Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

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I'd like to wish everyone a very, Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday or Season's Greetings no matter what you celebrate or don't celebrate. I think that about covers it!

Special wishes go out to my friends on my blogroll and all my readers. Thank you.

A few special Christmas wishes:

For Chickpea. I hope you have found true love and happiness. You deserve it because you'll appreciate it and hold it dear.

For Shasta and Nina. I hope your 2008 starts off better than your 2007 ended. Here's to the health and happiness of you and your family.

For two of my favorite couples, Sexy Duet and Erotic Union, keep doing what you're doing. It seems to work. And it's hot!

For Wanton Maleness, here's to another four years of blogging. Gee, it seems like only yesterday you were two.

For Saratoga, may visions of strong women in thigh-high, leather boots dance in your head tonight.

And to all a Good Night!

Got to run. I have cookies in the oven. That's not a euphemism. I actually have cookies in the oven.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chris Stops By

Cooper is home for the Holidays.

Steve received an e-mail from Cooper on Saturday saying that he, Cooper, would be flying in and staying for about three or four weeks. Through New Years. Steve joked that I'd be spending more time with my legs in the air than on the ground.

Since Steve never got his 'special' birthday present this year, he made a request for a belated present: A night watching me and Cooper. I told him to set it up.

Chris stopped by on Sunday morning. He was just getting off his shift and was in uniform. There's something about seeing Chris in uniform that makes me instantly moist. The only thing that would perfect this fantasy-turned-reality is if he wore a leather gun belt, like a Hollywood sheriff. You know, the type that creak and jingle when you take them off.

Chris showed-up right on time, which was a first. Typically, he is anywhere from a half-hour to an hour late because more often than not something inevitably occurs at the end of his shift. So, when he says he'll be here at 8:00, I know that means 8:30 or 9:00. His promptness meant that I was still running around the house in my t-shirt and panties, hair askew.

He liked that look. Go figure. We spend how many woman-hours making ourselves up and they like the disheveled, post-frat party look.

Chris was in a rare "I love you but really just need a sperm receptacle right now" mood. When Chris takes full-command, you know he's one worked-up guy. That was fine by me. Our last few encounters had been soft and sweet. Soft and sweet is wonderful but I do enjoy most of the offerings in the variety pack.

I've always equated Chris' rougher bedroom manner with those times when he seemed jealous of my relationship with Steve. That is my perception and it may be wrong, as perceptions often are. There have been times when it seemed Chris put his frustrations into fucking. These are the times when kissing and talking is kept to a minimum. Often, the times when he takes me from behind, as if he doesn't want to look at me.

Those times are now rare (or perhaps my perception has changed). This was not one of those times. It was just good, hard, 'take charge of your woman' sex. And it was a take-your-breath-away lovemaking session. Chris took me every way imaginable, ending up in my ass.

I usually have little problem having Chris in my ass, despite his size. It takes a lot of lube and some warm-up time, but once we get going it's fine. Not that morning. I had trouble taking him all the way and it hurt. I had to grit my teeth until the discomfort passed. Before I knew it he pulled out and sent a stream of cum all over my back.

Overall I had a great time, climaxing three or four times.

We fell asleep for a few hours. Then, Chris took me to lunch. After, we went Christmas shopping and I helped him choose a few things for his female relations. Well, I didn't really help. I did his shopping for him. Oddly enough, he didn't seem to mind.