Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Vacation Fun

After Cooper & Ryan left, Piper and I had a few days to ourselves. We took a ride out to Orleans, checked out antique shops and enjoyed our alone time.

Thursday, I texted Mike. Luke's kid brother, to see if he wanted to come out and have some fun. He texted back and said he couldn't right away, how was Friday? Great.

He called later to ask if he could bring his friend, Sarah. Why not?

Mike must be twenty-four now. He graduated from college a few years back. Piper and Mike have fucked before. Sarah, I didn't know but looked foward to meeting a girl cool enough to go to a hot wife get-together.

Sarah was cool. She was twenty-four, a cute, athletic blond, with a nice body and an easy-going personality. Turns out that she and Mike were more like friends-with-benefits than actually dating, although I got the impression she would like to be more than that with Mike.

It was a hot day and Sarah and Piper were hanging out in nice, tight little shorts and tight, little shirts (a T for Piper and a tank top for Sarah). Very nice.

I looked forward to Mike fucking Piper. It's a major turn-on knowing that Piper has fucked brothers. Don't know why that is. Probably because it sounds so slutty.

When night came, and things cooled down, we had a few drinks before getting started. I had no idea to what extent Sarah wanted to play so I was not aggresive at all. Mike sat on the couch. I turned down the lights and Piper got on her knees, unzipped Mike's pants and started blowing him. I watched Sarah and she had a big grin on her face, like she was fascinated by what she was seeing. That was a good sign.

"They look hot together," she said. She saw I agreed because I was rubbing my cock.

Piper pulled his pants off so Mike could be comfortable and continued to give him great head.Sarah moved to the couch and sat next to Mike, kissed him, and asked if she could have some. Mike eagerly agreed. Sarah put her head in Mike's lap and started to suck him, trading on and off with Piper. Piper finally stood up and shed her clothes, except for her cute, little thong. I stripped down and Piper suggested we move to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Sarah watched as Mike fucked Piper. Sarah urged him on."Suck his cock," she said. Mike slide out of Piper's juicy pussy and Piper licked it clean.Piper looked over at Sarah and said: "Aren't you uncomfortable in all those clothes?"

Sarah took off her top and her shorts, revealing a sexy bra and thong.

"You want two girls?" Asked Sarah teasingly. "

Fuck yes," Mike answered.

Sarah and Piper lay on the bed licking and sucking Mike. I was so damn hard at this point. Piper looked over and smiled. "I think my husband needs some attention.""Come on over," said Sarah. I asked Mike if it was OK and he nodded, preoccupied with his cock stuffed in Piper's moouth.

Sarah went down on me and she was pretty good. A little too fast and furious at times, but when she slowed down, it felt great.We ended up fucking, next to Piper and Mike. I was ready to cum when Sarah asked me not to cum inside of her. I pulled out and Piper put my cock in her mouth. I exploded in her mouth and she was able to down most of it. Some dribbled out.

Mike, Piper and Sarah continued to fuck for a long, long time. There wasn't much girl/girl action, unfortunately. Sarah gave Piper's ass a few little smacks, Piper briefly licked one of Sarah's tits and they kissed once or twice, but I don't think any tongue was involved. I actually left and went to watch television for a while. Sarah is about twelve years younger than me. I hate to admit it, but I can't keep up with a girl that much younger. They have crazy energy. She really wore me out.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sun, Sand & Sex - Part Three

Cooper came to our bedroom. I like watching Piper and Cooper because they have been partners for some time and have great chemistry. Ryan is still nervous and shy. Cooper knows what he wants and gets it.

"Hey, Baby," said Piper, in a soft, sexy voice. "Come for your turn?"

"Did you save the best for last?"

"I did."

"What can I do for you, Babe?"

"You can use me like a whore."

"Steve, you want a piece?"

Piper laughed and said: "He's going to watch and beat off."

"Fuck her like a whore," I said. "Make her do shit."

I stood, cock in hand, as Cooper abused my wife. She wanted to be a whore and she got what she wanted. She licked ass and balls, got her own ass slapped a few times and Cooper fucked her brains out. He tried to butt fuck her but she had trouble taking him into her ass, due to his size. I lubed her up and Cooper really tried to force his way in but she shouted and started to cry. She tried though and was a real trooper. Instead, he had her lick his ass some more. Then, he positioned her on the edge of the bed, held her by her ankles and fucked her hard until she came, two or three times.

He pulled out and told her to get on her knees. "I'm going to cum all over your face, bitch."

She looked up and waited. He finally dumped what looked like a bucket of sperm all over her face. There was a big glob of it on her chin and cheek that dripped to the floor. He forced her head down and had her slurp it up.

"Now thank me, bitch."

"Thank you," she said.

"That wasn't too over the line?"

She started to laugh. "I asked for it. You could be a gentleman and get me a towel."

Cooper left after getting her a towel and we were alone.

Piper asked me if I wanted to cum.

"Jerk yourself off," she said. "I want to see you cum."

A few yanks later, I exploded. Damn, it was good. She was terrific.

I don't want to be submissive like that all the time, or even every now and then, but it was a lot of fun for both of us, this little role reversal.

"How was that?"

"Awesome," I said. Then, she wanted to cuddle and she was my cute, sweet wife again.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sun, Sand & Sex - Part Two

Piper napped longer than I thought she would. When she came downstairs, all of us men were already pleasantly buzzed after a few beers. We brought the party down to the beach for a few hours. We talked, swam briefly (water cold) and then went back to the house. We ate and drank some more until the sun went down.

Piper was going to take a shower and said the guys would have to as well before anything happened.

"Ryan can join me first if he wants."

She asked me to start the shower for her. While I was in there she stripped down and stepped in.

"Send in Ryan and then Cooper."

"Can I watch?"

"No," she said. "Not this time."

Ryan joined her and then went straight to his bedroom. Cooper then went in. They were in there a long time before he emerged. She told him to go hang for a while. Then, Piper and I went into the bedroom.

"You can watch while I get ready."

I sat on the bed while Piper dried her hair. She let her towel fall to the ground and pulled out a few things to wear. She chose some blue boy shorts and a tight, little tee shirt. She pulled out her ankle bracelet and had me put it on her. She looked great.

"How about some heels?"

She looked in the closet and pulled out a pair of heels and put them on.

"Why don't you go get one of the guys."

I went downstairs and found Ryan watching television. I invited him upstairs.

Piper greeted Ryan with a big kiss. He ran his hands all over her tight little body and began to pull her shorts off.

She told me to get undressed and I did.

"Stand right here," she said, pointing at the bedside. "Don't touch yourself until I tell you."

Piper and Ryan began to make out and she soon had his cock in her mouth. She gave him a nice, slow, sloppy,blowjob. At times she'd look at me and grin.

It wasn't long before they started to fuck. Ryan pounded the hell out of her. I mean he fucked her silly. It wasn't a long fuck session though. It may have gone on for twenty minutes before she jerked him off and he shot his load on her stomach and tits.

Ryan thanked her and left. I got her a towel and she cleaned herself up. Afterwards, she laid on her stomach and talked to me.

"Did you like that?"

"Yes," I said.

"Do you want to jerk off after watching me?"

"Yes. Real bad."

"Say please."

"Please let me jerk off."

"You can touch yourself now but don't cum. I want you to watch Cooper fuck me."

She looked away, as if disinterested; bored.

"Are you done yet," she asked. "I want Cooper to fuck me."

"Please, can I keep going? Tell me what you are going to do to Cooper."

She sighed. "First off, suck and lick that big cock of his. Lick his balls. I like having his balls in my mouth."

"What else?"

"Hmmm. Maybe I'll rim him. I like rimming Luke and Kit. Does that turn you on?"

I jerked my cock faster and faster. She laughed. "I guess so. You like it when I'm a whore, don't you?"

All I could do was nod.

"You'd like to see me fuck a whole bunch of guys this week, wouldn't you."

"Oh God, yes!"

"How many should I fuck? Can you call some more guys to come out?"

"Yes. Do you want that?"

"Maybe. Now go get Cooper."

"Will you let him butt-fuck you?"

"Do you want to see him butt-fuck me? He's big. I don't know."

"I'd love it."

"Stop playing with yourself and go get him."

I went to get Cooper.

To Be Continued.....