Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hello Again

Hello dear readers! It has been a long time since I posted. Steve has sort of taken over the posting duties of late. He enjoys sharing our adventures with you and frankly, I've been enjoying the summer and not going on line much. I hope you are all happy and healthy.

I see that Steve has shared some of our vacation with you. I experienced my first femdom-ish sex this summer. It was an interesting experience. I have some mixed feelings about it which I'd like to share.

Wow, what a sense of empowerment! Knowing that Steve was so turned on and that I could have him do anything I asked him to. Afterwards, I said to him, "If I had a strap-on, I bet you would have let me fuck your ass." He thought for a second and said that honestly, he probably would have. Having that sexual power was a rush and disturbing at the same time. You can see how it can be abused. How it could go from a fun role-playing scenario to something darker, more intense.

Seeing Steve jerk off while I was with the other guys turned me on as well. It's a sexual high to know I'm like his live porn show. Not to mention the satisfying sex I had with both Ryan and Cooper. They are both hotties and know how to please a woman.

I wouldn't be against trying the femdom thing again. I wonder though, does it progress. Is the high you get the first time lessened the second time, unless you go a bit further? If I have Steve jerk off with my panties the first time, how long before I tell him to put them on? Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't but I can see how the need to up the ante could occur.

Next time around, I intend to play my typical, submissive role. Return to my comfort zone.

Also, I do intend to write more, here at Babylon Visited. The female perspective has been absent for too long.