Monday, January 3, 2011

Tuesday Night

Lea left for a few nights but returned on Tuesday. We decided to have Luke and Kit over so they could party with Lea as well. After all, we didn't want to keep her all to ourselves. She is one hot, little redhead.

Luke and Kit wanted to hook up before Lea had to leave and although we were trying to plan a New Year's Eve party, Luke didn't want to wait that long.

He and Kit arrived around 9:00PM. Luke was in his typically aggressive, mood and immediately began flirting with the ladies. He wanted a threesome with Lea and me. Kit and Steve were suppose to watch.

I pulled Steve aside and asked him how he felt about just watching. He smiled and kissed me.

"You know I love it. Will you tease me?"

I put my arms around him. "Like look at you as your bride sucks Luke's big cock?"


"Like tell you when you can jerk off?"


"Like let you play with my panties?"

"Damn, yeah!"

"Ok," I said. "Be careful what you wish for. Now sit down and watch. And don't touch yourself until I say so." Steve went to grab my ass but I pushed his hand away. "No, that's for Luke." It was only fair. While I spent most of the week running errands for our Christmas preparations, Steve spent most of the week fucking Lea.

Luke told me to put on something hot. I went to the bedroom and looked for my merry widow but I couldn't find the darn thing. Instead, I put on a black, satin bodice I recently got from Victoria's Secret, a thong, stocking, heels and, because both Steve and Luke find them hot, my ankle bracelet.

I figured Lea and I would shower attention down on Luke. My mistake. Instead, they decided I would be the center of attention. When I walked into the family room, Luke said: "Here's our little fuck toy. Get over here."

Luke stood in front of me and pushed me down on to my knees. Lea stood behind me and yanked my head back and forth while I sucked Luke. Boy, was he hard. You know how there's hard and then there's hard? He seemed so hard. And he's so big and thick that I sometimes gag going down on him.

Lea took my thong off. I walked over to Steve and told him he could get undressed. Then, I asked him if he wanted to sniff my panties. He said yes, he did.

"How bad?"


"You like the smell of pussy?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Say please."

"Please, can I smell your panties."

I handed my thong to Steve. "Just smell them. Nothing else right now." I walked back to the fray. I was told to keep sucking on Luke. Lea went in to Kit and Luke's goodie bag and pulled out a butt plug, not something I've really done. So, while I continued to blow Luke, Lea slowly slid the butt plug into my ass.

Lea slapped my ass. "Don't take it out until I say so, bitch." I kept it in. It felt weird, not unpleasant, but strange to have something up there that wasn't a cock sliding in and out of me.

Lea and I took turns sucking Luke until he laid me on the couch and entered me. He fucked me so hard and I came rapidly from being so excited. I would occasionally look at Steve. I know he wanted to jerk off badly but he seemed to enjoy being teased. So, when Luke was done with me for the time being, I sat down next to Steve.

"Do you want to play with my panties?" Steve wrapped his cock in my thong and began to rub.

Lea, Luke and I played together for awhile, sharing each other. Then, Luke got me on all fours, facing Steve. He slipped the butt plug out and replaced it with his cock. It hurt for a minute or two but soon he was sliding in and out of me with no problem. I stared at Steve as he watched me get it in the ass. Luke came and my ass was filled with his warm sperm.

When I eventually stood up, Kit and Lea started to laugh at me. I had cum dripping out of my ass. I walked over to Steve and watched as he shot his load all over his stomach.

A good evening for all.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and we'll be back soon.