will often vary the volume of their voice. We tend to pay more attention to a speaker when they get louder or when their voice falls below normal volume. This variety also works during sex when it comes to pace. It can't be all fast and hard or all slow and soft. Mixing it up is good. We can become overstimulated, especially after an orgasm. If a woman stops you, it's not because she doesn't like it, it's usually just the opposite. Concentrate on something else for a while and we'll be ready again real soon.

Well, that's it for now. Nothing I've mentioned is any huge secret and it may not work for every woman. We're all different. The above is the formula that works for me. Some might find it ironic that there's virtually nothing mentioned about actual penetration (aside from the pace comment). I can't speak for anyone else but me but I think you'll find that for many women the most important parts of sex occur before and after actual penetration and the greatest erogenous zones are the heart and mind.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Quiet Life

Not much to report on our end. Things are pretty quiet. We did get a question from a regular reader. He asked if we ever watched Swingtown?

That's an easy one: No. Not only haven't we watched Swingtown, we haven't even heard anything about the show. So, if you have seen the show, share your thoughts. Frankly, we're more into shows like Lost and Prison Break.

Since we can't offer you anything salacious, we thought we'd pass on a few new links. We discovered both blogs after checking our stat counter, something we don't often do. Therefore, we're always late in thanking those that have linked to Babylon Visited.

First up is Bacon & Lettuce. This is a really fun blog and we're having fun going through their archives. They look like a fun couple and we think you'll enjoy not only the entries but also the photographs. She is one hot lady. So enjoy. It's easily one of the better blogs we've stumbled upon.

Next is Sexy Wife In Georgia. She's a sexy wife. In Georgia. She doesn't update much but it's still a fun read.

So, since we're so boring, we recommend those fine products. We think you'll like them and if you don't, you can return them, no questions asked.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Reader Questions

I received an e-mail from a reader (name withheld) so I thought I'd share:

I am married with two young boys and have found that just managing one relationship and being a Father is exhausting. I find that what I crave most is not more sex or other relationships outside of my marriage but more time to myself and freedom to do things that I want to do. My own experience made me wonder about you and other bloggers that I have read; how are you able to balance the demands of multiple relationships that involve sex and intimacy with someone outside of your primary relationship? Do you feel as though you give as much to both partners? Or is the secondary relationship primarily just a sexual outlet? I also am curious about your thoughts on what will happen if you have a family would you still pursue relationships outside your marriage?

All good questions. I will share my thoughts on those issues and I encourage other bloggers to share their thoughts as well.

I've tried one relationship outside of my main relationship with Steve. By relationship I mean spending a lot of time together outside of the bedroom, going on dates, talking, holding hands, sharing hopes, dreams and developing emotional intimacy. That relationship was with Chris and although everyone went into that relationship knowing Steve was my main man, it was difficult, messy and exhausting.

That's still true. I haven't written about Chris in a while but he's still somewhere in the picture. Where exactly is hard to define. The relationship is currently in a vampire-like state: neither living nor dead. Hence, my vow to never, ever try a second relationship again. The emotional toll is too high for everyone.

The current 'other man' is Cooper and that relationship is much easier. He's a great guy and fun to be with but it's mostly bedroom stuff and it's always at Steve's instigation. Not that I don't enjoy my time with Cooper and pleasing Steve. But, if Steve wanted to go totally monogamous tomorrow, that would be fine with me. Cooper has become part of our sex life but not an intimate part of my life.

So, it's really not that time consuming, anymore. If you read the archives, there's actually not much actual swinging going on this past year. It was time consuming when Chris and I were in high gear. It was exhausting. I was tired, lost weight and in retrospect, stressed-out much of the time. I did feel like I gave too much, which was frustrating because Chris felt like I was not giving enough. Steve saw the stress and suggested I slow down a bit.

As for having a family, we'll have to discuss that when it happens. I do want babies and from what I've seen and heard, it will be tough finding time to be intimate with Steve, let alone anyone else. I suspect that raising children dampens the sex lives of the most enthusiastic swingers.

That's about it from my perspective. We'd love to hear from others on this topic: their thoughts and how they've approached or handled the same situation.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thank You X 3

Over the weekend we received an e-mail from Audacia Ray about being featured in the Village Voice's Naked City blog. We agreed. It was a lot of fun and we'd like to thank Audacia for the opportunity. It was very cool for a modest, little blog to be featured.

We also want to thank Wanton Maleness for mentioning us to Audacia. He's a great blogger, a good blog friend and was recently highlighted in Naked City as well. He was also featured in Ellie Lumpesse's series on Musings on Masculinity. So, he's hit the big time. We hope he remembers us when he's famous.

Seriously, when people on our blog roll (and he and Chickpea may have been the first bloggers to link to me when I started) get recognition, we always try to acknowledge it on this blog.

Finally, we'd like to take the time to thank those of you who read us, comment here and have added us to their blog roll. It means a lot to us. Thank you.

I've always liked Wanton Maleness for a number of reasons. Although his posts on sex can be fun and hot, I like him most when he explores that mysterious, semi-mythological land of male emotions. Sex and sex-related blogs still seems dominated by females. There are great, male bloggers but not all of them write about what goes on in the heart. The male reticence to verbalize what they're feeling seems to have spilled over into writing. Wanton Maleness explores that undiscovered country.

When I'm in emotional turmoil, I want to talk. And talk. And talk. I work my way through things while talking to Steve or a friend. Men, Steve in particular, have a need to resolve things before they talk. The conversation usually ends up like this, "I acted that way because I was feeling...." It would be nice to be let in on what's going on while it's going on. I think most men are like that. I do not think it will change.

Perhaps it's their way of being strong for themselves and for us. If so, I love them for that. Just remember, we want to know you, even when you're not at your strongest. We like to feel not merely wanted, but needed. But not too needed.

So, to you men out there: If you find the perfect blend of masculinity and sensitivity, are strong when we need you're strength, vulnerable when we want you vulnerable and verbalize your emotions, but not too much, we'll be happy.

Who says we're not easy to please?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Added Feature

I've been pecking away at a new project. I wanted to try my hand at Erotica but two things became obvious: 1) There are enough talented and not so talented erotic writers in Cyberia and 2) I would fall into the 2nd category.

Instead, I've created something that combines myth, legend, humor and smut (not Erotica, just plain smut) with a modern sensibility. I call it Homer-Erotica. I'm not promising anything grand but I hope it's fun and I hope a few of you take a look. Now that the dog days of Summer are here, I thought it be a good time to roll it out. I will probably add a chapter every two or three weeks.

You can find it at Ancient Evenings, available only at Babylon Visited (at no extra charge).

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tales from The Cape - II

As Piper said, our vacation went very well.

We invited Cooper out to stay with us. He wasn't sure he could make it and both Piper and I were disappointed. Then, at about 6:00PM on Tuesday night he called to say that he would be arriving late and to keep the light on for him.

In anticipation, I picked out something for Piper to wear. Something I had recently purchased for her. When she got out of her bath she saw the out fit laid out on the bed.

"What's that?"she asked. Her face had a funny look.

"Something fun I picked up for this week."

"Oh," she said. "I thought the cat had puked."

Piper often describes my taste in lingerie for her as 'Hit & Miss.'

Instead, she put on the boy short set that Cooper has always admired. She looked fantastic, as always. We watched t.v. for an hour and went to bed around 10:00PM. Piper fell asleep, but I couldn't so I got up, read and waited for Cooper.

Cooper finally arrived near midnight. We drank a beer or two and he went to freshen up.

I suggested he wake Piper if he wanted. He wasn't sure and felt bad about waking her up. I told him to trust me. Cooper disappeared into the bedroom and about ten minutes later, I followed.

I walked in to find my Baby on her knees and Cooper sitting on the edge of the bed. He had a satisfied look on his face. "I said you could wake her up."

When she was done blowing him, Piper climbed on top of Cooper and rode him hard. She appreciated that he was tired and did most of the work. I left them alone for a few minutes. Cooper must have perked-up because when I returned he was on top of Piper, pounding the hell out of her. From the doorway, all I could see was her feet high in the air and her face over his shoulder, eyes shut, mouth open as if in pain. I know that look and she came shortly thereafter. Cooper soon followed and collapsed on top of her.

I kissed her goodnight and told Cooper he could share her bed for the night and I slept in the adjoining bedroom. Needless to say, I started to jerk off. I heard the bathroom door and then Piper came into my room. She kissed me, thanked me and then gave me a tremendous hand job before returning to Cooper.

I drifted off to the sound of them fooling around again. A happy man.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tales from the Cape

Our official summer vacation was everything a vacation should be. The week was relaxing and although we do not travel that great a distance, traffic was stress free. The weather wasn't great but on the whole, no too bad. Thursday saw rain, but that's fine. Nothing like cuddling-up with a good book on a rainy day.

We spent the first three days alone. Just Steve and I. We even made a pact not to discuss the wedding. A pact we almost kept.

I love the time I spend at the house and hope to get back there for at least one long weekend before summer ends. I love waking to the sounds of the ocean. I love that the sound of a phone seems alien. I love that the television, and even the radio, is rarely on.

Most of all, the entire atmosphere does two things to Steve:

1) Makes him more amorous and horny;
2) Makes him more intimate.

Why amorous and horny? I make a distinction. For me amorous implies a full range of romantic actions: holding hands, long walks, talking, staring into each others eyes, discussing important things. Horny to me implies a much more base instinct. These getaways bring out the romantic in Steve and the animal. It's kind of like living with Larry Talbot, without the claws.

I got to see both sides and liked it.

Our first night ended in a slow, passionate, lovemaking session after sharing a wonderful Petite Syrah. It was an intimate night with a lot of hand holding and gazing into eyes (each others). I needed to be held, told I was beautiful, told that I was loved.

I thought the next night would be a pass. Both of us were exhausted and ready for bed early. But no. In contrast to the previous evening, where we evoked Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in From Here to Eternity, Sunday night was like a scene from Bend Over Babes. Heck, I thought afterwards that Steve might thank me, throw a few dollars onto the damp mattress and leave.

Later in the week we had some friends over. That's for the next post.

And before I forget, and I usually do:

A big thanks to our friends at Erotic Union for riffing on my last post. It's always an honor when fellow bloggers dedicate an entire entry to something you've written. They've become pretty good friends as well. Thanks Guys!

Alicia's got a great post at Night Orchid. One I really enjoyed. I suspect male road trips are not quite the same.

One of the best male bloggers, Wanton Maleness, has an intense post. As I mentioned in a comment to him, I thought it was powerful but made me vaguely uneasy. Not uneasy in a negative way, just uneasy.

And The Butterfly Temptress has been back for a while. This post is why I missed her.

Finally, does anyone else find it amusing that Blogger spellcheck doesn't recognize the term 'bloggers?'

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to Keep Your Man Happy....

Yes, like most female sex bloggers I get the occasional e-mail asking me how to keep a man happy. They are sincere requests. My usual reply is sincere as well: I have no real idea how to keep a man happy. I believe I keep a particular man happy but as for men....I've been dumped more than once so I obviously lack a secret formula. However, I will share my thoughts.

Most of these e-mails, and I only get one or two every few months, are explicitly or implicitly couched in sexual terms. Therefore, I will offer my thoughts on the bedroom aspect of the relationship with the caveat that great sex enhances good and great relationships but does not create relationships or save relationship.

1. Recognize that Men are Individuals:

Seriously. They are, especially after the age of 25. As much as women don't deserve treatment as a monolithic block, men don't either. Did I just use the term 'monolithic block' on a sex blog? I think I did. Is that a first?

2. Appreciate that His Sex Drive is Different:

Seriously. Every woman who isn't a virgin knows this and the smart ones don't take it personally. His sex drive is very visual and on many days not what we'd consider romantic. Sure, we love it when Cinderella rides off with the Prince in his carriage, but we know that later on she might just be on her hands and knees, ass in the air. But, since he's visual, use it. That means lingerie, maybe just a pair of heels, or maintaining eye contact during a blow job (see #3). And don't worry about feeling silly. I once did a striptease for Steve and felt utterly clumsy and ridiculous. He thought it was hot. The best part about #2 is that once you take his sex drive into consideration you now have the authority to request that he take your sex drive into consideration. Now that I just treated men as a monolithic block, lets move on.

3. Blow Jobs:

Blow jobs are like pizza or beer: they have to really suck before you push them away. If you refuse to perform orally there's not really anything we can do for you. If you won't go down on your man chances are some woman has done so in his past. He knows what he's missing. A woman who won't give, at the very least, a workmanlike, enthusiastic blow job is like a major league pitcher without a change-up. You might make it to the majors, but you won't be staying.

4. Don't take His Fantasies Seriously:

Talking and fantasizing during sex can be very hot. Just remember, if you ask him to fantasize out loud and he says something like, :"I'd love to watch you with two men," don't look at him like you just discovered severed human heads in his closet. Most people don't really want a sexual fantasy to become reality. Many women, not me, fantasize on some variation of the abduction/rape scenario. No one has ever told me they want it to happen.

5. Communicate:

Cliche? Yes. Once you get over the embarrassment hurdle, tell him what you like (which by implication alerts him to what you don't like if he at least has a high school diploma and if he doesn't have a high school diploma....). Find out what he likes. Oh, before I forget, if you don't use much profanity in your daily life, toss in an occasional "fuck me." It will shock him and turn him on. A great formula. Just don't overuse the line.

6. Money Shot:

At least once in his life he'll want to emulate a porn movie. Let him ejaculate in your mouth. If you just can't, let him ejaculate on your face. If that's still a 'no go' you have tits, a stomach, a back....Although I usually have no problems with swallowing or a facial, I completely understand it if you do. But, there are other parts of your body and it's cum, not battery acid.

7. Tell Him He's Big:

Tell him he's big.

If you do all of these things, or most of them, I think your Man will be happy in the bedroom. If he doesn't appreciate those things, to hell with him. Still, I believe most men will more than appreciate your efforts. Just my thoughts.

Back soon with some vacation stories.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back to Reality

We have returned from a week of torturous sun, sand and ocean. As wonderful as seaside vacations are, I think I would get bored with it after....three or four years.

In our absence a few people have linked to us. I'd like to thank them: la Petite Mort, about a long-distance, extra-marital affair; the Sexual Exploration Blog and Lucky. Thanks so much. We look forward to exploring your writings and hopefully we'll send some readers your way.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Nina at Lazy Geisha. Sounds like an interesting birthday party. In her post-party post, Nina asks that age-old question: "How does one go about getting themselves into a position where they have their naked bottom out in front of 20 other people?”

Of course, the answer is Jello shots. Which is why I don't drink much or do Jello shots or even eat Jello. Happy Birthday, Sexy.

Also, Tom Paine was the subject of a radio interview. You can go here for a link to listen to the interview. Congrats to Tom. How exciting. Tom's a good choice for an interview. He thinks before he writes and isn't afraid to say something controversial if it advances the dialogue. However, he isn't into controversy for it's own sake.

Finally, we bid goodbye to Sexy Duet. The lovely lady behind that blog has closed down shop after a betrayal in her relationship. We send her our best wishes and hope she stays in touch. Good Luck, Sweetie.

Later, I hope to relate some of our vacation stories. See you soon.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Break

Steve and I are out of here for a week of sand and surf. I'll see you when we get back,

In the meantime, if you're looking for some good reads, I urge you to take a look at the blogs on our blog roll, if you haven't already. They're great reads and are highly recommended.

We'll see you in about ten days. Be happy, be safe and have a terrific week.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is New

While Steve showered after a long day at work, I lay on his bed. I wore my favorite boy shorts: blue and lacy with the matching halter-top. I tried out various positions trying to look feline and seductive. That just made me feel silly.

He seemed to take forever in the shower but after a while, I didn't mind. Drowsiness hit me and I almost fell asleep. Then, the water stopped and I heard the shower door open and close. He joined me in a few minutes, cock already stiff.

I went to take him into my mouth but instead he pushed me down on my stomach, straddled me and....gave me a back rub! Yes, a deep, delicious back rub. And shoulders as well. It was delightful. It was so relaxing that I could have drifted off to sleep. But I didn't.

Steve's hard cock pressed against my ass as he continued to rub my shoulders. He would stop my massage and rub his cock against my ass, noting that the fabric felt great. Then, some more shoulder massaging. I soon noticed he was using only one hand on me. I can feel his other hand, against my ass, moving back and forth. His breathing became heavy. I turn as best I can and see that he's playing with himself. His eyes glazed.

"Can I help," I asked.

More heavy breathing. Then he leans down and whispers: "I want to look at you and jerk off."

He's still rubbing my back and ass while he jerks off so what the hell? Everyone is happy.

This goes on for five or ten minutes, Then Steve abruptly stops. "Almost came," he explains. He yanked my shorts off and went down on me, licking my pussy and even using his tongue in my ass. After I climaxed he's back at it, rubbing against my ass and pleasuring himself. I take a break to remove my top. I mean, I really love this boy short set and I don't want it stained. Is that wrong?

His breathing starts to come in short but loud waves. Then I feel the hot liquid on my back.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I had so much sexual pleasure without any penetration. So, that was different. Different but good.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Weekend

We had a great, sex-filled holiday weekend.

Cooper, Piper and I went to a party and then hooked up with Kit and Luke. Cooper was going to stay the night with Piper and I. Plans where in flux when Kit and Luke wanted to go back to their place.

I pulled Cooper aside to see how he felt about that. He hasn't really been involved in anything more than sex with Piper, with me watching or participating. The idea of throwing two more people into the mix can be overwhelming, especially when it's two strong personalities like Kit and Luke. I wanted to be thoughtful of his feelings.

See, I'm a guy. I know other people have feelings. I know the world, in theory, doesn't revolve around me. But, like many guys, I have to watch the governor that prevents this understanding from being acted upon.

Cooper seemed uneasy about the idea so I suggested he think about it while we were hanging out. I went out of my way to assure him that we wouldn't ditch him for Luke and Kit. We had a night with Cooper planned and we're not the type to dump someone because something different comes along. I hate that mentality.

I wasn't sure how Piper would react either. Meaning, sharing Cooper with Kit. I tossed this around in my head for about ten minutes and then opted for the mature thing: I asked her. She seemed non-committal at the time. Jealous? Probably not that right word.

By the end of the evening things had loosened-up and Kit really turned on the charm. Cooper showed some interest in participating in a group thing, but just not that night. We decided we'd try and set something up in a few weeks, when Piper and I would be out on the Cape.

We said our goodbye's and drove back to Piper's. I made us some drinks and returned to find Piper and Cooper already in the bedroom. They were by the bed kissing and Cooper was running his hands over her ass. They were really into one another so I thought it best to be a spectator that night.

Piper's great about involving me in these situations and she balances her attention between Cooper and me. Cooper gets most of the attention and given the physical situation that's only natural. But she does doe some things that really turn me on.

When she's about to go down on him, she'll glance my way for a few seconds and smile.

When she gets fucked doggie-style she likes to face me and stare at me, at least until she's too distracted.

Finally, on those occasions when I can't help myself and need to jerk-off, she'll watch me, a small grin on her face.

She's terrific. Piper has a tendency to be cool in these situations but that stems more from her shyness (she used to be painfully shy as a child). She does use it to great effect.

Cooper is cool as well. Although it's never quite normal to hang with a guy after he's royally fucked your fiancee, he's easy to get along with and those weirdness vibes are toned down.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Moving Forward

So many choices.

Some things you have to experience for yourself. I mean, I always knew that wedding preparations could get stressful. I always knew that marriage ceremonies had become a huge business. But, until you experience it as one of the two participants, you don't realize how many choices you have to make. Not to mention the choices within the choices. It's dizzying.

Thankful, I'm marrying a smart, man's man that is generally allowing me (and my advisory council) to make the important decisions. Steve has displayed just enough interest to humor me but never interferes with my vision.

I won't bore you with my indecision.

Here's what I'm considering, if not the actual dress than something similar (yes I'm wearing white so stop laughing). I really like it.

I just love the beading. The problem is that I'm not a big fan of the current trends which are running away from the traditional towards the trumpet-flare style one sees in movies from the '30's and '40's. Something Veronica Lake might slip into for a cocktail party. Which is great, but not for a wedding. I want tradition and simplicity.

For a headpiece, I want something simple. I've pretty much settled on this one.

Simple but elegant, or at least I think it's elegant.

My Mother and future Mother-in-Law have been, with rare exceptions, great and extremely helpful. It's rather funny to watch them in wedding-plan mode. They are two traditional women: dignified, gracious, poised and both defer to their public. In private, not so much. They approach wedding planning like engineers and works crews building a skyscraper - they are all business and highly efficient. If NASA had these two, we would have placed a man on the Moon much earlier.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Celebrity Crushes

Being devoid of ideas I did what any good blogger does: steal. I stole this particular idea from Nina and our good friends at Erotic Union, who have also published Part-III of their Las Vegas Tale. As usual, it's terrific and quite an honor to be featured in another blogger's fiction.

My Celebrity crushes, in no particular order:

  • Jensen Ackles - Dean, from the television show Supernatural. He's just hot, in an old-fashioned, tough guy, wise ass, kind of way.

  • David Boreanaz - formerly of Buffy, Angel and now Bones. Love the strong, silent type.

  • Derek Jeter - Shortstop for the.....I can't say it. I just can't say it. I'll burn in hell.

  • Alex Rodriguez - And burn, and burn and burn. But, it would be a pleasure to burn.

  • George Clooney - Duh.

  • Evangeline Lilly - Kate, from Lost. Very pretty, gorgeous eyes. Girl-Next-Door extraordinaire.

  • Ali Larter - Heroes. Has that 'Bad Girl' thing going on that I like.

  • Kate Beckinsale - Long time readers know that Kate is my perennial favorite. If I were ever going to pick out curtains with a woman, Kate's my girl.

  • Joan Allen - I know. She doesn't usually grace these lists but I like her. Great actress with a soft yet commanding presence. She's got a hot, older woman thing going on that Steve likes as well.

Have a terrific Fourth of July. Steve and I have some fun lined-up this weekend. Should be a good time.

Monday, June 30, 2008

False Advertisements

There should be a Department of Justice division devoted to false advertisements in the feminine hygiene advertising field.

As an aside, this post was inspired by Lenora's post over at Enchanted Palms.

Not having experienced a overly difficult period for six or seven months, I paid for it last week. Just a bad time with the PMS, which included a terrific migraine. I won't bore you with the details.

As I lay on the couch, in a generally miserable condition, I was subjected to a number of television commercials devoted to feminine hygiene products. Who writes these pieces? It's not a woman, I can tell you that right now.

I'm thirty-two years old. I began menstruating more than seventeen years ago. I know many women. They all menstruate. I have never, ever, ever witnessed a menstruating female, cramped, bloated etc. use a product that caused her to skip, merrily along the beach. Why are we always skipping, dancing and twirling in these commercials?

Or gathering flowers. That's another favorite.

OK. I'm done now. Thanks for listening.

On the upside, I did find an enjoyable blog. A blog I consider (for what its worth) one of the better adult blogs out there. If you haven't visited it, check out Married Exploits. Personally, I love the classic theme. There's also Roxy's Uncommon Curiosity, another blog worth checking out.

I'll be better next time. I promise. Now I have to go pirouette on the beach.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Female Sexuality....

Or, I can have my cake and Edith too.

There's been a number of posts recently in my corner of Cyberia dealing with the fluidity of female sexuality. Tom Paine had a recent entry as did Nina. Both posts discuss the 'fluidity' of female sexuality.

I decided to add my two cents after reading these very thoughtful, fellow bloggers.

It's cliche, but I do believe that sexuality is a spectrum. For women, it extends from one extreme: complete heterosexuality to another: complete homosexuality. There's vast acreage in between those two frontiers that many of us wander.

Example: I have a girlfriend, a dear friend, and whenever we greet or say goodbye, we kiss. Almost always on the lips, mouths always closed. We hug, we sometimes stroll arm-in-arm. That's it. Nothing more. It's probably as physically and emotionally intimate as you can get with a platonic friend. There's never been a hint of romance or a suggestion of anything more than friendship. Our intimacy just happens to manifest itself in a more physical way than other relationships.

The 100% heterosexual might find this a bit out of her comfort spectrum. The 100% homosexual might think this is way outside of her spectrum. Where does that leave us? It leaves us with the inadequacies of language and labels.

I hate labels. The problem is, they are easy shorthand. But, it's usually a mistake to generalize from the specific.

In my experience, women are more open-minded about sexuality. This probably stems from a deep connection we have between sex and intimacy. We tend to be emotionally intimate with our friends and sometimes there's a blurring of the lines.

There's also this idea that our sexuality is static: it was, is and always will be one thing at every stage of life. Is this realistic? We note changes all through our lives but somehow, sexuality is sacrosanct. If a girl experiments in college but has now been happily married for 15 years is she a lesbian? A bisexual? I know many women who have had same-sex experiences at some point in their lives. They do not think of themselves as anything other than straight, if the thought even crosses their minds.

As for me, despite some situational bisexuality (Kit calls me an opportunity-bisexual), I hardly identify with gays or lesbian or their issues. Sympathize, yes. Identify with a group, no.

One day, I hope we can see the spectrum of sexuality as part of the human condition and not a kink.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blast from the Past - II

So, here's a follow-up to my last post.

First, a quick aside. This has already been discussed with Steve so he won't read it here for the first time. I also don't consider it a huge deal. A deal, knowing the male ego, just not huge.

My encounter with Chris on Saturday night resulted in some mind-blowing, intense sex. Perhaps the best, pure physical, sex I've ever experienced. It was emotional as well, don't get me wrong. But, primarily, it had a raw, primeval dimension that can't be feigned or reproduced at will.

If I had to rate lovers, admittedly a crude endeavor and one open to gross oversimplification, Chris would receive a B. Steve, an A or A-. Both have flaws as lovers, as do I.

I raise this as a point of discussion. Chris is not a consistent B. He is sometimes a B- and sometimes a C or C+. However, he can also rise to an A+ or A++ at times. Sometimes brilliant, much less so at other times.

Steve is consistently very good. It's kind of like having a streaky hitter on your team as opposed to a reliable hitter. Player X might hit .425 in May but .225 in June whereas Player Y hits .325 in May and June.

So, I guess my question is: If you had to choose, do you go with the streaky, .325 hitter or the consistent .325 hitter? As for me, .425 in May is terrific but what about June? I'll take consistency over flashes of brilliance.

Admittedly, this ignores a major component of sex, at least for me: emotional attachment and love. That colors everything, relegating the physical to the back of the room.

A somewhat related question: Is a person style in bed indicative of other aspects of their life? For instance, is someone that is hot and cold as a lover also erratic in their life outside the bedroom? I do believe that selfish lovers are usually selfish people.

Now, on to other things:

Our friends at Erotic Union have posted a Part Two to a story featuring Steve and I. We really enjoyed the story and look forward to more. It's a real thrill to be a character in a story, especially one as fun to read as this one. They're good friends at Erotic Union and they run one of the more fun sex blogs. We highly recommend Erotic Union for sex blog readers. Plus, the photographs of HER are quite hot!

Also, Lou, at Unfettered Cravings had some very sweet things to say about me. I'd like to thank him. He doesn't update often but Unfettered Cravings is another quality blog that should be a must read for sex blog aficionados.

Thank you for the kind words. It's very much appreciated and humbling as well.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Blast from the Near Past

So, on Saturday I receive a phone call from Chris. Not all that unusual. We do speak every now and then. We also make tentative plans which usually fall through. It an elaborate dance to make us believe the relationship is still alive and well. On life-support to be sure, but a pulse can still be found.

This time, Chris invites me to his friend's birthday party. Steve had plans with Chase so I said yes. He said great, and offered to pick me up. I said yes, he said great.

Saturday afternoon came and I was stressed, anxious and having second thoughts. It had been weeks since I'd seen Chris. I half-expected a late cancellation but none came. So, I got ready.

To my surprise, things went well. Despite some initial awkward moments when he first arrived, we slipped easily into the old, comfortable, patterns. Those default settings we humans slip into, like a pair of faded, broken-in jeans. We might need new ones because this pair has seen better days but they are oh, so, comfortable.

The party was fun, Chris had a little to much to drink. His cop friends always party a bit too hard. I had to drive him home, and a few of his pals, and he invited me inside.

Chris gave me what I've come to call Punishment Sex or, "I'm really pissed you're getting married so I'll take it out on you by banging you really, really hard."

It's not as bad as it sounds. There's no violence or anything grim and, if you're in the mood for something hot and hard, it's better than make-up sex. Or, perhaps it's the swing version of make-up sex. I'm not sure. I was, however, in the mood to be manhandled and I was manhandled. Chris had enough alcohol to lower his inhibitions but too much to climax easily. It was like he had a permanent erection. And, due to recent stress, I did not complain.

There was ass-slapping and hair-pulling (very rare for Chris) and even some naughty talk from the boy. Again, rare for Chris. In fact, there was an edge to him that was slightly scary. Not serial killer scary, just unpredictable scary. Scary but so exciting. It's not a combination I want every time I have sex but once in a while....

It may have been the best sex I ever had. Easily in the top three or four. Which raises an interesting question...which I'll leave for next time.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Viewing Porn

I wanted to write a follow-up post to Piper's regarding porn.

I don't watch a lot of porn.....anymore. I used to, especially as a younger man. In college and up until age 26 or 27 I probably watched at least one movie per week, on average. Then there would be droughts, where it held zero interest for me.

In retrospect, my viewing preferences changed over time. Initially, it was all about girl-on-girl action. I wanted to see two, or more, pretty girls having sex. I always found the hottest part of any girl-girl scene the kissing. I could have watched that all day. Eating pussy was fine, but the kissing was hot.

Then the group sex, one guy and two girls was a favorite for awhile. Then, two guys and one girl. This lead, naturally, to gang bang videos.

My interest in porn took a nose dive after experiencing some of the things I saw on film. Being with two women simultaneously makes watching threesomes less intoxicating. My only regret is that I lack the stamina male performers have. How they can spend all that time with two women and not shoot their load in the first few minutes is beyond me. For me, as exciting as a threesome is, it's a humbling experience/

Now, I'll sometimes pop-in a gang bang video, one of the few things Piper and I have not tried. They get tiresome.

Currently, I watch porn about twice a month. My taste has changed considerably. Right now I'm very much into some retro-porn from the 1980's, what many consider to be the Golden Age of Porn. I did not watch my first porn movie until the 1990's, when many of the 1980's stars were out of the business, or on the down-side of their careers.

This is fantastic stuff. First, the performers seem more real. The women look healthy and natural compared with the current vintage. They also seem older, even if only by a few years. Like it wasn't a crime back then to be in a film at age 26 or 30.

I also like the emphasis on lingerie. There's a lot of it. Most women are in heels, garters etc. It's great. The big hair is great as is the horrific acting. Most, if not all, of the mainstream porn in the 1980's actually had a storyline, for lack of a better word.

Most of all, there's a more wholesome feel to it all. Most of the same things occur, lots of threesomes, anal, girl/girl, even some foursomes and moresomes. It just doesn't seem as nasty. No one is slapping anyone and the men aren't making the women gag on cock. It's quality porn and I hope to find more.

No matter what men say, I'd estimate 95% have viewed it and 90% like it. The vast majority are not serial killers. I will say that as open-minded as I am, I have seen a few films that make me uneasy. Films that should not be a young man's first introduction to porn, especially if they lack experience with dating or just being friends with the opposite sex.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Lazy Geisha Hits the Big Time

I'm not sure how many hits the Divine Lazy Geisha receives in a day. I'm pretty sure she doesn't typically get the traffic she's received the past few day. Few bloggers do. What's caused this congestion over in Geisha Land?

Some well written, thoughtful posts about a controversy in Pennsylvania that involves a 'Sex Shop.'

It's no secret that Nina's a friend. I not only admire her writing but I admire the woman as well. Mostly, I admire her willingness to jump into the fray, both barrels blazing.

The initial story can be found here. The follow-up story, complete with an LG interview of the boutique's proprietor, can be found here. I won't reiterate what has already been said in those posts. As you'll see, Nina's posts have received a lot of attention.

Too many children are sexualized at too young an age. Is it because they are "exposed" to sex boutiques? And by exposed I guess we mean that they may pass by a sex shop. That is difficult to believe when children are far more likely to be exposed, daily, to magazine covers, Victoria's Secret ads, daytime Soap Operas, certain video games..... It's part of a minefield that parents navigate everyday. The vast majority of parents seem to navigate that minefield well without calls to close shops, outlaw ads and burn books.

Would this controversy rage if the shop sold/rented violent movies and games? I can't be sure but somehow I think not.

In many ages and many places a woman of child-bearing age that controlled her own body (was unmarried) was something to be feared, tamed and ultimately broken. That impulse looks to still be alive and well.

A look at history tells us that happy, healthy, strong societies rarely go in for repression. When there is an up-tick in "culture war" activity it's usually a sign of a siege mentality that has more to do with the overall state of affairs, real or perceived, and less to do with our moral state.

I guess some of us will have to wait and see. As for Nina? She has courageously joined mounted the battlements.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Porn in the USA

Tom Paine has an interesting post on the reaction some women have to porn. Specifically, the disgust some (many?) feel knowing that their man watches such entertainment. News Flash: Men like naked women. News Flash: Just about any naked woman, if she's what they find attractive.

I am not a porn fan. In general, it does nothing for me. True, from time to time I find a particular scene intriguing or hot, but again, generally speaking, it's not my thing. On the other hand, it bothers me not at all. Indeed, I find it somewhat amusing.

Steve has a small collection of porn DVD's. They range from some fairly hardcore gang bang movies to softer, all-girl movies. I have watched with him, more out of general curiosity than from any erotic pleasure that may be derived.

Why doesn't it bother me? I don't know. It may be my personality. After watching another woman take your man's cock into her mouth, perhaps porn isn't that big a deal. However, I like to think I can take a broader view of things.

When Pompeii was discovered and excavated, they found pornographic murals and mosaics in homes. The same is true at Etruscan sites. Days after the camera become available to the public I'm sure that someone, somewhere, snapped a picture of a naked female. I'm also sure, but can't prove, that in some remote, undiscovered cave, there's a pre-historic stick-drawing of two people having sex, maybe even stick girl-on-stick girl sex. Hey, sometimes you need to unwind after a difficult mammoth hunt.

Humans change very little. Ease of access and technology change.

Men have viewed naked women f-o-r-e-v-e-r. How can that need be bad? Sure, there's some pretty over-the-top stuff out there but I'm talking about the mainstream product. There's always fringe things that upset the balance. There will always be people who can't control their needs. On the whole though, I think most people do keep things in check. Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry. Someone is watching this stuff.

I was angry at Steve about his porn viewing one time and one time only. That was when I was incredibly horny and discovered that he had already satisfied himself. Other than that...I'm good. I'm good.