Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lea's Visit - Part II

Lea's visit has been a lot of fun. She's leaving on Tuesday and I hope the fun will continue until then. She did stay with her family off and on but most night she was at our house. Best of all, in our bed.

It's been more than hot. It's been nice. We have such a wonderful, warm relationship. It's great to be able to talk and confide with such a close friend in person rather than by phone or e-mail. The best part is the level of comfort.

The sex has been great. We did joke that we could be 100% lesbian and not look back. That was hyperbole, of course. I love men, especially one man, way too much to be with a woman. But, the interlude with Lea has been special.

Most times I'm with a woman it's in a group context or as a surprise for Steve. It's different with Lea. There's no pressure to perform. No overly-competitive behavior for the man's attention. Add to that all the shopping we did and what more could you ask for?

Steve joined us a few times and begged off other times. Yes, I actually think he was all sexed-out for a few days. I did give him some special attention though so he didn't feel bad.

We're having a little going away get together for Lea this weekend. Kit and Luke are coming over so that should be fun. Today we're doing some shopping (as long as there are shoes to buy there's shopping to do) and tonight we intend to get Steve back in the game. Thought some new lingerie for us might perk him up a bit.

Have a terrific long weekend. Relax, enjoy and stay safe.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lea's Visit

Our friend Lea arrived in town on Saturday. Lea was part of our gang until she moved. Suffice to say I did have certain hopes because she was staying with Piper and I. I've enjoyed Lea's favors in the past but didn't want to presume too much.

She spent most of Saturday with her family but arrived back at our house later in the day.

Lea's a very cute redhead. Slim, with small breasts and an ass second only to Piper's. An added benefit is that she's a terrific person. Always happy. One of those people that never has a nasty word about anyone. Very much like my wife, in fact. That's probably why they get along so well. And get along they do.

Nothing quite like walking into your bedroom to see your wife making out with a cute redhead. Lea was definitely the aggressor in this scene, straddling Piper, ramming her tongue into my wife's mouth.

As Lea began to undress Piper, Piper beckoned me into the bed with them. So, when I say there's nothing quite like seeing your wife making out with a cute redhead, I'm lying. Being beckoned to join them is actually better than seeing them make out.

Performance anxiety reared its ugly head. Not the erection end of things. That was fine. The question was, how long could I hold out with two of the hottest women I know.

This was handled quite nicely because the girls would just enjoy one another when I became over-heated. I received a nice double blow job, fucked both of them at my leisure and saw quite a hot show in between. The hottest thing was probably fucking Piper doggy style while her mouth was buried in Lea's pussy. A close second was fucking Lea while Piper straddled her face and kissed me.

But, all good things must come to an end. I held out as long as possible but ended up shooting what felt like a bucket full of cum into Piper.

A night I'll never forget.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Quick Update and Some Snark

It had been quiet at Steve's and Piper's for the past few weeks. Steve's been working crazy hours on some project. I love these projects. They're given top priority, a score of people work their asses off to get them done and done well and then a new boss will come in with new priorities and the project gets shelved. Yes, it's shocking but I am anti-project. Don't tell anyone, though.

Steve is part of the wonderful world of corporate America. No, it's not all bad. The pay is good. His benefits and vacation time are great, at least for now, and he is rewarded for his initiative etc. Don't think I'm knocking capitalism or free enterprise. It's the culture and language that can be unsettling at times.

I hate the term 'Human Resources.' I don't mind the fact that there are departments that handle that sort of thing. In large companies it makes sense. I just find the term rather crass. It makes me think that people are like 'natural resources.' Like they can drill a few more feet or dig another mine and harvest some more people.

Meetings! These people love meetings. Steve actually attended a meeting on.....conducting more efficient meetings. It's like watching Office Space but with a pay check.

Or the way to people trying to move up in the company can adopt, at the drop of a hat, the philosophy of the new Vice-President of......(insert generic department here).

At least the food at the parties is good.

Anyway Steve's been a very busy boy lately. Also, my very good friend Lea is coming for a visit this weekend and will be staying with us. Lea and I go way back and have a history. She's also shared our bed before and I think we'll give Steve a treat this weekend.

Moving on.

I recently saw Let the Right One In. A Swedish vampire flick that really reinvigorates that genre. Wow! Pretty amazing stuff. I'm not a horror fan in particular but I'm always amazed when a film can breath new life into a tired, stale subject matter. This movie is not....not Twilight. I have a sinking feeling Hollywood will remake this movie and do what Hollywood so often does.

Man! I'm snarky today. Strange because I'm in a terrific mood.

Have a great weekend.